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Unethical behaviour and out of date lab certificate

I agree with the reviewer before. This company creates groups on social media pretending they are general CBD groups for UK. Instead they heavily promote their products and delete and ban everyone who dares to recommend any other brand. They also bashing competitors products saying they are not laboratory tested. Whereas their own 3-r party certificate is well out of date now. I don’t know if their product is genuine or not but they are certainly not an ethical company. Their marketing tactics are far from it.

Excellent products

Excellent products, used for coming up to a year and noticed the difference. Its sad to read some reviews as the facebook group helped a lot .. but when you post you get spammed by third party or spam sellers via messenger trying to sell and ruin Simply CBD. I feel this is the same on here.

This guy claims on his website cheapest…

This man claims on his website his imported Dutch inorganic CBD is the cheapest in the UK it is not by far. He also claims 100% of his profit is going to build a dog’s home that’s not true. He claims the CBD he knocks out is full spectrum! It’s not and he uses a two year old lab report which he refers people to, to back up his claim. He’s now offering a buy two get one free on his overpriced imported CBD!

Dear Jason, many thanks for your trolling review. All our oils are full spectrum and all the lab results are available on the website and up todate. We are offering a free full spectrum lab tested oil not as a marketing gimmick but because we want people to pass on the oil to other people who may need it. I see that you regularly trawl the internet trolling cbd companies especially since you were caught out as a fraudster so I thing sour grapes maybe in order here. As I say, all our oils are certified full spectrum, the free oil is for people to gift to others and all our profit does go to charity. Not quite sure why you have singled out us to go after next in your campaign of hatred and anger but hey, we all have our cross to bear.

Good product, great customer service.

Good product, fast delivery and a free (good) pen. Really helpful customer service too. Certainly recommend to anyone wanting CBD products.

My wife ordered oil normally we are…

My wife ordered oil normally we are happy wit the prompt delivery but we were let down badly on this occasion their system says it was delivered on 14 may at 2 pm driver signed it himself he got her name wrong he also probably delivered to the wrong house we didn’t get it however we have contacted simply cvs on several occasions but yes response

We were so lucky to be introduced to…

We were so lucky to be introduced to Simply CBD by Love Underdogs, when we got our rescue dog, Laya, from them. The light drops really help her anxiety and we’re now on our third bottle. These drops arrive swiftly, work brilliantly and the profits benefit other dogs. It’s fantastic. We’re now trying the tumeric blend on us humans. Massive thank you to all at CBD-and of course, at this time wishing you all well.

Amazing, genuine company!

It made me really sad to see any negative reviews about this company!
I found out about Simply CBD when my dog developed epilepsy and starting having seizures that became more and more frequent to the point he was having at least once a month. I really didn’t want to have to go down the medication route if I could avoid it so I ordered Simply CBD Light.
I have since ordered their product about 3 times and have always received my items promptly and exactly how they have been described.
The best part is that since using Simply CBD my dog hasn’t had a seizure since and it has been 7 months now!
I would highly recommend them to anyone as not only is it a great product, genuine caring company but their prices are very reasonable!

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