reddit weed stories

Reddit weed stories


CBD Brand Weed Smoking High Stories: Sorry Mom!

High Stories of cbd brand. Posted on High Stories on Reddit

Back in high school I would go smoke after school with my buddy get home and use the magical viesene. This night I smoked a we bit too much walked up the street to my house. I went into my room to use the visene.

That’s when my mom walked into my room, she walked around picking things up, clean this, why do you have a cup in your room, why do you have a hamper if you just throw ur clothes on the ground? Etc. But while she was doing that she was crop dusting my room with silent farts. She left and the room reeked of death. I went to the drawer with my eye drops and that’s when the thc indused fart paranoia started.

She knows… why else would she fart around my room? She knows.. she knows I’m high.. these drops are pointless.. I’m caught.. she farted out of anger or disapointment probably. I put the visene back in the drawer and closed it. I left the mustard gas room and went into the kitchen where my brother, sister, dad and mom where preping dinner. My mom saw my eyes in better light red as the devils dick.

She started to cry my dad looked like he got punched in the stomach, he said well we used to smoke i just thought… my siblings were like lololol.. I was grounded and room searched. I was just blown away how my brain took a fart and spinned it into a paranoid delusion that my mom was speaking her opinion through a ..fart.

Short story: my mom crop dusted my room with farts and in my paranoid stooper I thought she did it on purpose to speak her mind on my weed smoking.

Weed smoking of the profitable cbd brand its become a passion now. Go with High Stories to enjoy weed smoking from the mad guys.

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