purps weed

Purps weed

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super chill body high with a mind buzz. Tast amazing and smoke is smooth. Great pain relief and perfect for watching movies and chilling with groups. This is on my top 5

I’ve been chasing strains searching for that old-school purple that I smoked in late 80s an 90s. I’ve tried just about it all in last two years..just found it in this one ,the purps ,best taste,great stoney indica high.. If ur looking for a purple bud this is the one .

Excellent strain. I’ve had the newer hybrid versions but this is my first time with the OG. I’m really enjoying the flavor and how smooth it is. No coughing and a really nice relaxing buzz. It doesn’t seem to give me couch lock but that’s ok, I have my edibles for that lol.

Outstanding.Great high.Very good pain relief.

This is it. The one that started the grape in cannabis. It is a masterpiece of classic history. All the Purple that we now know all started here. As far as I’m concerned this is just as classic as OG Kush and Durban Poison. If you like grape weed then this is the classic you need to try. Purps, The Purps, or Mendincino purps. Whatever you call it I call it yummy. This leads to my go to purple which is Purple dream🤪. Enjoy

Purps, also known as “The Purps” or “Mendocino Purps,” is a slightly indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain with unknown parentage due to a high level of breeder secrecy regarding it. Despite this fact, Purps has a fantastic reputation among cannabis users across the country and h… ]]>