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Review of Keola ‘Full Spectrum’ CBD Oil

Nature is wise to dress up its food for bees as flowers. I mean, think about it, it is advertising at its best. But what is it called when human consumers are lured by clever packaging and suggestive labels?

Directly from the Keola website: Our products provide one of the most effective CBD formulations in the world. Our Soft-gels contain the full-spectrum profile of all cannabinoids and terpenes naturally present within our high CBD proprietary strain of medical cannabis. Our full spectrum cannabinoid extract provides more than just CBD, it also includes things such as CBDA, CBG, CBGA, CBC, Terpenes, Amino Acids and B Vitamins – the benefits of these additional compounds are referred to as the “entourage effect”. Keola products contains less than .3% THC. This means no psychoactive qualities to our soft-gel caps. Our hemp is registered as industrial hemp with the Colorado State Dept. of Agriculture and manufactured in an NSF certified facility. [Check out the chart and COA at bottom of article.]

This company’s website also contains this statement:


Originating from the pacific islands, the name Keola means “the life, the health, the well-being.”

There is no Certificate of Analysis available on the website. I requested the full profile COA and received it in a matter of hours. The testing sample was clearly identified as the product in question and the lab is reputable.

Of the 10 pesticides tested, none were detected. Note that some labs test for over 50 pesticides.

The microbiology test for mold, pathogens and foreign matter was not presented in a COA. But there was a visual inspection. One of the largest issues in producing CBD Oil is mold and mildew, so a microbiology analysis is required to determine the true amount of mold and mildew and pathogens. People with compromised immune systems can get sick very quickly and die from molds and pathogens. The doctor at UNC Chapel Hill who treats my ex-husband who has acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which is in remission, told him to be wary of mold because it could kill him. Always check for a full micro on mold and pathogens.

The terpene results were included. The levels for each were identical at only 0.1% each.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains naturally present non-psychotropic cannabinoids and diverse synergistic terpenoids, with less than 0.3% THC, as required by law.

The terpenes are present. The CBD level is 44.50 mg/g. However, there is no THC or THCA. This product is not ‘full spectrum’ as indicated on the label and packaging.

The above link carries an article with research on Full Spectrum CBD as a non-opioid alternative to pain. The article also posits that less Full Spectrum CBD is better than Isolate CBD Oil.

This chart indicates that the product has one analyte, CBD, which categorizes it as an isolate. On its own CBD reads to have the following properties: anti-diabetic, anti-ischemic (helps with blood flow), and anti-sporadic, neuroprotective, and vasorelaxant. For a full spectrum effect a full spectrum CBD Oil is needed. For example, to attain the full spectrum benefit for analgesic relief, a blend of both raw and lightly heated CBD is needed and it requires THCA, THC, CBC, CBD, CBN and CBGA for optimum results.

Concerning returns, the Keola website indicates that it is ‘risk free.’

It is not wise to use a product without full transparency. Insist on a verifiable full profile COA with any hemp product. Identify the testing lab with a header on the lab work. Do not accept a lab report without identifying language and contact information. Identify that COA with a correlating batch number.

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2 thoughts on “ Review of Keola ‘Full Spectrum’ CBD Oil ”

I just recently came across your blog I believe written this past January. I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to research CBD products and post reviews and become a consumer watchdog. We are very interested in all customer feedback as it helps us as we continually strive to become a better company for our customers and advocates for the safe and effective use of CBD. As the founder of Keola, I am an advocate for transparency and cultivating trust with our customers. I feel compelled to respond to your review of one of our Keola products. As I read your article, I got the impression that you believe that Keola was not genuine or transparent with the labeling of “Full-Spectrum”. I wanted a chance to respond and clarify why we originally labeled our products “Full-Spectrum”.

To start, why are some Keola products labeled as full-spectrum when lab tests show 0% THC?
What makes understanding the difference and labeling broad-spectrum vs full-spectrum CBD oil confusing is that there is no definitive definition for either. It’s an arbitrary battle of linguistics. Those within the CBD industry coined the terms themselves, but not everyone got the memo. This has muddied the waters between what full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD oil means. As their names imply, full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD oil contain a wide range of cannabinoids. However, they aren’t identical.
At the time of printing labels for Keola balms and tinctures, “full spectrum” was the industry standard when describing CBD products that contained multiple cannabinoids — even if THC was not among them. (It’s important to remember there are over 100 cannabinoids found in hemp plants). Although full spectrum CBD oil can be derived from hemp or marijuana, under the 2018 Farm Bill, any hemp-based product must have 0.3% THC or less. In compliance, all Keola products are derived from hemp and all THC has been removed. As the industry continues to evolve and efforts are made to standardize terminology, confusion such as this will be in the past.
Moving forward, to make every effort to remain transparent and compliant in a constantly changing industry, we will be changing our future labels to say “broad-spectrum” in place of “full-spectrum” to convey that all THC has been removed from our products.
As always, if you’re not completely satisfied or if you feel you’ve purchased the wrong product to meet your needs, you may send the unused portion of the product back and we will promptly refund your purchase.
Additionally, we thought it would be helpful to explain the differences between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD and how we arrived at the terms used to describe products.

If you’d like to read the complete article I wrote about our journey with Full-Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum and and our attempts to clarify the difference between the two, please click on the link below and it will take you to the article posted on our website. I believe in our products and the integrity of our company. If you’d like to personally try our balm (a favorite product of mine and one I use daily) I’d be happy to send one to you. If you have additional questions or comments, I would welcome them.

Scott Trudeau
Keola Life, LLC

For a full spectrum effect a full spectrum CBD Oil is needed. For example, to attain the full spectrum benefit for analgesic relief, a blend of both raw and lightly heated CBD is needed and it requires THCA, THC, CBC, CBD, CBN and CBGA for optimum results.