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7 of the best weed strains for binge-watching

It’s 4:47 pm on a Friday, and you’re finally about to log out of work for the week. It’s been a tough week, so for the next two days, all you want to do is blob out on the couch and watch season after season of your favorite show. You know that the experience will be even better if you scoop up some weed for the hours of The Boys you’re about to watch.

What are you scooping up?

There are so many cannabis strains that pair greatly with doing absolutely nothing, all of various flavors, highs, and experiences. Here are 7 top suggestions for binge-watching.


Sunset Sherbert, or simply Sherbert, is a cross of GSC and Pink Panties. It has beautiful purple flowers and produces middle-of-the-road effects that are great for chain-smoking your way through an entire season of Woke. When beginner weed smokers hit me up for weed suggestions, I often direct them here.

Sherbert’s pleasant and manageable high starts in the head, then creeps down into the body, leaving most people feeling content and happy. Its flavor is often hard to describe, but the cultivar definitely has some sweet and somewhat berry tastes to it. However, it is not as grapey and GDP-like as the plant’s color would make you think.


Headband is a potent strain named after the heavy cerebral high that wraps around your brain like a headband. Genetics are uncertain, with some believing Headband to be a cross of OG Kush and Sour Diesel, and others saying it’s a cross of Sour Diesel and Northern Lights. Flavor-wise, the heady cultivar often has an earthy and funky taste.

Headband’s high will leave you feeling spaced out and goofy, which is perfect for snacking on Pizza Pringles and discovering how hilarious Schitt’s Creek is.

GMO Cookies

When binge-watching shows, sometimes you want a strain that’ll stick you on the couch without a word to say. GMO Cookies is just that.

It’s a hybrid from the legendary Chemdog and GSC strains. The smell and taste are funky, skunky, and gassy, while the high will have you dumb stoned for hours. If you’re new to weed, you may want to ease into this one with something that’s easy to dose like a vape pen, because GMO flower and dabs will send you to outer space.


Dancehall is one of my favorite strains to vape — that sweet and pineapple taste really comes through in oil form. It’s also my favorite for when I want to take 100 puffs in a row, but don’t want it to end my evening too early.

Dancehall, also known as CBD Dancehall, is on this list because you don’t have to be stoned for binge-watching. You just need to feel comfortable and settled in. That’s what Dancehall will do for you: put a smile on your face and relaxation in your body. Now go watch all six Summer Madness battles.

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie is one of those potent, uplifting strains that will have you sitting there stoned and happy. It’s a pleasant surprise, considering the name and sweet cherry terpenes may make you expect a high similar to Strawberry Cough or Black Cherry Soda.

Cherry Pie is a sativa-dominant treat from the famous Cookie Family. It’s a cross of the legendary Granddaddy Purple and their in-house Durban Poison. The most common effects reported for it are relaxed, euphoric, and happy. If you want something delicious, find this strain immediately.


LSD is an indica-dominant hybrid from Skunk #1 and an Afghani strain — it produces a spaced out cerebral high. The effects are often euphoric and uplifting, which makes this potent cultivar a niceing pair with comedies like Big Mouth or Neo Yokio, something light and easy.

As far as aroma and flavor go, I dabbed some LSD live resin the other day and it had a sweet, citrus, and slightly pink lemonade taste to it.

Purple Punch

Purple Punch is a frosty, purple strain well-known for being absolutely flushed with milky white trichomes. It was bred by crossing Larry OG with Granddaddy Purple, and the results produce fruity, grapey, gassy terpenes that will make any concentrate lover’s dreams come true.

Purple Punch THC percentages often sore past 20%, and the deep, relaxing high makes this one perfect for staying in bed for hours on a Saturday afternoon as you watch Season 4 of Entourage and wait for your food delivery.

Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

It's time to hit the couch with a bowl of flower and episodes of your favorite show.

What to Binge-watch with Weed

Since the act of binge-watching has gone from guilty pleasure to socially acceptable and encouraged, I’ve been asking people what I should catch up on or revisit. It quickly became a very long list. Then, I made a separate list of shows that would be that much better with weed.

