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15 Gift Ideas for Weed Enthusiasts

As cannabis becomes a more publicly welcome staple of polite society, it can also be a source of newfound anxiety for the uninitiated and the undereducated. Like fashion, sports, and politics, there are complexities to be grappled with, choices to make, and faux pas to avoid. Having the right knowledge will help, but having the right gear will add confidence and, in most cases, greatly improve the smoking experience. So we’ve put together a list of great products that are major upgrades for you and your loved ones, take the guesswork out of smoking, and help us all feel a little more chill.

This Curated Weed Delivery Service Takes the Guesswork Out of Getting High

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From the ultimate cannabis user’s guide to new accessories and gear, here’s what you should give as a gift for any weed enthusiast this year.

15 weed-themed gifts that aren’t covered in tacky pot leaves

Get more lit than a Christmas tree this holiday season.

Weed is recreationally legal in 10 states, and medically legal in 32. The days of hiding your poorly rolled joints under your mattress and buying shitty brownies off your old lab partner are over — who wants that when consuming cannabis has never been sleeker?

You can put down the massive bongs and ugly tie-dyed socks emblazoned with pot leaves. Look, it’s 2018 and that grungy stoner aesthetic is a tired trope. Whether they’re serious smokers or just dabbling into CBD, here are 15 weed gifts you won’t have to hide.

A gift guide for the cannabis connoisseur in your life.