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You might think that since marijuana laws are getting more relaxed, and even eliminated, in other states, that being charged with simple possession in South Carolina isn’t a big deal…but you’d be wrong; it’s still a huge deal. You could end up spending time in jail, in addition to paying massive fines and court costs. Those are just the two biggest immediate risks. Having a simple possession charge on your record may make some employers think twice about hiring you, which could make it more difficult for you to get a job in the future.

So what should you do if you’re charged with simple possession of marijuana in South Carolina? Read on for some helpful tips.

What to do when facing simple possession charges

Remain calm

Remaining calm throughout your arrest is the best thing you can do for yourself. It’s understandable that you’re concerned about the situation, but try and keep a level head. Marijuana charges are a serious deal, and sometimes speaking less says far more. Remain quiet and calm and respond only in short ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answers whenever possible.

Comply with the police

It can be tempting to rebel, argue or get angry with the arresting officer, but you’ll make things easier on yourself if you stay respectful, and remain cool, calm and collected. You will be putting yourself in the best position to defend yourself if you calmly and respectfully request access to a lawyer before answering any questions.

Know your rights

According to the Fourth Amendment, you are protected from unreasonable searches. This includes your vehicle, so you’re within your rights to deny a warrantless search of your car if you’re pulled over. This is not the case with a body search, however. Police Officers are free to pat you down and search your clothing for drugs, weapons, or any illegal objects. Finally, you have the right to an attorney, so you should contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible for the best chance at a positive outcome.

Know South Carolina’s marijuana laws

While the popular opinion over marijuana is changing, South Carolina still has strict laws when it comes to possession of marijuana.

If this is your first arrest, for instance, you’ll be hit with a misdemeanor. You may face up to 30 days of incarceration, as well as $620 in fines if your possession is under 1 oz. Should more than 1 oz. be found on your person, you’ll automatically face charges of possession with intent to distribute (PWID), which is a felony.

If you’ve been picked up on marijuana possession before, you’ll get hit with a felony. You could face up to a year in prison, as well as up to $1,000 in charges.

If you’re charged with possession with intent to distribute (PWID), you’ll face a felony charge. Monetary fines could rack up to $5,000, and you may face 5 years of jail time.

The most surprising fact of all? You don’t even need to be carrying the marijuana itself to be charged with simple possession. Even if you’re only holding paraphernalia, you could still face possession charges with a fine of almost $1,100.

All of these consequences can drastically affect all aspects of your life. But if you’re facing simple possession charges, no matter if they’re felony or misdemeanor, finding an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately should be first on your list in order to ensure you get the justice and legal treatment that you deserve.

Contacting the Law Office of David B. Tarr as soon as you’re charged with simple possession gives you the best chance of being completely exonerated from your charges or at least securing a significant reduction in both charge and punishment.

Attorney David B. Tarr is available right now to help 24/7 if you've been charged with simple possession. While other states relax marijuana laws, simple possession in South Carolina is still a huge deal, leading to prison time and big fines. Call 803-238-7967, or visit our website to chat.