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Jamaica’s first locally owned and operated hemp farm opens next year

Custom-designed facility to be built in Westmoreland

Observer business writer

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Virtudes Hemp Farm, which has secured a licence to cultivate and manufacture hemp-based products for health and wellness, is to commence operations next year in Westmoreland.

The Jamaican registered wellness company is to break ground for the construction of its manufacturing plant at Lennox, Big Woods tomorrow, and will be utilising the natural quality of locally grown cannabis for the cultivation of hemp-based products.

While Jamaica has seen quite a few marijuana dispensaries open across the island over the past 18 months, Virtudes Hemp Farm introduces another innovative business venture under the cannabis umbrella.

Their factory will produce hemp by-products such as oils, lotions, scrubs and other wellness products. Hemp has been scientifically proven to have antibacterial healing properties aiding in ailments such as pre-menstrual syndrome and menopause, skin disorders, stress relief, pain relief, and inflammation, which can contribute to cancer and heart disease for example.

Chairman and CEO of Virtudes, Jamiel Jamieson, envisioned a hemp farm that could potentially provide a transformative plant-based product to the world while investing in the economic and social development of his hometown in Darliston, Westmoreland.


According to Jamieson, “We will be officially entering the market in the second quarter of 2020 by introducing our first crop of hemp for production. We have united a team of highly skilled, passionate professionals and are so proud to be employing over 20 persons from the community and counting.”

At the intersection of experienced farming practices and centuries of cannabis cultivation knowledge, Virtudes is prepared to provide a high-end cannabis product that will stimulate the economy. With dedication to research and development of the cannabis plant’s benefits, Jamieson is looking forward to involving other by-products for health advancement.

Virtudes Hemp Farm will be entering the market during what is now a prime time for investment in a product that is set to add huge growth to all sectors of the Jamaican economy. High-end, innovative, research and process-driven hemp products are said to be at the core of Virtudes’ operations.

Virtudes Hemp Farm will be putting in place a custom-designed facility that incorporates agriculturally innovative methods with technological tracking systems to advance dependability of the product.

Jamieson has over a decade of experience in business and entrepreneurship, particularly in trade, engineering and management. He has spent over a decade as a contract field engineer for Ericsson, Nokia and Texas Instruments then moved to TMS Global Solution (TMSGS) with two offices based in Dubai, UAE, and Dallas, TX.

Jamieson has driven trading activity for TMSGS to nearly US$14 million of product value per year. As innovation boosts Jamieson’s career, he has developed expertise in Jamaican cannabis farming and business by leveraging local Jamaican talent and uniting it with global strategic development.

Virtudes Hemp Farm, which has secured a licence to cultivate and manufacture hemp-based p… ]]>