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Medical Marijuana Patients Are Reporting Reduced Alcohol Use

According to new data, many medical marijuana patients in Canada are reporting reduced alcohol use. .

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This Is Where New Hampshire’s Senate Candidates Stand on Marijuana

With Election Day being looming, voters want to know where their potential senators stand on .

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New Hampshire

More states allowing telehealth consults for cannabis authorization

Until recently, the term “telehealth” was known in the medical community, but not the cannabis community.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak sent the country into lockdown, medical marijuana users in many states can now check in with a health care provider by video for authorization, rather than an in-person meeting.

According to, 31 states currently allow telemedicine for cannabis patients – 11 of which have temporarily altered their laws as a result of the current coronavirus pandemic.

New Hampshire Extends Deadline For Medical Marijuana Card Renewal

Medical marijuana patients in New Hampshire will have a bit longer to renew their cards, as the state extended its deadline in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

New Hampshire Public Radio reported that the state’s therapeutic cannabis program announced Friday that “patients who have cards that are expiring in April, May and June of this year” will now have until July 31 to extend the expiration of their cards.

New Hampshire House Approves Marijuana Legalization Bill

Legislation (House Bill 1648) to legalize marijuana for everyone 21 and older has been passed by the New Hampshire House of Representatives. The Thursday vote was 236 to 112.

Although the measure would unfortunately not legalize marijuana stores, it would legalize the possession of up to 3/4th an ounce of marijuana and would allow personal amounts to be grown at private residences (up to six plants).

New Hampshire House Approves Bill Allowing Personal Possession of Pot

The New Hampshire House of Representatives approved a bill on Thursday that would eliminate criminal and civil penalties for possessing and growing small amounts of pot. The legislation, House Bill 1648, was sponsored by Republican Rep. Carol McGuire and a bipartisan group of seven cosponsors. The bill was approved by House lawmakers with a vote of 236 to 112 and will now head to the state Senate for consideration.

‘Grow Your Own Medical Marijuana’ Bill Advances in N.H. Legislature

Stymied by the governor last year, New Hampshire lawmakers are trying once again to pass a bill permitting patients or caregivers to grow their own marijuana for medical purposes.

The legislation passed in the New Hampshire state senate this week, and will now head to the state House for a vote.

Democrats control both chambers in the General Court of New Hampshire, the state’s bicameral legislative body, but the governor, Chris Sununu, is a Republican.

Both the senate and the House passed a similar “grow your own” bill last year, but Sununu vetoed the measure, arguing that the bill would make life more difficult for law enforcement.

N.H. House Passes Bills to Expand Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana would be available to more patients under a pair of bills approved by the New Hampshire House, but a more expansive bill has died in the Senate.

House voted Wednesday to add insomnia and opioid use disorder to the list of qualifying conditions, though the latter would carry significant restrictions.

An earlier version of one of the bills also sought to add anxiety and Lyme disease to the list, but those provisions were removed.

New Hampshire Health Organization to distribute prescription lock boxes to parents

More than 800 New Hampshire families are getting lock boxes and safe disposal bags in hopes of keeping youth away from prescription drugs and making a small dent in a big problem.

Officials from the Capital Area Public Health Network and the Rx Abuse Leadership Initiative of New Hampshire said Tuesday they will be distributing the boxes and bags at community events and recovery-friendly workplaces in Concord and two dozen surrounding towns. Parents can request them directly from the organizations, said Annika Stanley-Smith, the network’s director of substance misuse prevention.

New Hampshire House overrides Governor’s veto on home-grown medical cannabis

The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to overturn Republican Gov. Chris Sununu’s veto of a bill that would allow for the home cultivation of cannabis by medical marijuana patients. The measure, HB 364, will now head to the Senate after the House voted 259 to 120 to override the veto.

New Hampshire Governor vetoes medical marijuana home growing

Earlier this month, New Hampshire Governor John Sununu vetoed a bill that would have allowed qualified medical marijuana patients to grow up to six plants in their home for medicinal use.

“This bill would bypass those public health and safety guardrails and make the job of law enforcement significantly more difficult,” Sununu said in a statement. “Furthermore, it could serve to undermine the protections we have built within the Alternative Treatment Center system by making those facilities less sustainable.”

New Hampshire: Governor signs marijuana annulment measure

Republican Gov. Chris Sununu has signed legislation into law establishing procedures permitting those with prior, low-level marijuana convictions to petition the court to have their convictions annulled.

House Bill 399 provides an opportunity for those convicted of offenses involving the possession of three-quarters of one ounce of cannabis or less to seek an annulment. If the prosecuting attorney does not object to the request within ten days, the petition will be granted.

The new law takes effect on January 1, 2020.


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