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Cannabis Trim (Shake)

$ 3.00 – $ 7.00 / Per Gram

Availability: Only 58 Grams Available!

Cannabis Trim (Shake) Information

Cannabis Trim, also known as shake, contains the extra cuttings that growers don’t need after trimming their cannabis plants. However, amidst those cuttings lie kief, which are the leftover resinous crystal trichomes from cannabis buds. These are quite potent when smoked, so the Cannabis Trim becomes an accessible and affordable option to derive a great psychoactive experience now!

What’s more, the kief can come from both Sativa and Indica cannabis strains, offering a versatile experience. The biggest mystery here is that you don’t know how it’s going to make you feel. Will it send a powerful surge of euphoria to your mind or will it simply sedate you and put you to sleep? Or it could be a combination between the two. You never know until you try, and the mystery attracts many cannabis enthusiasts to try this Cannabis Trim.

What does the Cannabis Trim look and taste like?

Cannabis Trim or Shake has a unique flavour given by its origin. The terpenes and flavonoids come from various strains, just like the kief itself. You won’t know how the trim will taste like until you try it for yourself. So, it could be sweet and aromatic, with a whiff of chocolate cookie, or it could be pungent, fishy, and quite skunky. The first smoke you inhale will tell you all you need to know.

In terms of appearance, the Cannabis Trim looks like a pile of leafy leftovers with parts of nugs, leaves, and other plant components hanging all over the place. The sight may not be pretty but the effects surely are. There’s plenty of kief in every pile, ensuring the best psychoactive and therapeutic effects possible. The pleasant Indica effects combine with the energetic and euphoric effects of the Sativa, creating a versatile and comprehensive cannabis experience!

How does Cannabis Trim affect you?

With every moment that you smoke Cannabis Trim, your mind becomes more motivated and euphoric. In turn, this will alleviate any symptoms of anxiety or depression that are plaguing you. Your negative thoughts vanish into a puff of aromatic smoke. Similarly, your body receives elevated health benefits after a few smokes. If you have insomnia or suffer from chronic fatigue that won’t let you sleep, smoking some Cannabis Trim should help you out!

Last but not least, the THC and CBD in this shake build up the entourage effects, which improves all therapeutic benefits. Your chronic pains, such as symptoms of arthritis, neuropathic pain, or sciatica, will vanish soon. In fact, all bodily discomfort should decrease after a few smokes. Whether you’re using a bong or rolling up a joint, the Cannabis Trim will serve you right every time!

12 reviews for Cannabis Trim (Shake)

Filip – November 28, 2020

Quite a nice surprise, I open the package, first look is a good one, I expected way more seeds and stems. Nice smoke, burns quick as you’re hitting those little leaves and terpenes are bubbling on the ring of my doobie. I take a sip of my French vanilla, another puff, still amazing. Good job guys

Stephanie – November 25, 2020

Great to roll in a joint or fill a vaporizer with as its basically pre-ground ! Great quality for the price.

Rawaz – November 16, 2020

If you’re on a budget and nearing dankruptcy then this should ‘top up’ your weed in between sessions of using that AAAA. I’m a fan of making these into cannabutter ( I highly recommended dedicating a coffee grinder for these trims) Usually get some buds here and there, loads of leaves and kief dusting!

Morgan – November 13, 2020

I like this this product, I will usually mix it in with regular flower to make my bags last a bit longer. Its ok to smoke on its own too just not as potent but fine. Usually add it too my orders once in a while as its good to have on hand. For the price its great! would recommend if you haven’t tried before add it on! you’ll definitely find a use for it!

Marc – November 7, 2020

Great for butter. Superb quality and excellent price!

Brandon – November 4, 2020

I got this when it was on sale for super cheap. let me say that I’m not disappointed about it. it may not be as good as some of the bud you can get but for the price its still pretty amazing. i used it as a filler for tokes and stuff so as I can make my bud last longer and it was very nice. I would Definetely recommend grabbing some of this you won’t be disappointed 🙂 can’t get better prices for green than this

Madeleine – October 27, 2020

This shake is a great deal, although the high is very mild. Great for a light daytime smoke, and for a lower budget point. I generally mix it with other strains if I’m looking for a milder high, or looking to smoke multiple joints. Will be purchasing again to incorporate into edibles/canna butter in the future!

Matthew – October 27, 2020

If your on a budget, this is alright. it is very bland and the high is very light. you may have to add THC Or use this for baking and that type of cannabis work. but i wouldn’t recommended unless you were on a budget, and unless you like very light weed, similar to smoking hemp or cbd bud on its own.

Ambrose – October 16, 2020

For how cheap it is, its actually pretty good stuff. Gets me just as high as regular weed. Actual buds are better of course but if you dont have the money for a big order sometimes, MMJ still has great quality bottom bag stuff

Sherrie – October 15, 2020

I use this for my canna butter and I’m very pleased with the potency of my cookies, sleeping like a baby.

Brittney – October 12, 2020

Perfect price for someone looking to get high but don’t have a lot of money. Good flavour and good high. This stuff never disappoints. Will definitely be buying again as it is such good quality for such a good price. 👍

Jonathan – October 11, 2020

Perfect for making edibles, will buy again

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Cannabis Trim (Shake) is the perfect combination of shake and kief, offering a versatile psychoactive experience. The kief can come from Sativa and Indica plants alike, so the experience is unique!

Marijuana trimmings for sale

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Cannabis producer CannTrust said it’s returning to the Canadian recreational marijuana market this month as the embattled company looks to open a new chapter more than a year after being censured for serious regulatory violations. The Vaughan, Ontario-based company plans to start by launching adult-use brands in December in three provinces, the company said in […] [. ]

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An illegal marijuana grow, with 76 plants worth about $76,000, was seized Thursday in Pueblo West, according to the sheriff’s office. [. ]

“We think of diversity as a keystone issue for the cannabis industry,” said Curio WMBE Fund managing director Jerel Registre in a conversation with TechCrunch. Registre’s conviction around this program is obvious as he explains the problem the fund is addressing. The new fund, started by the Maryland-based medical cannabis company Curio Wellness, aims to […] The post Curio Wellness… [. ]

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A TRANS-ATLANTIC collaborative trial which sees 15 different animal species given doses of CBD will conclude next month with the aim of satisfying regulators the popular cannabinoid is safe. The $2m trial on mice, rats, pigs and other species got underway in the United States in September, initiated by UK firm Farmceutica Wellness in collaboration with the […] The post Will This… [. ]

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