You know, the shows where the jokes just land harder, the dramatic moments are more intense, the plot twists more surprising after you’ve hit a joint a few times or once the edible has kicked in.

So here are a few choice selections that are worth binge-watching with your favorite weed product.


The Good Place

This is also an excellent time to [re-]discover The Good Place. I don’t want to spoil the concept, but it’s a light-hearted inventive idea about good and bad and how things aren’t always black and white.

Breaking Bad

Chances are you watched Breaking Bad when it first aired, or you’ve heard “You haven’t seen Breaking Bad? You have to watch it” enough times to make you scream. This is your chance to finally watch it.


Another crime drama, but this one is about a family that is forced to relocate to the Ozarks to launder money for a Mexican cartel. Relatable, right? It’s worth watching just for Ruth’s iconic, expletive-laden lines.

Ugly Delicious

There is a slew of cooking shows on Netflix, but Ugly Delicious finds the sweet spot between docuseries, interview shows, and food porn. Chef David Chang is the perfect host for navigating the culture of food from both social-political and entertainment viewpoints. Smart, fun, and munchie-inducing.

The Office

The Office is streaming’s equivalent to comfort food.



If you’re looking for a whip-smart comedy with razor-sharp dialogue that skewers the rich class, there is nothing more enjoyable than Succession. Every scene is crackling with drama and cynicism, but it manages to drop in enough human moments to keep you from completely hating everyone on your screen.


HBO’s sequel to the iconic graphic novel is a high-stakes tightrope walk. It brings to life beloved characters while introducing new ones to explore long-standing issues with race, patriotism, politics, technology, and obsession with superheroes. It’s incredibly complicated but action-packed; the perfect high watch.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

If now isn’t the perfect time to spark a j and revisit everyone’s favorite heart-warming curmudgeon, I don’t know what would be.


There are few shows as ambitious and confusing as Westworld. Sure, watching an episode can feel a little like homework, but if eating an edible and getting lost in complicated timelines and “wait, are they a robot?” sequences is your thing, you really can’t go wrong.

High Maintenance

If you’re looking for a dose of humanity in these uncertain times, the lovable stoners at the center of High Maintenance are there for you.

Amazon Prime

The Boys

Another superhero entry, this one from Amazon. The Boys take on superheroes shows us what would happen if super-powered beings were influenced by our hyper-capitalist society and everything was one huge conspiracy. Definitely a good watch with a good edible.


There isn’t a smarter, sexier show than Fleabag. Every moment manages to be insanely clever and true to life. A great choice for getting high and laughing your ass off.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

It’s doubtful there is a more charming entry than The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. An uplifting period piece that brings laughs and allure.

The Man in the High Castle

What if the Allied Powers had lost WWII, and Japan and Germany ruled the United States? Pack the bong and put on your tinfoil cap for this one.


High Fidelity

Single? Aimless? Bored? In need of a smoking buddy to relate to? Spark one with Zoe Kravitz in High Fidelity.


Remember how horrible middle school was? Wish you could take a bong rip and go back and laugh (and cry) about it?

The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid’s Tale takes one a whole new meaning under the current circumstances. A deeply disturbing dystopia made all the more creepy with THC and a Twitter timeline.

Love Island

I’ve been told by multiple people that you could exclusively watch Love Island, a reality show about hot young singles trying to win either a cash grand prize or hook up with another hot young single, and you wouldn’t run out of episodes. Look, we all need some mindless trash for a little bit of escapism, so pack the bong and fire up Love Island.


The Simpsons

There are 673 episodes of The Simpsons. You could watch five episodes a day and it would still take you more than four months to get through them all.

The Clone Wars

For all our Star Wars stoners, this series is a must-watch.


Spoiler: Baby Yoda.

Avoid going into dispensaries, if you can. Check to see if your region allows curbside/pickup/delivery here and see if your local dispensary will let you order online here.

Since the act of binge-watching has gone from guilty pleasure to socially acceptable and encouraged, here are a few binge-watch worthy selections. ]]>