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Payment processors FAQ

Find answers to your questions about payment processors, how payment gateways work with ReCharge, and working with different accounts in ReCharge and Shopify. For general information including a video visit Payment processors.


Which payment processors can I use with ReCharge?

ReCharge can connect to Stripe, Braintree, and

Can I use my Shopify Payments account with ReCharge?

To connect ReCharge with your Stripe account, you will need to create a separate Stripe account that’s different from the one being used with Shopify Payments. This is because Stripe has an exclusive deal with Shopify and cannot be used for other purposes.

Does ReCharge allow multiple payment processors?

If you would like to offer Paypal as an option, you can set up Braintree as a secondary payment processor in addition to Stripe or Contact us if you need help setting up Paypal as a secondary payment processor.

Will I need to update my payment processor in Shopify?

No. Payments will only be processed by ReCharge when there is a recurring item in the cart. If it is a non-recurring item, it will process through your existing payment processor in Shopify.

Does Shopify charge an additional transaction fee for recurring payments through ReCharge?

No. Shopify only charges transactions processed directly through its checkout. Recharge processes transactions through a separate checkout so Shopify transaction fees do not apply.

Can I switch payment processors at any time?

Though you can switch to any ReCharge-supported payment processor, it will require a payment token migration which can take multiple days to complete. The process involves moving existing payment tokens and migrating the tokens to your new payment processor. In some cases, orders will need to be put on hold while the migration is completed. For more information, please visit our guide to transferring from to Stripe/Braintree, or reach out to the ReCharge support team.

Why can’t my customers switch their Paypal payment method?

Due to how the information is stored, Paypal payment details aren’t available in the customer portal. If a customer wants to change the payment method they used in Paypal, they will have to cancel their subscription and go through checkout again.

What countries can use ReCharge?

Payments can be accepted from anywhere in the world. Currently, we support most countries in the world via our merchant processors.

For more information, visit:

It is important to make sure your currency is set to the same value on each of your accounts (processing, Shopify, and ReCharge). If your account is set to a different currency than you intended, you will incorrectly charge your customers. To view which currencies are available, visit Supported currencies.

I sell CBD – can I still sell using ReCharge?

Though ReCharge does not prohibit the selling of specific products, such as CBD, you will need to register with a payment processor. Each payment processor maintains their own rules and regulations as to which businesses they can support and what is categorized as high-risk. For example, Stripe has strict guidelines around the sale of marijuana and related businesses.

ReCharge recommends reaching out directly to your payment processor of interest to confirm if your business is supported:

Find answers to your questions about payment processors, how payment gateways work with ReCharge, and working with different accounts in… ]]>