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Theramu Review 2019

Why buy Theramu?

  • Great customer service
  • Unique formulation for superior bioavailability
  • Nice range of flavors

Theramu Brand Story

Founded by Gary and Vickie Lowe, Theramu is a family owned company that produces CBD isolate products formulated specifically to enhance the cannabis compound’s bioavailability. This brand stands out among its competitors, as it is the first of its kind to introduce emu oil into CBD products. Theramu owners Gary and Vickie hold the patent for cannabinoid transdermal products that include emu oil, which has displayed an impressive property for carrying CBD deep into the human body. Theramu’s unique emu oil and CBD blends have clearly paid off since their CEO, Joel Greengrass, found relief from his own multiple sclerosis symptoms with the help of the brand’s “Relieve” topical balm. Greengrass has previously held positions as a top executive for many impressive brands prior to working for Theramu, and he truly believes in the company’s mission. Needless to say, he is happy to utilize his business expertise to help this company flourish. All of Theramu’s products are THC-free and independently lab tested, although we couldn’t find any lab test results on the brand’s website. However, we did like the easy-to-navigate website, the cool backstory of the brand’s CEO, and the fruity flavor options for the CBD oils.

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Products available:

Theramu Calm Original Strength Elixir

Price range: $89.95

Strength: 10

Hemp Source: Unknown

Flavor options: Mango, Peach, Pineapple, or Unflavored 👅

Shopping experience: It’s easy for customers to find what they are looking for when they visit the Theramu website, and they are the perfect brand for people interested in a topical application of CBD.

Editor’s Notes

Remedy Review is constantly working to make the review of hemp-derived products less subjective. That’s why we aim to put numbers around quality, value, and transparency. We also know it helps to hear what a real person thinks about a product before you spend your money. These Editor’s Notes are the opinion of our staff—not a suggestion from the brand and definitely not medical advice.

  • We like that they have their own patent for the emu oil, and that it worked well enough to snag them a high-profile business leader as the brand’s CEO.
  • Theramu elixirs (CBD oils) only come in two different concentrations, “Calm” (300mg) or “Calm pro strength” (750mg).
  • They tend to focus more on topical products, which I would too if I had the secret to transdermal absorption of CBD.
  • There are 4 different options for topical balms:
    • Customers can choose between 100mg or 250mg potencies
    • The balm can be purchased with or without menthol added
  • Their beard balm and eye serums are unique product offerings, each with their own beneficial characteristics. The beard balm nourishes and strengthens beards, while the eye serums are designed to promote collagen production and fight off fine lines, dark circles, and dryness.

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Read our review of Theramu CBD oils, topicals, and more to find a product that best matches your needs.

Our Products

Our family of products feature a proprietary blend of emu oil and pure CBD isolate working together to provide superior bioavailability. Simply put, emu oil is proven to be a near perfect carrier for CBD – and we have the patent to prove it!

Cannabidiol (CBD) acts as a natural antioxidant and neuroprotectant, and is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Through our proprietary process, we bind CBD to ultra-refined emu oil, which lends its exceptional transdermal properties to carry the CBD deep into the body. This faster, more efficient absorption into the body is what makes our Theramu line so effective.

Our all-natural products are safe for the whole family, independently lab tested to be 100% THC-free, and have none of the unpleasant side effects often found with other pain management solutions.

Not sure which products are right for you? We’re happy to make a personalized recommendation!

Calm Sublingual Elixirs

Our elixirs act as an anti-inflammatory from the inside out, helping to quiet agitation and spasming, promote healthy sleep patterns, and soothe general body aches and discomfort. As with all Theramu products, Calm uses 100% all-natural ingredients and organic fruit extracts, with no unnecessary fillers or additives.

Calm is available in either our original strength or Pro strength formula: Calm Pro contains two and a half times the concentration of CBD in the same 1floz bottle.

Relieve Topical Balms

Formulated as an all-natural alternative to relieve localized soreness and irritation, our fast-acting topical balm provides quick relief when applied directly to the affected site. Also available in a mentholated version ideal for cooling inflamed muscles and joints.

Relieve and Relieve with Menthol are available in either our original strength or Pro strength formulas: Relieve Pro formulas contain two and a half times the concentration of CBD in the same 1oz jar.

Our family of products feature a proprietary blend of emu oil and pure CBD isolate working together to provide superior bioavailability. Simply put, emu oil is proven to be a near perfect carrier for CBD – and we have the patent to prove it! ]]>