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Atlanta decriminalizes marijuana

In a unanimous vote, the Atlanta City Council decided to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana. Members of the city council noted the racial disparities that have been going on for years in the city, like 2014-2016 where 92% of a.

Medical marijuana bills move forward in the Utah State Legislature

Utah patients may be relieved to hear that 2 different medical marijuana bills are advancing in the Senate. Bill 89 is a very strict bill that would legalize “trace amounts of THC” likely meaning primarily CBD medication for epileptic seizu.

Global Marijuana March 2012: Worldwide Protests For Pot Legalization

CANNABIS CULTURE – The 2012 Global Marijuana March is May 5! Join the world’s largest simultaneous pot protest in 153 confirmed cities around the world, or add your city to the list. Every year, on the first Saturday in May – j.

Texas Rangers New Star a Pot Smoker?

The Texas Ranger’s new $111 million commitment got off the plane Friday in Dallas-Fort Worth sporting a pot leaf look-alike on his t-shirt. When asked about it he responded by saying he liked wearing shirts with “American writing on the.

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