how to use cannabis oil syringe

Homemade Medicated Edibles with Concentrated Cannabis Oil

If you enjoy good food and medicated edibles you can easily take any favorite recipes that contains a little cooking oil, (olive oil, vegetable oil, etc.) and make your own homemade medicated edibles. The easiest way to do this AND do it with a good degree of dose accuracy is to use concentrated cannabis oil (CCO, aka RSO, Buddha Tears, Phoenix Tears). There is little to no taste of cannabis in your edibles when you use this whole plant extract, especially if it’s a quality made oil.

Whether you make your own cannabis oil or buy it from a dispensary, it should always be tested for potency to be sure that you’re getting an accurate dose. When you don’t know the percentages of cannabinoids going into your recipe you’re taking the chance of having edibles that are either too strong or not strong enough to be effective. This can be a bad experience either way. This post is about how to use concentrated cannabis oil for cooking.

How to Purchase Concentrated Cannabis Oil

CCO is usually sold in a plastic syringe, (without a needle), equaling one gram, (1 ml), of oil, . If you buy it in New Mexico it won’t be more than 70% THC* because of the cap we have on concentrates. Even if you are making your own CCO, using the syringe to store it will make dosing a breeze. Most whole plant concentrated cannabis oils sold in our state are right around the max of 70% THC* so I will use that as my example:

– 1 ml (1 gram) of CCO at 70% THC = 700mg of THC.
– each 0.1 line on the syringe will equal will equal one tenth of a ml, and in this case, 70ml/mg of THC. WOW, really. That’s why it’s so easy to dose with CCO in syringes.

*(The cap on THC has been lifted in New Mexico now, but the math formula is the same…just drop in the new number).

How to Dose Concentrated Cannabis Oil

Take the number of servings in a given recipe and multiply by the number/amount of milligrams you want in each serving. For example; my recipe has 4 servings and I want each serving to have 25mg of THC, so 4 x 25 = 100mg concentrated cannabis oil for this recipe. That will be easy to measure out using the syringe. This method is perfect for these small recipes.

To get your oil evenly dispersed into the ingredients you take the cooking oil in the amount required for the recipe, and using a microwave or a hot water bath, warm it in a glass container. Next, use a plastic or silicone mixing utensil to blend the CCO into the cooking oil. The oil is now ready to add to your recipe when called for.

Keep Medicated Cooking Oil on Hand

This is so easy to do for each recipe that you don’t need to make a big batch of oil and store it. However, if you want to have medicated cooking oil on hand for future stir frying and the like you can make up a batch. For example, 2 cups of oil that has been infused with 1ml syringe of 70% THC is as follows for measurements of medication.

2 cups = 700mg
1 cup = 350mg
1/2 cup = 175mg
1/4 cup = 87.5mg
1/8 cup (2 Tablespoons) = 43.75mg
1 Tablespoon = 21.875mg

With this method you will have an oil you can use in recipes, but you get what ever the amount of THC is in the amount of oil needed for the recipe. For example, if your brownie recipe calls for 1/4 cup of cooking oil your total for that batch of brownies will be 87.5 mg, and if you cut them out to 9 brownies they will be just under 10mg each.

You can also use this oil to stir fry, but the dosage will be dependent on how much oil is absorbed by or lingers on the food you cooked in it, and that will be more of a feeling than an accurate dose, but hey, that’s ok too. As you become more experienced with cooking with cannabis infused oils and butters you will get a better idea of how to create foods with the dose you need, and a better understanding of what your personal dose should feel like.

Concentrated Cannabis Oil at Organtica

Currently at Organtica we’re offering our CCO in full and half grams. We make high quality CCO, and you can read more about it on our Concentrate page.

I hope this all makes sense to you patients, because I will be be posting the occasional recipe and this post is the primer for what’s to come. You CAN make your own high quality homemade medicated edibles and begin cooking with cannabis! Bon appétit mes amis verts!

* Since the NM MCP lifted the cap on concentrates, Organtica CCO is now averaging 80-84 % THC, so here is the more current formula based on 80% THC:
– 1 ml (1 gram) of CCO at 80% THC = 800mg of THC.
– each 0.1 line on the syringe will equal will equal one tenth of a ml, and in this case, 80ml/mg of THC.

If you enjoy good food and medicated edibles you can easily take any recipe that contains a little cooking oil, (olive oil, vegetable oil, etc.) and make homemade medicated edibles.