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New! Tart Tabs

Check out our new Tart Tabs available in 10 and 30 count bottles.

500mg 10 count Tart Tabs

1500mg 30 count Tart Tabs

New! CBD Vape Cartridges

Our CBD vape cartridges are created using a distillate from premium US-grown hemp plants with added terpenes to recreate famous cannabis strains flavors and smells.

400mg Calm Vape Cartridge

700mg Calm Vape Cartridge

400mg Clarity Vape Cartridge

700mg Clarity Vape Cartridge

Original Blend CBD Tinctures

With ginger, turmeric, piperines, and terpenes, our Original Blend CANNABIS formula is the most bioenhanced and bioavailable CBD tincture on the market. When purchased with a recurring subscription, pricing can be as low as $1.83 per 33mg dose of full spectrum CBD.

100mg CBD Tincture

500mg CBD Tincture

1000mg CBD Tincture

2000mg CBD Tincture

Extra Strength CBD Tinctures

Our Extra Strength formula offers all the same ingredients and benefits as our Original Strength formula, but with 250% more CBD per dose. When purchased with a recurring subscription, pricing can be as low as $3.33 per 83mg dose of full spectrum CBD.

250mg CBD Tincture

2500mg CBD Tincture

5000mg CBD Tincture

Other CBD Tinctures

Our other formulas offer all the same ingredients as our Original Strength formula. The Chocolate Mint offers a unique, full spectrum flavor profile while the THC Free is guaranteed 0.0% THC levels.

1000mg THC Free CBD Tincture

1000mg Chocolate Mint CBD Tincture

Hemp Flower Naturals is committed to creating and distributing the best hemp products on the market. Find out why everyone is saying our tinctures are the best around!