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HEMP USA Micro Plant Powder Gold

Product Description:

  • Contains 101 vitamins and minerals with Probiotics and Iodine

It is so much easier to have just one product that takes the place of at least ten and wouldn’t it be nice to know it works better? now, has A 100% FULL SPECTRUM VITAMIN AND MINERAL COMPLEX DETOX FORMULATION

It contains the original Micro Plant Powder with Probiotics, Iodine, 74 assimilated raw plant minerals for fast action into the bloodstream, including 27 clay and soil vitamins and minerals that are negatively and positively charged for enhanced absorption into the cells. These added nutrients make it our largest selling full spectrum mineral complex and detoxification product on the market today. There is nothing like it. This product comes in a 2.5 pound specially sealed BPA FREE container for your protection. Also our lids are shrink wrapped for added safety and protection. We ship this product safely all over the world with many happy customers. If you want to change your life and enjoy a full body detox that really works. Micro Plant Powder Gold™ is your answer. MICRO PLANT POWDER GOLD™ is a fresh water food grade product that is gluten free, ant-inflammatory and has a PH value of 8. Remember cancer cannot grow in an alkaline environment. By taking it regularly you will not only be detoxing the entire body but feeding the body all the nutrients it needs. The high amounts of probiotics and Iodine in Micro Plant Powder Gold™ keeps cancer and radiation away and will protect the organs while the Probiotics allow for great digestion and a balanced stomach flora. Taken Daily you will notice something different about the way you feel. Give it some time to work and keep your body clean and nourished with Micro Plant Powder Gold™All of these activities result in a much healthier body with less sickness. We often hear the phrase “I just feel better” with MICRO PLANT POWDER GOLD™ This better feeling means less brain fog, better skin, hair and nails and by giving your immune system the “jump start” it needs with great nutrition.


  • Many testimonials that we have received, say that there skin, hair and nails have improved tremendously in a short period of time.
  • Regular bowel movements are more frequent and are fully connected.
  • A healthier colon is especially important as we get older and a clean healthy colon keeps away polyps, cancers and ulcers. Today, many are spending thousands of dollars to get colonics to do the same thing that MICRO PLANT POWDER GOLD™ does.
  • Many users report increased energy and needing less sleep. This is a result of food nutrients being better absorbed into the blood stream. As these infinite number of cage-like cylinders move through the stomach and digestive tract, attracting positive toxins like a magnet throughout the body absorbing virus, fungus, bacteria, parasites, protozoa, heavy metals, endotoxins, pesticides and drug residues, E-Coli, molds, mildews and myco-toxins are trapped inside these cage-like cylinders that collect the garbage and remove it from the body along with larger parasites that may be found in the stomach and digestive tract are destroyed by the MICRO PLANT POWDER GOLD™ without destroying the stomach flora and also keeping the vitamin B-12 and vitamin K balance.

As the MICRO PLANT POWDER GOLD™ eventually dissolves into the blood there are many benefits of the silica content in our bodies.

See other articles about the importance of silicaSide benefits you may notice after taking Micro Plant Powder Gold™

  • Sore joints and ligaments feel better
  • Skin clears up (acne-age spots-psoriasis)
  • Hair and nails are stronger and grow faster
  • Stronger teeth and gums and helps with tinnitus
  • Healthier respiratory tract with less coughing better breathing
  • Menopause symptoms diminish
  • Healthier urinary tract and prostate

As MICRO PLANT POWDER GOLD™ gets absorbed into the blood stream, these microscopic negatively charged cage-like cylinders move throughout the body; they clean and breakup the buildup in the blood vessels and bad fats. People taking MICRO PLANT POWDER GOLD™ claim to have lowered their cholesterol by 40-50 points. We have also had claims of users amazed at how their blood pressure lowers to normal.

One gram of MICRO PLANT POWDER GOLD™ has a surface area of over 8,600 square feet of pure absorption surface with a strong negative charge which increases the absorption of toxins. It simply vacuums the body of garbage that is not needed or wanted. MICRO PLANT POWDER GOLD™ has a PH level of 8 making it an alkaline food source which is great for the body by keeping all systems clear and balanced for health.

Our MICRO PLANT POWDER GOLD™ also contains Probiotics and Iodine which are very important elements in our health. In today’s world our bodies are being depleted of iodine, and we are not getting enough in our diets or digesting our food properly, so we have added Iodine and Probiotics to our MICRO PLANT POWDER GOLD™ WITH 101 VITAMINS AND MINERALS

Cancer cannot grow in an alkaline body. MICRO PLANT POWDER GOLD™ simply strengthens the body to a point of higher resistance by allowing for a complete body detoxification and intake of vitamins and minerals, improved immune system, strengthening the pineal gland, prostate, cervical area, breasts and thyroid glands and the largest organ of the human body, which is our skin!

