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Best Sweet Weed Strains In 2019

What are the sweetest cannabis strains known to man? The cannabis plant has more than a 100 different types of terpenes that have been identified. These terpenes are the flavor profiles of weed which determine its taste when smelling and smoking. The cannabis plant has been crossed countless times by people seeking new flavor profiles, and on the way created some remarkable strains. We list all of the most popular sweet marijuana strains available for sale in our 420 seed bank. Find the best from around the world, which includes a lot from California.

The writer of this content has tried all of the following sweet cannabis strains below and provides his insight to help on making an educated marijuana seed purchase. He has grown up and still lives in California where it was the first state that legalized cannabis for medical use in 1996. He was a patient during this time and shares his insight on the world’s best sweet weed strains.

10. Wedding Cake Strain Is Sweet Cannabis

While this strain may not taste like an actual wedding cake, it has some really sweet tasting profiles that are fruity. The wedding cake strain is a cross between the Cookie Dough and Cherry OG strain. This sweet cannabis strain also packs a potent punch with lab test results averaging 26%. There have been other strains named after cakes, but wedding cake is one of the best sweet weed strains that taste like dank too and deserves to be on our list.

9. Lemon Tart Is Tasty

Don’t worry this Lemon Tart strain won’t be sour, instead it’s more of a sweet lemon taste that will remind you of lemon tree. The notes of lemon are identified instantly when smoking this cannabis strain. To describe its taste, it’s lemony and sweet. Buy Lemon Tart Seeds from us today and grow yourself some lemon tasting weed. The two well known marijuana strains which made this creation are wedding cake crossed with Super Lemon haze, which fits its name quite accurately. This is of course a Sativa dominant sweet marijuana strain. This is great for those who want a cerebral high with a pleasant taste to go with it smoking or vaping.

8. Zkittlez Cannabis Strain Is Sweet Weed Like Candy

Very popular cannabis strain out of California named after the rainbow candy skittles but with a twist. The Zkittles strain exists today because the famous Grape ape strain was crossed with the grapefruit strain. This sweet weed strain won the Emerald Cup award in 2016 with first place. Its taste fits its name accurately with its sweet candy tasting profiles.

7. Gelato Is Sweet Marijuana Famous From California

The Gelato strain originates from California and made a huge wave nationally. This sweet marijauna strain is sought out for its purple color, sweetness, and strength. This is the type of cannabis that not only smokes good but looks great too. You can never go wrong growing the Gelato strain indoor or outdoors. Its slightly just more Indica which will show with short thick bushes when grown and fat colas. The Gelato strain lineage is from Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies crossed with Sunset Sherbet. Buy Gelato seeds today and experience a piece of California.

6. Girl Scout Cookies

The famous Bay Area Rapper known as his stage name Berner, is the guy who put Girl Scout Cookies on the Map. He started a new demand for this strain that replaced all others for a long time because of its potency and unique sweet weed flavor profiles. Buy Girl Scout Cookies Seeds from multiple breeders in our seed bank. Our number one breeder we recommend for GSC seeds is from California and known as Cali Connection.

5. Grand Daddy Purple

In the bay area there was a time before cannabis became legalized for recreational use. During that time people would refer to GDP as grapes, this is one of the most famous sweet weeds to ever come out of California. People would ask their dealer frequently if they had them grapes or GDP. The famous Grand Daddy Purple ruled the choice of strains for a long time in the Bay Area. This was before of course Cookies came and took over. However, GDP is still a favorite among many today with its sweet grape tasting flavor. It’s quite a real treat if you can get authentic GDP, which you’re in luck because we have the original Ken’s Grand Daddy Purple Seeds for sale.

4. Strawberry Cough Strain

This sweet weed strain will remind you of the candy jolly rockers flavored strawberry. The taste of strawberries is quite wonderful with each hit smoked or vaped. We have the famous Strawberry cough seeds available for those who want a taste of this sweet cannabis strain. This is a Sativa dominant that is well known in California and loved for its strong effects. This sweet cannabis strain actually has a hint of strawberries that is quite amazing a plant can reproduce its smell and taste.

3. Purple Punch Strain

This glorious purple weed strain was made possible by crossing GDP with Larry OG, it’s a sweet weed strain that is purple and covered in THC. The Purple Punch strain is a frosty and chunky weed. This purple cannabis strain is famous in California because of its sweet taste, and many trichomes that almost completely covers it. A popular description of the taste of Purple Punch weed is grape kool aid. The punch part of its name accurately describes the high THC potency that is quickly felt upon smoking. Buy Purple Punch Seeds from multiple talented breeders available in our seed bank.

2. Refreshing Sweet Weed Strain: Watermelon Zkittlez

A brand new cannabis flavor that I was lucky enough to try living in California and highly recommend for anyone who wants some delicious tasting sweet weed. I like to describe the Watermelon Zkittlez as a refreshing and not overpowering sweet tasting cannabis weed. This is definitely the type of sweet marijauna strain that’s going to impress anyone who’s a cannabis smoker.

1. Best Sweet Cannabis Strain: Bubblegum

Finally we’ve reached what we consider the best sweet cannabis strain known to man, and that’s the Bubblegum Strain. This is the type of cannabis strain that will make you appreciate cannabis a whole lot more and see why it’s so amazing. It’s like smoking a unicorn because there is no other cannabis that tastes like bazooka bubblegum than this strain. People will not believe the taste is real upon smoking it, this was my experience in California with this strain. The flavor of bubblegum with this weed strain is impeccable.

This sweet weed strain has seen countless awards in many different competitions world wide. We have different breeders on our seed back that has this bubble gum seeds for sale, but we recommend the original Bubble Gum strain Seeds which was first put on our platform in 1993.

What are the sweetest cannabis strains known to man? The cannabis plant has more than a 100 different types of terpenes that have been identified