how much is a lid of weed


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How much is an ounce? A lid? An eighth? Here’s a guide (via RxLeaf)


How Much Is An Ounce Or How To Make Sense of Cannabis Measurements – RxLeaf

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Combine one part real flowers, one part hemp flower, a splash of fashion industry savvy, a global pandemic, and a sincere love of weed. What do you get? Lovepot, a new flower company delivering smokable hemp and real flower bouquets nationwide, with flair.


Meet Lovepot, The Home Delivery Florist For People Who Love Pot

NowThis Weed

Add this to the long list of cannabis wonders: studies show weed increases sperm count

How much is an ounce? A lid? An eighth? Here's a guide (via RxLeaf) ]]>