how much does weed cost in california

California marijuana prices: Here’s where to shop now

Overall you can expect to pay an average of around $14 a gram or $268 an ounce in California.

That’s a little less than you would have paid at this time last year, and it’s a lot less than you would have paid in 2018.

When recreational cannabis became legal on January 1, 2018, cannabis prices skyrocketed in California. That was largely because of the 15% excise tax on recreational marijuana, not including local government taxes. In some counties, taxes added on another 40%.

As we’ve seen in other states, cannabis prices fall once a state settles into cannabis legalization.

That’s not to say that the cannabis market in California is all worked out. There are still some significant challenges. According to many experts, taxes are still too high. Plus, more retail outlets are needed to build a functional marketplace, the illicit market is still thriving, and many municipalities across the state are reluctant to issue licenses for cannabis business.

Overall, however, things are far better than they were for the cannabis market in California than they were in 2018 or 2019.

Keep in mind that the prices below are average California marijuana prices. Savvy shoppers can almost always find better deals. Use our our cannabis shopping tool to find dispensaries, products, deals and more near you.

Covid and California cannabis

Generally, cannabis stores are open in California, regardless of the stay-at-home order issued statewide on March 19. Officials deemed cannabis “essential.” Check your local county rules.

Finding a legal shop

There simply aren’t enough dispensaries in California to keep up with the demand.

That means it’s easy to come across unlicensed shops selling products that could be contaminated with pesticides, mildew, parasites or mold.

We only list licensed dispensaries on But it’s important to ask the store if their licensed before you buy. Ask to see their license number.

And here’s a quick way to find out if you’re visiting a licensed dispensary: Legal cannabis shops should have an emblem on the store front with a QR code. You can pull up the camera on your smartphone, scan the QR code and click the notification to check out the shop’s licensing info.

Don’t see a QR code? Visit and search shops.

Cannabis in Los Angeles

It’ll cost you an average of $14 per gram in Los Angeles overall, or $283 per ounce.

City Store Name Average Price Per Gram
Los Angeles The Kind Center $18
Los Angeles MedMen $17
Los Angeles Green Earth Collective $12

Cannabis in San Francisco

If you’re in the market for a gram in San Francisco, expect to pay an average of $17. You’ll spend more like $329 for an ounce. But you’ll find some dispensaries offering a gram for as low as $11 on average.

Here are some of the recreational dispensaries currently open in San Francisco:

City Store Name Average Price Per Gram
San Francisco The Apothecarium — Castro $17
San Francisco The Apothecarium — SoMa $17
San Francisco The Barbary Coast $16
San Francisco Grass Roots $15
San Francisco The Green Cross SF N/A
San Francisco Harvest Off Mission $14
San Francisco Harvest Off Geary $14
San Francisco Medithrive $18.50
San Francisco Purple Star MD $16
San Francisco Relief Herbal Cooperative $15
San Francisco Sffogg $17
San Francisco Shambhala Healing $18.50
San Francisco Sparc $16

Cannabis in San Diego

The average for a gram overall in San Diego is $16 or $290 for an ounce. San Diego, not surprisingly, is one of the more costly areas for cannabis consumers, right behind San Francisco. The average for a gram in this city often hovers around $16. Still, you can find some dispensaries in the area offering a gram for an average as low as $10.

Here are some of the recreational shops currently open in San Diego:

City Store Name Average Price Per Gram
San Diego THCSD $19
San Diego A Green Alternative Cooperative $18
San Diego Mankind Cooperative $19
San Diego Golden State Greens Point Loma $13
San Diego Torrey Holistics $18
San Diego Urbn Leaf $16

Cannabis in San Jose

If you’re shopping around in the San Jose area, you can expect to pay an average of around $15 per gram. Look for dispensaries offering a gram for as low as $12 on average.

You can expect to pay around the same for adult-use in the area.

Here are some of the recreational shops currently open in San Jose:

City Store Name Average Price Per Gram
San Jose Airfield Supply Co. $13
San Jose Buddy’s Cannabis $14
San Jose CA Collective $13
San Jose Caliva $14
San Jose Canna Culture Collective $21
San Jose Elemental Wellness $13
San Jose Harborside Health Center $16
San Jose Purple Lotus $18

The future of marijuana prices in California

Later this year, we could potentially see a drop in marijuana prices as more dispensaries open to meet demand. This scenario played out the same in states like Washington, Oregon and Colorado when they legalized recreational use. Prices jumped up, and they slowly crept downward in a faltering pattern.

However, that’s pure speculation.

Higher prices might push you to think about buying cannabis on the black market. But we encourage you not to take that route. Black market cannabis can contain pesticides and mites that are harmful to your health. You’re better off in the long-run shopping at a dispensary that lab tests its cannabis products for pesticides and other toxins.

California marijuana prices vary by city, strain, season and other variables. But here's what you can expect to pay in your area of The Golden State.

The Cost of Weed in California Still Depends on Who You’re Buying It From

Legal weed hasn’t erased a black market.

As recreational pot became legal in California this week, locals lined up outside of dispensaries to get their hands on cute little mason jars filled with legal weed.

Anyone over 21 in the Golden State can now possess up to an ounce of marijuana, and they also have the option of growing up to six plants at home. For those with less of a green thumb, the option to now buy recreational weed over the counter might be enticing.

How will consumers fare now that weed is going above ground? Well, it depends on who you’re buying it from. Despite marijuana’s mainstreaming, an underground market for pot lives on — and it’s a lot cheaper.

Tawnie Logan, the chairwoman of the board of the California Growers Association, told The New York Times in September that the black market price for an eighth of an ounce is around $20.

When it comes to dispensary weed, GreenState, a digital publication devoted to cannabis culture, paints a pricier picture. They say that the price of weed will depend a lot on what stores decide is a healthy increase to contend with California’s new marijuana taxation laws, but that on average, consumers are looking at a price hike of around eight dollars. Based on a number of California stores they investigated, the cost for an eighth will now range from around $50 to $65.

The rising cost in taxed legal bud could actually boost the black market, according to the global credit ratings firm Fitch Rating, who released a report in October:

High tax rates raise prices in legal markets, reinforcing the price advantage of black markets. California’s black markets for cannabis were well established long before its voters legalized cannabis in November 2016 and are expected to dominate post-legalization production.

Legal weed hasn’t erased a black market. ]]>