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CBD GoldLine: CBD Company News and Product Review Updates

CBD GoldLine: Trusted CBD Oil, Vape Pen Cartridges, Edibles, Bath And Body Products

With the legalization of cannabis in different states, customers are having quite a hard time choosing from the many options of products that keep coming up. CBD-based products, especially, are becoming the rave with each brand seemingly trying to outwit each other.

That is where our brand review guide comes to help. This CBD buyer’s guide will provide a lot of information on a CBD brand which could be a pick for you. We get to review its user ratings, effectiveness and the reviews from customers. Let’s explore more on the CBD GoldLine brand.

About CBD GoldLine

CBD GoldLine focuses on making a range of CBD products that are not only easy to use but also diverse. In their production line, the CBD firm manufacturers different products from vaper, CBD wax, edibles, bath bombs and even CBD-based joints. Notably, CBD GoldLine also has a line of CBD oils can offer quite the convenience regarding use. You can use the oils as vaporizers or as a plain tincture. That makes CBD GoldLine one of the few CBD oils available for multi-use in the market.

Interestingly, CBD GoldLine is a subsidiary of the vape company, HoneyStick Ltd. The brand specializes in producing a variety of vapes from all kinds of extracts. Despite having this vape background, CBD GoldLine goes on to make a range of non-vape products even to include edibles that people can enjoy and still get to access the benefits of the CBD compound. This spells out a company which is focused on their priority to succeed in an increasingly crowded market.

CBD GoldLine Products

As earlier mentioned, CBD GoldLine is not short of CBD-based products and accessories in their merchandise catalog. They have done their best to encompass vapers, tokers, non-vapers, and even soakers. Here what we found:

CBD Edibles

This exclusive category combines some of the best quality CBD treats and prescription capsules for those seeking a daily dose of their CBD. Get to explore the CBD GoldLine 600mg tincture, CBD Capsules 5 pack, and the CBD Honey Stix. Most notably are perhaps the regular priced CBD Gummies that are not that old of a candy.

Bath And Body

CBD GoldLine was also creative enough to come up with bath bombs of different flavors and CBD concentration. You can expect to find a Grapefruit CBD 25MG, Lemongrass CBD Bath Bomb 25mg, Eucalyptus CBD Bath Bomb 25mg and the special package CBD GoldLine Bath Bomb 125 MG 5 pack. Peppermint and Lavender-scented Bath bombs are also available at 25mg of the CBD in each piece.


If you have a vaping device, CBD GoldLine could also work for you. The variable voltage battery is vital in powering an assortment of CBD GoldLine’s vaping devices and comes programmed with a single dose feature for vaping safety.


The Pre-filled 1ML and Pre-filled JUUL CBD Cartridge are another line of popular Vape products from CBD GoldLine that allows users to start their CBD vaping quest effectively. If you often have trouble loading the Vape cartridges, then these models might come in handy with convenience.

CBD Pens

CBD GoldLine provides the following CBD-based vape pens: CBD Crumble Wax Pen 250mg, CBD Crumble Wax Pen 500mg and its pre-filled .5ml CBD Vape pen available for $24.


You can also get a product for your dab pen from CBD GoldLine line of products. You can opt for the CBD Crumble 500mg or 250mg concentrate if you are looking for an option to vape on an open coil vaporizer.

Apart from the CBD GoldLine Reserve 600mg oil tincture, the brand also offers a flavorful blend of 30ml CBD Oil to get novice users to start their CBD regiment.


The full spectrum CBD rich Pre-rolled joints will offer the best quality of hemp flowers in a fantastic GoldLine 3 pack. Each pre-roll is made from imported pre-rolled cones with filters for natural lighting and smooth pulls.


The GoldLine Hemp Vitamin Gummies will get you a daily dose of full spectrum hemp oil infused with multiple vitamins to offer an enjoyable intake of healthy nutrients.

CBD GoldLine Conclusion

There is plenty to think when it comes to deciding to stick to a particular brand of CBD products. In the case of CBD GoldLine, we technically found a wide range of factors that would make us recommend their products for medicinal properties.

