tangerine marijuana

Tangerine marijuana

Nice hybrid, very uplifting and happy, great for daytime.

Finally a name that matches the taste. This one smells strong like orange/citrus. It also taste the same!! The flavor really draws you in. On top of that it smokes real smooth. No throat tickle or lung expansion. The flavor was the highlight for me. I found the buzz to be relaxing, but I would say the buzz and pain relief were weaker than most wake n bakes. For flavor oh ya. For pain relief I’ll go with SD or Durban.🤪

We bought a Tangerine Stealth stick expecting a surprise. For a person that doesn’t care for sativa, I was too high to consider the hybrid percentages. As the lemony-orange then tangerine flavor settled in my mouth, the lingering effects of citric acid stayed with me as did the high for a strong 15 minutes with one hit. I’m certainly not a novice with 40+ years of ganja grabbing, but I was pleasantly surprised with this strain; albeit a concentrate. Now to go bake lemon bars. Yum! Doaback68

Tangerine is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created through a four times backcross of the infamous CR9 strain. This tasty bud is infamous for its aroma, which is said to be identical to a walk through an orange grove just after it’s rained. The taste is just as sweet, with a zesty citrus flavo… ]]>