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Drugs Expanded

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Drugs Expanded is a mod that has added significantly to the production branch of drugs; so far including the expansion of hemp and also adding a new crop: tobacco. As a drug lord myself in Kenshi, i found myself bored with the lack of narcotic or shady dealings in the game which prompted me to created Hemp Expanded. After creating ‘Cannabis Oil Production’, i decided to take it a step further. This mod is made by a drug lord for the drug lords.

Heres what you can expect to find in game:

The Middleman, a well connected trafficker that hangs out in certain bars of the world to buy your illegal produce. They arn’t frequent and not very friendly but they’ll buy your illicit items up, no questions asked. They are part of a very shady and secretive drug cartel known as The Shining Path.

The Tobacconist, a whole sale trader of tobacco goods such as cigars and sacks of tobacco – has quite deep pockets and can take a decent amount of produce from you. Only a few of these around. He won’t take anything illegal from you. He is a legit trader.

The Path Seneschal – a higher ranking member of The Shining Path than the Middlemen that has a larger spending pool to dip into for the cartel. He will buy, wholesale, illegal goods from you but it will require a bribe to convince him to open his contacts to you. Very rare and hard to find individual.

Tobacco Farms can be found littered throughout the northwest of Kenshi, particularly within the Fog Islands, growing their crops on fertile land. Though a dangerous region to settle, in many cases the rewards outweighs the risks as the smuggling into Holy Nation territory is virtually uncontrolled. (Please note all Tobacco Farms are run by Slave Traders, thus if you have a bad rep don’t expect a decent welcome.)

IIlegal narcotics added:

Cocaine, the big one. In Kenshi, cocaine is highly illegal in all territories and anyone caught with the substance is often condemed to life inprisonment. In recent years, a loose united front from all of the larger factions has pushed for the destruction of all cocaine production camps and coca farms. However, with the spontaneity and wealth of the drug lords and the ease of reconstructing these camps, this united front has failed to stop the influx of the drug. Cocaine production is difficult but highly profitable. (Note, the blueprint is very expensive and the initial contruction costs of the farms (the leaves) are rare, so be prepared for a tough time setting up)

Marijuana, an illegal narcotic produced from dried hemp. Less refined and not as sought after as hashish but still profitable in the right regions.

Joints, simply put: a rolled washi paper marijuana joint. These are often quickly produced by machines. They are cheap to make, cheap to buy and often the go to choice for the quick high.

Swamp Tea, a rare tea from the humid climate of the swamps, produced from stripped, dried cannabis leaves. It’s intoxicating effect and it’s rareity makes it a sought after and completely illegal commodity that sells for high prices in the Empire and Holy Nation states.

Mescaline Cactus Heads, for those of you stranded in the Great Desert wanting to start your own drug empire, look no further. The hallucinogen mescaline is produced when the top of the cactus is cut off and the heads are then dried to make disc-shaped buttons. The buttons are then chewed to produce the hallucination effects or soaked in water to drink.Though extremely bitter it has become a popular and easily produced narcotic within the Great Desert where other drugs are usually unavaliable and expensive. Illegal in Holy Nation and United Cities states.

Non-narcotics made from hemp added:

Cannabis oil is a byproduct of hemp and is used as a low grade but cheap healing agent in the more poorer, lawless areas of the world.

Cannabis Oil First Aid Kit – a very powerful medical kit made from fabrics and cannabis oil. Though frowned upon, it is not illegal.

Washi Paper, a difficult to make thin handmade paper often produced in the swamps using fibres from the hemp plant. Washi in particular, valued for it’s thin quality, is developed and sold by the swamp gangs to use as marijuana joint rolling paper. It’s used for other things as well but, who cares?

Non-illegal narcotics added:

Nicotiana, a widely grown plant mostly known for being dried and smoked as tobacco. Tobacco can be sold loose or rolled and formed into cigars, sold at a premium price. Though not illegal in United Cities or Shek territories, the Holy Nation has banned this substance.

Cigars are a rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco leaves made to be smoked. In Kenshi, Cigars are sold at a premium and though not at the price as some illegal narcotics, they can be distributed and sold to a much wider customer base, making them profitable. Boxed cigars go for a further premium.

Havana Whiskey, a very strong, aged whiskey made from fermented wheatstraw grain and an infusion of equally aged tobacco which gives it that nicotine kick. Perfectly illegal in Shek and UC states, but as with all tobacco products the Holy Nation holds it under embargo.

Coffee, though not technically a narcotic but a drug nonetheless, coffee can be grown in the rich enviroments of the swamp lands and is a Kenshi favourite, being sold freely throughout the continant. If patrons arn’t getting drunk on the local alcohol or getting high on swamp tea, they are drinking coffee. Coffee is not illegal in any of the major states and can fetch a decent price at market. The only setback, you must be 18 or over to consume coffee.

Cannabis Herb Grinder, produced from iron discs and then assembled – the herb grinder helps to refine the cannabis before smoked.

Cigar cutter, a small cutting device that is created by assembling stamped metal and sharpned blades in order to cut cigars before smoking.

To come:
Big pharma. Antibiotics, morphine, painkillers, antidespressents etc etc. Early September (or abouts).

You can find the starter plants in the appropriate places. Coffee beans are sold throughout the world and can be found in most bars, general shops, but plants such as the nicotiana and coca are a little harder to come by due to it’s legality. If you put your mind to it you’ll know where it go.

The blueprints ‘Cannabis Production’, ‘Havana Whiskey Production’, Coffee Production’, ‘Washi Paper Production’, ‘Cocaine Production’ and ‘Tobacco Production’ can be found in all good contruction shops which will start you on your way to being a drug lord. As can be expected, you will very rarely find these items in Holy Nation or United City bars or shops; it will be your job to smuggle them in. They are of course freely avaliable in the right places; if you know what i mean; and the Shek don’t give a damn.

All production and storage buildings can be found under clear headings in the building menus. If you have downloaded the mod ‘Cannabis Oil production’ please unsub from that and download Hemp Expanded as it adds the oil also.

If you have any suggestions or comments please don’t hesitate.

This mod works particularly well with Spoons Complete Overhaul Mod.

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