The first reason would be that a lot of the products from CBD GoldLine are full spectrum and this makes them far much beneficial than the cannabidiol only products on the market. Additionally, we would have to consider that CBD GoldLine is providing a variety of concentrations and fruit flavors which any user would find appealing in choosing a combination. The brand further claims to manufacture their products under GMO-free and Gluten-free processes to ensure they adhere to good manufacturing practices. Also, they do identify as having taken the CBD GoldLine products through a vigorous independent doctor and lab testing to certify the quality of the components present.

CBD GoldLine provides an excellent range of products to help with the consumption of the therapeutic CBD compound. And fortunately, they allow you even to enjoy the CBD while satisfying your sweet tooth or soak session. Plus, we do love that they do consider even the CBD enthusiasts who are in search of a vaping option.

CBD GoldLine: Trusted CBD Oil, Vape Pen Cartridges, Edibles, Bath And Body Products With the…

CBD GoldLine Review

  • CBD GoldLine Review


CBD Oil Review rates CBD GoldLine with one star because it qualifies for the Mission Badge.

User Review

CBD GoldLine: 60-Second Summary

CBD GoldLine hails from Florida and prides themselves on constantly expanding their line with the purest form of cannabidiol and natural ingredients. The problem is, we don’t know what most of their ingredients are since they do not disclose them all. In fact, there’s a few things we don’t know, like their extraction method or their CBD hemp source. It’s clear that CBD GoldLine is another company born from previous success in the vape world and missing key elements to a successful and ethical CBD oil brand. We encourage them to dig deep and make some changes to make things right, for the sake of their customers and their business.

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CBD GoldLine Oil Brand Review

CBD GoldLine is the offshoot of parent company Honey Stick, a self-proclaimed lifestyle brand offering upper-tier vaporizers; both are headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. CBD GoldLine has a bit of a cluster situation happening on their website: drop down menus are dizzying, and a “support team member” will hassle you with multiple messages including asking your name and how they can help. Good luck closing that dialog box, and if you do, it will just come back.

We do not know CBD GoldLine’s extraction method nor how or where their hemp CBD is sourced. They have CoAs posted that do not cover every SKU, and they only contain potency/purity results, not information about the presence or lack thereof of contaminants like heavy metals and residual solvents. CBD GoldLine also foregoes ingredients lists for the majority of their products, a red flag for us.

The CBD GoldLine product line consists of:

  • CBD gummies – There are two full spectrum offerings here, one of which is a multivitamin. Unfortunately, there are no ingredients lists available, so we do not know if they are vegan/vegetarian safe or if they contain artificial colors and dyes.
  • CBD honey sticks – One of CBD GoldLine’s best-selling products, these infusions of raw honey and CBD are perfect to mix in beverages or spread on toast. The company claims they are far more potent than the competition.
  • CBD oil ticture – Two varieties of CBD oil are available for sale online. The first is a full spectrum tincture with grapeseed oil, terpenes, bergamot oil, and mint. We approve. The second is the isolate CBD oil line for vaping or ingesting in four flavors. No ingredients are listed, a common theme for CBD GoldLine, so we are unsure of the carrier oil or if artificial flavors are used.
  • CBD crumble (wax) + wax pen
  • CBD vape cartridges, batteries, and panes
  • CBD capsules
  • CBD pre-rolled joints

The pre-rolled CBD joints contain CBD flower purportedly grown in Oregon and promise even burns and smooth pulls.

Bottom Line – CBD GoldLine does not meet any of our requirements aside from the Mission Badge. We’ve seen their kind many times—successful vape entrepreneurs who foray into the CBD arena thinking since they know the vape market, CBD should be a cinch. The opposite is true, as CBD occupies the health and wellness space with consumers looking for natural solutions from sources they can trust. We suggest CBD GoldLine do a little more research on their competition to see what others are doing. Perhaps then they will get on a better path that includes safety as a priority, quality, charity, and maybe even innovation.

This CBD GoldLine Review reveals the truth about this CBD oil company. Not all CBD is created equal. Read this before you buy Premier CBD Oil Products ]]>