How to Prolong the Life of a Disposable Vape:



Disposable vaporizers are useful in many ways, including their compact size, wide variety of flavors, affordable pricing, and low maintenance needs.

The drawback? They pass away eventually.

You can do a few things to slightly extend your vape pen’s life.

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Know That Puff Count Is an Estimate

Though the puff count on the box is merely an estimate, you should still consider it when purchasing the vape device. The techniques employed to calculate the puff count are highly technical and typically don’t correspond to a practical application of the gadget. That’s because, unlike people, they’ll utilize a machine that constantly puffs.

To get an idea of how long it will last, it is recommended to use the puff count as a basic guideline. Knowing this will enable you to more precisely plan for the eventual need to replace your gadget.

But how does that help you prolong the life of your last vape pen?

You can monitor your consumption and adjust if you’re getting close to the end of your device’s battery life if you know roughly how many puffs it can provide. You should be okay since, as it happens, we’re good at guessing how much we vape.

Purchasing a vaping device with a bigger capacity is an additional choice. Usually, a vape bar disposable lasts a few days. On the other hand, our Ghost Pro 3500 puffs contain roughly 3500 puffs, so the average user should have enough puffs for a week or more.

Take Shorter Puffs

One thing that distinguishes vapes from cigarettes is the amount of time you spend puffing on a device. This is because, due to the chemicals you inhale when smoking a typical cigarette, the longer you inhale, the harsher and harder it feels at the back of your throat.

On the other hand, vaping does not provide that; in certain situations, it is even delightful to inhale for the duration of the cloud, which increases with the time you take a puff.

What makes taking smaller puffs recommended, then?

Longer inhalations will significantly shorten the life of your gadget. This is because some of the e-liquid evaporates as you inhale.

Each device has a limited supply of e-liquid, so one lengthy inhale may be the same as multiple shorter ones.

Select More Tastes That Are Neutral

Have you tried aiming for flavors that are more balanced and less sweet? This one might require some tweaking. Let’s face it—we know that one of the main attractions of vaping is its sugary flavor, but for those of us who have a sweet tooth, it can lead to far more vaping than we otherwise would—especially when you consider how much less you would smoke compared to a real cigarette.

Consider going with a less sugary flavor (or try something savory). This will help your vape equipment last longer if it causes you to vape less.

Maintain a Room Temperature for Your Device

You may not be aware, but temperature impacts battery life. It also applies to all batteries, including the ones in your phone. In light of this, it seems logical that you would want to extend the life of your vape equipment by keeping it out of the cold.

You don’t want it to get too hot, as overheating can also be an issue. In general, room temperature works in your favor.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a disposable vaper, you are aware of the inconvenience when you realize you are almost out of juice. Try taking shorter breaths and smoking less often until you can afford to buy a replacement vaporizer to help extend the life of your current one. For your device to survive as long as possible, make sure you’re maintaining it at room temperature and think about choosing less sweet e-liquid options.

When it’s time to replace your vape device, browse our selection of vape bars disposable  and Ghost Pro 3500 puffs to find the ideal fit!