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Purple Kush Greenhouse

Worthy heir to the famous Purple Kush American, this legal version rich in cannabidiol (CBD) is part of the pure indica tradition. Ideal for relaxation and relief of body and mindthese CBD flowers grown in glasshouses also reveal a particularly subtle earthy and sweet fragrance.

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Purple Kush CBD flowers: indica calm in its purest form

The original Purple Kush comes straight from Oakland, California. From a Cross between a Hindu Kush and a Purple Afghani, it has since been revised and corrected for get rich in cannabidiol, lose in THC and thus register in European legality. As a good representative of the family of cannabis Kush, also used to extract excellent resins such as resin OG Kush, she does not have to turn pale in the face of best indicas

On the effects side, relaxation and good humor are on the program for the discovery of this exceptional plant. It can thus prove to be an ally of choice for promote sleep, or quite simply to free oneself from too much mental load. So don’t hesitate to take advantage of it at the end of the day.

In terms of aromas, and therefore terpenes, it is the myrcene that takes over. So expect a primarily herbaceous scent, typical of the characteristic smell of hemp, and more particularly of Kush strains. Although pronounced, the smell remains sweet, and suitable for both beginners and enlightened amateurs. A delicate balance is found with the presence of pinene and caryophyllene, two terpenes reminiscent of pine and pepper.

Legal cannabidiol flowers, greenhouse grown

Thanks to a greenhouse cultivation, Purple Kush CBD flowers benefit as much as possible from natural lighting and therefore benefits of the sun on plant growth. This is where these notes of pine and pepper also harmoniously balanced and pleasant on the nose. The shelter provided by the greenhouse finally makes it possible to repel all attacks from pests (insects, diseases) and avoid unwanted climatic hazards (heavy rains, wind, drought).

To enjoy your Purple Kush CBD flowers for as long as possible, remember to store them properly after each use. Well keep your CBD indeed allows extend the life expectancy of aromas and effects of the plant.

Obviously, our Purple Kush flowers, like all of our light cannabis products, are perfectly legal. This implies a THC level less than 0,3%, according to the limits imposed by European laws. However, this product is not intended to be smoked, nor to be bought or consumed by minors or pets.

Subtle scents (plants, pine, pepper), a deep feeling of relaxation and perfect legality. This is the promise of our Purple Kush CBD flowers.