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Hemp Bedding, 33 LB Bale

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Hemp Bedding is a 5 cu. ft. bale comprised of the chopped stalks of the industrial field crop. Hemp is perfect for those sensitive to allergens and dust found in alternative animal bedding. To optimize absorptive qualities, hemp should be misted with water prior to use. For chicken coops, one bale of hemp will cover an 8’ x 8’ area. For horses, three bales will cover a 12’ x 12’ area. Hemp is very compostable and is great for adding to gardens to overwinter and add more natural nutrition to your soil.

Hemp undergoes a natural oxidation process during the drying period that can result in darkening of the finished product. The coloration can range from tan to dark brown.

Due to the size of the bales, the maximum number of hemp bales that we can ship on a pallet is 27 bales. This bulk quantity must ship via UPS Freight

$21.95 a bale Less Dusty Alternative to Other Animal Bedding Faster Composting, Superior Odor and Ammonia Control Biodegradable, sustainably sourced, natural product Highly Absorbent (absorbs up to 4 times its weight)

Hemp Pet Bedding

Our Hemp Pet Bedding is the golden standard of animal & pet care, noted for it’s extremely absorbent properties and minimal dust levels. It is an ideal litter for guinea pigs, rabbits, reptiles, hamsters, birds, & almost every kind of small pet!

For the convenience of caged pet owners, we are pleased to offer the ChanvraPet Hemp Cocoon: a combination of our premium Aubiose litter and the ChanvraPet Hemp Cage Mat. The ChanvraPet Mat & the Aubiose bedding- and their complimentary hydro properties – combine to make the perfect cage environment! Stays dry on the top surface for your animal’s well-being!

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Our Hemp litter is longer lasting and more effective than conventional bedding.

It will maintain an ideal temperature due to its thermo-regulating role.

Animals prone to respiratory sensitivities will have the most to gain from living in a hemp bedding cocoon, but the love and benefits will be felt by all walks of critters!

The mat will stimulate your pet’s constructive spirit to make a cozy nest. For litter trained animals, it can be used as a bedding pad, and if unsoiled, can last months.

More About Aubiose Hemp Bedding

Aubiose (packaged also as Cocoon Hemp Bedding) is the original hempshive bedding and the worldwide leader in quality and naturalness. Since 1985, the Aubiose bedding brand has been the most absorbent pet litter and animal bedding material on the market.

With an absorbtion rate of 3.7 times its own weight in liquid, Aubiose can last 3 times longer than other bedding. Users report increased ease of maintenance and less time cleaning out cages when switching to an Aubiose litter system.

Aubiose has a long history of perfection and performance. While there are other bedding choices on the market, owners want to make sure their bedding is of the highest quality, and free from chemicals. Our farmers have these principles in mind when producing our supreme hemp bedding & mats and are the world leaders today!

Hemp Pet Bedding is highly absorbent; controls odors effectively & naturally. Ideal for rabbits, reptiles, snakes, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils & more. ]]>