hemp vs timber

Can Hemp Be a Replacement for the Troubled Timber Industry?

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Can Hemp Be a Replacement for the Troubled Timber Industry?

The timber industry has long played an important role in creating job opportunities and in manufacturing a wide range of products all over the world. But this is also at the expense of our environment. Logging has led to the destruction of forests and streams, killing plants and animals.

In order to replace the loss that logging has caused to the environment, hemp advocates are pushing for hemp farming. However, they also agree that getting the government to accept it won’t be an easy process.

Timber Industry in North Florida

In North Florida, the timber industry has recently suffered more than a billion dollar loss after the devastating hurricane that hit the state. According to the state’s agricultural commissioner, there is certainly an opportunity to get hemp into the area if only the government chooses to. The first step is to get the timber off the ground and provide growers an opportunity to reforest.

But getting the timber off the ground is not an easy thing to do. In fact, it’s been estimated that cleaning the debris alone could triple the annual budget of a country. The state of Florida is still looking for ways to raise funds in order to speed up the recovery efforts.

Replacing Timber with Hemp

Hemp is capable of replacing any products produced using timber, which minimizes the need to destroy the forests. This will greatly save the environment precious amount of resources and can help renew the ecosystem. But most importantly, this could mean beautiful heritage for our future children to enjoy.

All of the paper that is produced from trees can now be made using hemp. In fact, more paper can be made per acre. For every one plant of hemp grown, 12 trees can be saved. Furthermore, hemp uses only 1/7 of chemicals in manufacturing paper. Currently, we are cutting down about 500 million cubic meters of forest each year.

Hemp can also be used to produce particleboards, as well as drywall, insulation, furniture, and cabinets. In fact, it’s now possible to build a house using hemp without causing too much pollution and without the need to cut a single tree.

Creating a Sustainable World

Logging trees should be stopped as early as possible. With more and more companies getting into the hemp industry, timber growers can take advantage of the great opportunity that comes with hemp. And if they choose to replace timber with hemp, our forests can be saved and devastating calamities like hurricanes can be possibly prevented.

The devastation that logging can cause could reach into the pockets and homes of every taxpayer. Meanwhile, our future generation won’t be able to enjoy the streams and lush forests. Now is the time to do something for the environment in order to save our future. Hemp is our only solution and a great alternative to timber. It offers many different uses which help to promote a more sustainable world.

The timber industry is going through a lot of trouble over the last few years. Timber does a lot of damage to the environment too. But can hemp be a good replacement to timber? Find out here. ]]>