triangle hemp

Triangle Hemp BaOx Feminized Hemp Seed

Trimmed Flower Yield Potential: 1500 lbs/acre

Trimmed flower CBD Potential (Delta-9 Compliance): 23% CBDa

Biomass Yield Potential: 3200 lbs/acre

Biomass CBD Potential (Total THC Compliance): 10% CBDa

CBD:THC Ratio: 24-29:1

Growth Habit: Bushy and round, grows as wide as it is tall. Strong and sturdy branching. Dense flowers make for heavy yields.

Compliance: Every Hemp farmer who grows this variety can pass .3% Total THC pre-harvest compliance testing with proper sample timing.

Sold in Increments of 100

  • $1.49/seed – 100
  • $1.39/seed -200
  • $1.29/seed – 300
  • $1.19/seed – 400
  • $.99/seed – 500-900
  • $.89/seed – 1K-2.5K
  • $.84/seed – 2.6K-5K
  • $.79/seed – 5.1K-10K

For Packs of 10+K, please inquire for adjusted pricing.

We are proud to offer Certified Organic Feminized Hemp Seed. Buy Triangle Hemp BaOx Feminized Hemp Seeds From Canvast Supply Co. Order Online Now! ]]>