pineapple jack weed

Pineapple jack weed

I love this strain. It uplifts me and makes me so creative. It clears my mind and is an excellent morning starter to relieve the pain and nausea I have. If you want to write something creative such as a song or poem, etc. this is the strain for you.

I like it for my depression. I’m well focused and uplifted. It also helps me forget my pain.

Smells delicious! Great flower

This strain just isn’t potent enough. Atleast not the batch I received. It gave me a light buzz and made me more social but I honestly did not feel very high at all.

I love this strain it is the best so far thank you so much go green

I’m a big Jack fan and I also love Pineapple as well, so lets see how this goes. I got a half and it was full of hard dense nugs, and the smell so Pineapple sweet. The smell was more impressive than the looks. When I broke apart the buds they were hard, but not dry. The smell got stronger as they broke apart. They broke apart real nice for rolling. The smoke was real mellow. I was surprised that the Pineapple smell was not as strong in the flavor. It was a nice mix of both jack and the pineapple flavor. Nice subtle fruity taste with the jack aftertaste. I used this as a wake n bake and I was plenty ripped. Don’t be scared of the less than 20% THC it gets in the description. I’m an everyday, all day smoker and this got me pie eyed. Nice am focus and pain relief. Now go get pineapple jacked up!

A blend of indica-heavy Pineapple and Jack Herer, a famed balance of sativa and indica, Pineapple Jack itself is a sativa-dominant hybrid with an unknown ratio of sativa to indica. This definitely isn't the most potent strain on the market, with THC levels well below 20% (about 16% in some tests)…