340 gram container = approx. 12 ounces and should last about 40 days for an adult and about 80 days for children when use as recommended

Nutritional Label:


Product Description:Contains 101 vitamins and minerals with Probiotics and IodineTHE FULL BODY DETOX WITH A HUNDRED YEAR SHELF LIFEMICRO PLANT POWDER GOLD™ WILL TAKE THE PLACE OF MANY PRODUCTS YOUARE USING NOW BY SAVING YOU SPACE, TIME AND A LOT OF MONEY.It is so much easier to have just one product that takes the place…

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Hemp Protein Powder & Micro Plant Powder Full Body Cleanse

Buy Organic Hemp Protein Powder & Seed Oil, Full Body Cleanse Micro Plant Powder. We only sell 100% chemical free super foods & healthy protein products.

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8/11/2015 · Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro is a powerful hemp protein powder offering 20g of protein in each serving. With only two ingredients (hemp protein concentrate and natural plant extracts), this is a simple and effective product that can help you reach your goals.

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An easy to digest, complete plant-based protein, that’s supported by raw enzymes. Contains 15 grams of plant-based protein, 7 grams of fibre, and 2.6 grams of omega-3 and omega-6 per 30-gram serving. Made with just one ingredient: hemp. 98% bioavailability Complete collection of amino acids 100% plant based protein Native American grown Non-GMO Gluten free Organic 1 pound (16oz) jar

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We provide the best hemp protein powder, which comes from grinding the tiny, nutrient-rich seeds of the hemp plant.The seeds contain essential proteins and natural fats that your body needs to maintain your overall health. Choosing our Pure Organic Protein Powder, you are receiving a 100% top quality super food with no traces of chemical based products.

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Hemp Yeah! Plant Protein Blend. Hemp Yeah! Plant Protein Blend is a delicious blend of hemp and pea protein that tastes great when simply mixed with your favourite non-dairy beverage or blended into any smoothie recipe! Try it in Chocolate, Vanilla, or Unsweetened.

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Hemp Protein Powder Bulk for sale, Hemp protein 50,60,70,80,90%, Omega 3,6, China manufacturer,supplier, wholesale to USA UK,New Zealand,Australia,Europe. Hemp protein powder bulk is obtained from the seeds of the hemp plant. It protein powder provides a solid nutritional boost for body.

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Elixinol™ all-natural Hemp Protein Powder and Hemp Seeds are rich in nutrients and allergen-free, gluten-free, and easy to digest. Our hemp food is produced without heat or chemicals and is completely vegan. Our Hemp Seeds are have a nutty flavor that tastes great. Our Hemp Protein is packed with fiber, omegas, proteins and essential amino acids.

Protein Powders – MN Hemp Farms

Minnesota Hemp Farms was founded in 2016 and the first to plant Hemp in Minnesota since the 1950’s. We are the largest USA based Hemp Foods Company, selling semi loads of bulk wholesale hemp goods each month. We are vertically integrated focused on growing for Food, Fiber and CBD extract markets.

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5/24/2019 · Nutiva’s Hi-Fiber Hemp Protein is a great supplement option, as it provides 11 grams of raw organic hemp protein per serving, along with 12 grams of fiber. The hemp provides all nine essential amino acids and essential fatty acids and is a great option for anyone with food allergies. It’s also ideal for anyone looking to steer clear of dairy.


Hemp is a high-quality plant protein in terms of amino acid composition which makes it perfect for adding to our everyday diets. Endoca Hemp Protein is a light powder that contains 60% protein with all 8 Essential Amino Acids. It contains essential Fatty Acids including Omega 3, GLA, and Dietary Fiber.

Buy Hemp Protein Online at

Hemp Protein Powder Packs a Big Protein Punch Hemp protein is one of the world’s bona-fide superfoods. In fact, a small handful of these shelled hemp seeds are said to contain more than half of the daily value of protein a person should consume.

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Find great deals on eBay for hemp protein powder and hemp protein powder 1kg. Shop with confidence. . New listing Hemp protein powder organic 48% hemp isolate raw protein hemp powder cold press . From United States; Vegetarian Vegan Hemp Protein Powder Shake …

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NutraValley offers hot sale organic hemp protein powder with best quality for sale. The hemp protein powder from professional manufacturers and suppliers like NutraValley will ensure product quality and protect human health. For more information, welcome to contact our factory.

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2/17/2017 · PURE HEMP Protein Powder is made entirely of all-natural hemp seed powder. This 1/2 kilo bag makes 10 servings of of tasty, subtly nutty smoothies or shakes for protein-rich energy boosts.Each serving contains 20G of Plant Based Protein. Makes a great addition to any smoothie or shake. SLOW DIGESTING PROTEIN fuels every stride.

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ChinaHemp bulk wholesale Hemp protein powder (also called hemp seed powder, hemp powder).It is obtained from the seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp protein powder provides a solid nutritional boost for the body. The bulk hemp protein packs a healthy punch of dietary fiber, chlorophyll, minerals, and antioxidants. It is rich in Omega 3, Omega 6 .

What are your bad qualities Where to buy hemp protein powder in usa ]]>