hemp printer paper

Hemp printer paper

Indie printing is the best print studio in my opinion. Students friendly. Reasonable price. Ricardo, Eddie, and everyone at Indie is just great. I have an oversized book and different finished ink for my paper, everything turn out great!

They quoted me a great, low price for a large quantity of cards that came out so well! When I had first approached them with a sample of what I wanted, I witnessed how skilled and knowledgable all the guys are there based on their assessments.

The print jobs themselves came out perfect and beyond my expectations, I would definitely recommend this place to anyone that is looking for any print job. Thank you for everything guys.

We offer digital, offset, letter press, silk screen, 1 & 2 Color and large format. Eco-friendly printing always supported by our 5-stars customer service.

Sustainable Printing From the Ground Up

Our design teams will turn your dreams into reality.

Local Printshop, Global Impact

With support from over 3000 global hemp and cannabis customers, we receive continued recognition for our sustainable print practices with features in both local and international publications.

Leader in Hemp Paper Innovation

We launch the world’s first commercially viable Hemp Paper made of 50% Hemp Fiber and 50% Post Consumer Recycle. They said it couldn’t be done.

Hemp Magazine First

Not content to be simply featured in them, Hemp Press produces the world first Hemp Paper Magazine Cover for HEMP magazine.

Pre-Roll Packaging First

Pushing the envelope further, we pursued the legal cannabis market by manufacturing America’s first legal joint box awarded in Leafly’s first ever Pre-Roll Packaging Awards.

Custom Rolling Tips First

The first time a joint is custom branded. We launch our printed American Made Hemp Rolling Tip products. Crutch Cards is born and nationally recognized cannabis brands roll in style.

Printing with Purpose

The need for a dedicated provider of tree-free sustainable printing is apparent. Hemp Press is founded as the first dedicated hemp paper print shop designed with sustainability in mind.

Searching for Sustainability

Hemp enthusiast and founder of Hemp Press, Matthew Glyer is the first to package a hemp product in a hemp box.



“Working with Hemp Press was an incredible experience. The team was communicative, helpful, and accommodating to my needs for a rushed deliverable. The final product turned out beautiful, and we will definitely be working with Hemp Press again for all our future packaging needs.”

Decibel Farms

Recognized as one of the most sustainable and award winning cannabis brands in America, Decibel Farms naturally had to find a print/packaging partner that maintained a matching level of quality and care for people and the planet. Hemp Press is that partner!

Galaxy Zen Gardens

“They helped me execute my vision exactly to the specifications until it was perfect. It meant a lot as a small business owner to have them be so helpful in answering all my questions. Who says sustainable can’t also have style? Hemp Press hit it out of the ballpark.”

Pure Extracts

“From seed to sale, the cannabis industry has paved the way for some truly amazing businesses like Hemp Press to come to light. We’ve teamed up with Hemp Press for our printing and packaging promotions since January 2020 and have never looked back. Their hemp fiber paper makes our print projects look amazing and would recommend Hemp Press to anyone looking to turn a new leaf towards sustainability.”

Living Earth Hemp

Care of Earth. Care of People. Care of the Return. When Living Earth Hemp had a need for sustainable packaging that could match the depth of care and quality their brand exudes – Hemp Press was there.

Why Hemp Paper Packaging?

Most of what we buy ends up in the trash. This is exactly why we want to change the way you print and package your products. Doing so reduces your carbon footprint. Take comfort in knowing we are the “greenest” print shop with our sustainable, tree free paper and soy-based inks.

Who we’ve worked with

More than a printshop

Printing on hemp paper is at the root of what we do, but we also offer consultation and graphic design services for both print and digital projects. From package engineering to brand identity to a “same as last time” print project, we create from the head and the heart to ensure we uphold sustainable best practices to save our forests and provide you with an excellent customer experience.

Contact us at [email protected] to change the way you print.

Our Team

Office Ninjas

Intake, Consultation & Sales

From creating that initial connection, to hashing out project dynamics, to managing milestones so that everything is running smoothly. Learn about the peeps behind the scenes

Dream Alchemists

Graphic Design Services

Transforming your vision into reality is our design team’s specialty. Get to know the designers that piece together all the crucial elements and breathe life into your brand.

Production Wizards

Prepress, Print & Finishing

The backbone of our success lies in how we print and the folks that make it happen. Our magic makers formulate a plan that reinforces a circular economy and exceeds your expectations.

Looking for sustainable packaging or green printing? Hemp Press offers plant based solutions for your printing needs including business cards, packaging, posters, brochures, postcards and more all on our premium hemp paper with soy inks. ]]>