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Bubba Kush vs Hawaiian Haze CBD Hemp Strains

  • June 22, 2020
  • Strain Review

Today we are going to compare two hemp strains in order to help you to figure out which ones are best for you. Some strains are indica or sativa; others are low to high CBD content and there are a variety of effects which either one can provide. The question here is to determine which strain you like best.

Generational Lineage – Bubba Kush vs Hawaiian Haze

Bubba Kush then advanced into a seed strain to the delight of hemp growers throughout the United States who wanted the best in indica relaxation, the most medical benefits of CBD. The unlikely meeting between hemp plant and seed was the birth of a bit of sensation, a lot of mellow and an enormous amount of flavor. Silver trichome lavish the Bubba Kush CBD nuggets with an abundance of orange hairs.

Hawaiian Haze is a sativa dominant strain with a range of 15% to 21% CBD content and within the legal limit of 0.3% THC. it was developed and bred first in the mineral-rich volcanic soil of Hawaiian itself. This strain’s exotic tropical flavors and unrelenting effects.

The Effects – Bubba Kush vs Hawaiian Haze Hemp Strains

Bubba Kush, known to relax the body and mind, beckons for a bedtime smoke or used as an unwinder after a hard day at work.

Hawaiian Haze users report a span of sensations from “head in the clouds” to simply a “more social feeling” for the evening with friends. The smooth floral smell of the tropics can put the user in a full daydream mode to imagine that perfect island getaway. The aromatherapy experience when Hawaiian Haze is lit up provides fragrances exploding juicy peach and hints of lavender and results in a delightful smoke experience

The Savors of it All — Bubba Kush vs. Hawaiian Haze

Bubba Kush has a smell range prevalence between the OG Kush and the Purple Hindu Kush. It also possesses a unique triad of spices such as fennel, clove and licorice. Bubba Kush is a regularly used smokeable flower for some time with aromas of sweet sugar cake. Kush lineage secured its spot with the distinct aromas of earthy wood and fruity-sweet citrus.

Hawaiian Haze presses to the sharp aroma of pineapple/citrus and back ended with wafts of earthy floral. The prevalent terpene is myrcene along with other terpenes such as Pinene and Bisabolol all of which lend themselves to a spicy touch of the peppery beta-Caryophyllene.

Therapeutic Benefits — Bubba Kush vs Hawaiian Haze Hemp Strains

Bubba Kush CBD users as it packs a significant punch for therapeutic potential. They produce a soothing effect on the nerves while also relaxing the muscles. Bubba Kush is not a sudden fast-moving relaxation but it is the kind that lingers. Because of this lingering, Bubba Kush is effective in some cases as an anti-anxiety agent. It is also an appetite suppressant and is recognized as improving nighttime sleep. This particularly unique strain is relieves chronic pain and other chronic imbalances in the body.

Hawaiian Haze effectively reduces stress, depression and mild anxiety while helping to eliminate mental fatigue and lethargy. When cancer patients are going through treatments one of the side effects is loss of appetite and nausea. Hawaiian Haze can stimulate hunger and as well as reducing nausea. After experimenting with many types of pain medications, some have amazing relief from shoulder and back pain in a short period of time.

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Today we are going to compare two hemp strains in order to help you figure out which is best for you. Strains are indica or sativa; low to high CBD content.