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How much mosquito dunk should I use?

sky high

I drop a dunk in a 5 gal bucket and just let it ride. Then I dip a small bucket full out of the bucket (1/2 gal, maybe) and add it to my irrigation water on each watering. The dunks from HDePOT say they are good for 30 days in ponds/etc. so I use up the 5 gallons in a few weeks and start a new dunk/bucket if needed. just to be sure.

you can’t overdue it. give em fuckin Hell!


Ive used em in my grow once or twice. I never used it as a leave alone in my rez or anything, but I did sprinkle like a forth over my soil. Simply just crumble up and spread around the top. Drying out does not harm anything so dont worry about them drying out.

On another note I usually find that if your getting gnats its usually that your leaving your soil too wet. Give them dry periods.


dunks (10%)dont work as good as powdered BTI (100%) from the hydro store.

RA and FG look exactly the same on the sticky traps. i thought i was treating for FG and actually had RA. look at the rim of the pots, drainage holes, and lower leaves for crawlers.


Mosquito dunks didn’t do shit for me. It takes a lot of them. And it takes a while to work. I was underwhelmed.
Microbelift has a BTi slurry they sell online. Don’t get the smallest(2 oz)size. It is far more diluted than all the other sized containers. All the regular sizes have a dosage rate of 6 drops/100 gallons. At that rate it will last you forever.
Or you can rock a tea made with Capulator’s foliar mix. I used that to treat my RA probrem, and have since stopped using my Microbelift product. Cap’s foliar mix it would seem takes care of fungus gnats too.
Heard of PM? Heard of Actinovate? Heard of Capulator? Well, his new and improved version will have a PM fighting strain as well.
I am always looking to get the best value and save the most money. I am not out to spend money on crap.
Cap’s foliar mix is an investment in security. Making teas out of it stretches your dollar way further. Matter of time until RAs come to you. Or PM.
Living in P-town and all.

PS fungus gnats are really stupid, slow, and lacking in survival instincts. They appear to rely on reproductive rate as their survival strategy. If you see one flyer, there should be lots more flyers. They fall for sticky traps. RAs do not.
RAs are smart, fast, observant(they see you coming from a mile away and move quickly away from you) and have rather good survival instincts. They will even move to the other side of the container to hide from you.
And if you see a nasty white sticky buildup on the wall of your rootball it is RAs.


yea, best way is to check your roots for white waxy fungus they make.

also if you have RA flyers, you will see them crawling on the pots and lower stem.

also RA flyers hang around the soil/plants, FG tend to populate the roof of your room. the flyers look identical on a sticky trap. so check your roots asap. both bugs will kill your roots, no roots = extremly low yields

Buddy Hemphill

I use MicerobeLift at about 2-3 times the amount they recommend.

With that and DE I dont get gnats.

I hit every cutting I get with Merit 75 and floramite. I dont get mites or RA’s or gnats.

I've had a fungus gnat here and there and decided to use mosquito dunks. I bought the summit mosqutio dunks and they seem bigger then the ones at home…