marijuana hard candy


What you will need:

Cookie sheet
Parchment paper
Wooden spoon
cooking pot (preferably stainless steel)

2 cups granulated sugar
2/3 cup light corn syrup
3/4 cup water
2 teaspoon flavoring (or as desired)
2 teaspoon medicated oil**(tincture)
1/4 teaspoon coloring (optional)

Note: Measure your flavoring and food coloring before starting. These ingredients need to go in quickly, so having them prepared in advance will make things easier.

**For hard candy a oil infused with keef or hash makes a stronger candy**

Place cookie sheet upside down on counter top with the bottom facing up. The air underneath the sheet will help your candy cool.
Prepare cannabis candy molds with nonstick spray and place on the upside down cookie sheet. Or lay parchment paper on the cookie sheet and spray with nonstick spray if you aren’t using molds.
Over medium heat in your stainless steel pan, stir together the sugar, water, corn syrup, and cream of tartar. Stir with wooden spoon until the sugar is dissolved.
Use your spoon or a pastry brush with a little water to remove sugar crystals from the sides of the pan if they form.
Continue stirring until the mixture comes to a boil.
Place a candy thermometer into mixture. Don’t let the thermometer touch the bottom of sides of the pan.
Continue to boil the mixture without stirring until the temperature reads 300 F.
Immediately remove the pan from heat.
When the temperature reaches 275 F, add flavoring, tincture, food coloring, and citric acid. If the mixture is too hot when these are added the heat will burn them off.

Working quickly, pour the mixture into candy molds or onto the parchment paper. If using parchment paper, you can shape your candies into circles, making them easier to store or make into lollipops.
Let candies cool for 10 minutes or until hard. Wrap them in plastic wrap or storage container of your choice.

Guidelines for candy temperatures
230 F to 233 F Thread stage (syrup)

244 F to 248 F Firm-ball stage (Caramels)

250 F to 266 F Hard-ball stage (Marshmallows)

270 F to 290 F Soft-crack stage (Popcorn balls)

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Marijuana candy: how to make cannabis lollipops?

If you’re eager to experiment and try something new, then weed edibles are worthy of your attention. In this article, we provide you with a fast and easy THC lollipops recipe. So, if you wish to know how to make delicious weed lollipops to get high, then read the post to the end.

What should I know before cooking cannabis-infused candy?

If you’re a newbie with any weed lollipops recipe then you should consider that the effect of edibles is quite different from smoking or vaping marijuana. The biggest disadvantage is that you’re to wait for the effects much longer in comparison with smoking weed, for instance. Yet, when eating weed, the high lasts much longer compared to any other way of cannabis consumption.

Besides that, when it comes to edible lollipop recipes, you should check if all the needed ingredients are at your hand prior to starting cooking. Thus, the major of cannabis lollipop recipes require decarboxylated cannabis concentrate (CO2 extract, hash, etc.) and/or cannabis tincture. The latter is needed for this weed lollipops recipe by the way.

How to make cannabis tincture? Read full article

Mind that the process of cooking the cannabis tincture just like cannabutter, cannabis oil and flour is quite time-consuming. That’s why it’s strongly recommended to check this guide with the step-by-step instructions applied.

THC lollipops recipe: how much weed do you need?

It’s difficult to calculate the potency of any homemade weed edibles. And weed lollipops are no exception. The strain and dosage of cannabis materials used for cannabis hard candies do matter. Here we are with our table with the optimal THC dosage suggested for cannabis lollipop recipes based on your user experience and the desired effects to get.

Being aware of the nuances, it’s high time to get started with the yummy part of the guide — the recipe. So, let’s cook your weed lollipops for getting high! Herewith, let’s check out what ingredients and equipment are required to make marijuana-infused hard candies.



The 5-step marijuana lollipop recipe

Step 1. Take a saucepan/pot and place there water, syrup, and sugar. Mix that all and turn the heat to medium-high.

Step 2. Stir the ingredients constantly until the mixture becomes uniform and sugar is dissolved. Once it happens and the blend starts boiling, put the thermometer, and monitor until the temperature reaches 150°C.

Step 3. Once the temperature reaches the needed point, turn off the heat and take away the pot/saucepan with the mixture. Leave the thermometer in the pot/saucepan and wait until the temperature drops to 120°C.

Step 4. Once it happens, add the flavor along with the cannabis tincture/oil. Stir all that until the compounds combine.

Step 5. Take the molds and fill them with the blend. If you wish, you can put sticks to easily remove the candies from the forms. Besides that, lollipops with sticks are more comfortable to lick. Leave the lollipops to cool down. 15-20 minutes will be enough. That’s all!

Caution! It’s highly important to monitor the temperature during all stages of the process of cooking the marijuana lollipops for getting “hard and crack” candies.

Just 30 minutes of your time and tasty homemade marijuana lollipops are ready to gladden you! However, be careful and don’t eat too many candies to get enjoyable time only.

Looking for a weed lollipops recipe? Here is a detailed guide on how to make weed lollipops with all the crucial aspects as THC dosage and key ingredients described.