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Fruit Salad: Fifteen Strains With a Juicy Kick

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Cannabis, like beer, is fun for producers and consumers alike who enjoy experimenting with different flavors from terpenes. Responsible for the smell and flavor of hops, cannabis, coffee, roses and just about anything else that’s grown from the earth, terpenes are chemical compounds that make your favorite kinds of pot taste like lemons, blueberries or other kinds of fruit.

If you enjoy a sweet burst to your smoke, here are fifteen strains we’ve reviewed that pack a fruity punch.

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Pineapple Chunk
Anyone who enjoys a good charcuterie board or fruit-and-cheese plate will enjoy Pineapple Chunk’s flavor profile. It’s full of thick, cheesy notes followed by a rush of rubbery pine and tart acidity. The sour fruitiness and cheesy funk would be enough on their own; consider the earthy pine flavor the gravy.

Mandarin Cookies
Mirroring the smell, Mandarin Cookies starts with a sweet, acidic and doughy flavor up front, almost like sourdough bread and marmalade, followed by a grainy, piney coat over the tongue. It tastes like breakfast.

Mango Kush
Mango Kush’s tropical, tangy flavor shines through with each exhale, with grainy flavors of pine and a subtle, skunky finish adding balance to the heavy mango flavor.

Poorly grown or nutrient-heavy cuts of Mimosa won’t showcase its loud, tropical flavors, but anything properly flushed should bring out a thick, fresh-squeezed taste of tangerine with a subtle, earthy back end.

Tangerine Power
Although that earthy, grainy Kush back end is a little stronger during tokes, Tangerine Power’s first taste is team all-orange, with sweet and sour notes clinging to each side of the tongue. Don’t believe me? Smoke a joint, and you’ll swear it was freshly squeezed.

That subtle sourness in Papaya’s smell is more cheesy and funky on the tastebuds, with an initial funk that slowly blends into a sweet, creamy flavor with hints of tropical fruit.

The citrus taste carries more lime notes than Ecto-Cooler’s smell would imply, but oranges still dominate the initial flavor. The pungent, fuel-like back end is complemented by a sugary sweetness, making it more layered than expected, too.

Witches Weed
Witches Weed’s heavy melon and fruit flavors take over the palate, giving off a savory sweetness much like that of cantaloupe or honeydew. The strain’s earthy notes come in later without impacting the fruity aftertaste.

Death by Lemons
Sharp, tart and to the point. The intense lemon flavor could be a palate-wrecker for some, but it’s an invigorating shot of sweet and sour for anyone looking to pucker up. Although not as strong as the smell, the taste isn’t as complex, either, so the lemon dominates.

Strawberries & Dream
With Strawberries & Dream, a tart, rubbery sweetness similar to that of blueberries starts on the side of the tongue, with candy-like hints of strawberries. Users have also reported nutty and woody notes.

Juicy Fruit
Expect a fruity flavor that’s just as savory as it is sweet — something like pears, plums or lychees. Afghani’s bubblegum flavor is more present in Juicy Fruit’s taste than smell, though, with subtle citrus and hash notes rounding it out.

So sugary it’s almost sickly sweet, Blueberry has fruity notes that might remind users of a Hostess fruit pie, except this is anything but cheap. The syrupy berry notes are rounded out with subdued hints of soil.

Strawberry Banana
Although not quite as strong as the smell, the taste is still very potent, starting with a sweet punch of strawberries that morphs into a mellow banana flavor with earthy, kush-like traits.

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Vaporizing Tangie at low temperatures brings out its juicy, tart flavors, but a joint can provide all the flavor you need. Tangie’s strong citrus characteristics can sometimes be too much of a good thing and overpower the senses, however.

Super Lemon Haze
As the smell implies, smoking Super Lemon Haze is like inhaling a handful of Lemonheads. The delicious sour flavor is complemented by a subtle but spicy and earthy back end, making it a great appetizer before dinner.

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Whether you're not a fan of marijuana's earthy flavors or just enjoy a sweet burst to your smoke, here's fifteen strains we've reviewed that pack a fruity punch. ]]>