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Grow Hemp NY

We are all now in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic which is slowing or in many cases stopping significant activity in most industries, including the hemp industry. We have been working for months to sell our 2019 crop along with our grow partners and this pandemic has further slowed that process. Our last offer was for 25 cents per POUND of … Ещё biomass indicating that the vultures are circling. We will continue to hold out for a fair price for our hard work with the knowledge that last years 40 dollars a pound is gone never to return. We hope you all stay safe and healthy.

Grow Hemp NY

In 2019, we worked in partnership with 9 regional farms to support them in their first year of growing CBD hemp. There is an epidemic in our country of family farmers struggling to make a living. This story in … Ещё the NY Times highlights just that in sharing the story of one of our partners, Lamport Hemp Farms, and the devastating story of many dairy farms across America. The corporate mergers and acquisitions of manufacturing and marketing companies hurts farmers, rendering them unable to make a decent living, leaving many to go bankrupt. All of us in the hemp industry fear this could happen to us. We are committed to doing everything we can to support policies that put American farmers first. It all starts with a seed in the ground and loving hands to grow them up.

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