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Select CBD Review – Great Flavor and Strength (Updated Oct 2019)

This is it: the definitive, complete guide to Social CBD (used to be Select CBD). Our team reviewed every Select CBD product we could get our hands on so we could revamp this guide, and it is now safe to say that this is the best information out there.

* Last updated: June 20th, 2020

Select CBD Review

We reviewed these Select CBD products so you can make the best purchase decisions when you’re looking to buy from Select CBD:

  • Select CBD Vape Pens (Lavender and Cinnamon Relax, Grapefruit and Lemon Revive, and Spearmint and Peppermint Focus)
  • Select CBD Drops: Unflavored, Lemon Ginger, and Lavender
  • Select CBD Boost Gel Caps
  • Select CBD Muscle Rub
  • Select CBD Patch 20 mg
  • Select PETS CBD

We chose these products to test because we wanted to get the best sense of the brand we could. They also represent what’s on the market well, so we thought we could test them and compare them to the alternatives.

Social CBD (formally Select CBD) is a well-loved CBD product company that carries a wide variety of (delicious) things, such as gummies, drop a.k.a. tinctures, vape pens, topicals, and more! We’re big fans of Social CBD.

Overall Select CBD ‘Pros’

  • Excellent quality CBD and CBD products
  • Especially on the vapes, an outstanding value for the money
  • Convenience and flavor stand out

Overall Select CBD ‘Cons’

  • Lack of information on the website, including difficulty and extra steps accessing third-party lab report data
  • Patches are functional but extremely costly and impractical

The best Select CBD vape pens, Select CBD drops, Select CBD muscle rubs, Select CBD gel caps, Select CBD patches, and the Montel line from Select CBD are all right here. Our team had to battle it out a couple of times, but overall we were able to choose our favorite Select CBD products based on performance, value, flavor, and ease of use.

Here’s what’s coming in this guide:

First we discuss Select CBD the brand, including some details about their extraction methods and quality control. We also cover awards, third-party testing, and the recent rebrand from Select CBD to Social CBD.

We describe the Select CBD product line, so you get a sense of everything they offer. We also discuss where to buy Select CBD and their policies on pricing and returns.

Next, we talk about CBD and the endocannabinoid system, including why these products work. We’ll also cover why CBD does not produce psychoactive effects.

Finally, we get into the details on how each product works, and the best Select CBD products.

Select CBD Vape Pens

These Social CBD Vape Pens come in several different flavors, including lavender, cinnamon, peppermint, spearmint, and more. The hemp used in creating the CBD hemp-extract in the vape is made in American, third-party lab tested, and contains 0% THC.

Look and experience

The packaging of Select CBD is clean, modern, and beautiful. The vape pens all come in small, identical teal boxes. Only stickers differentiate the flavors, which is elegant, not annoying.

The vape itself is cylindrical and teal. Like any C cell, it lights up when you use it. Select CBD vapes are easy to use and smooth to hit, especially compared to rival disposable products.

One downside to any disposable pen like this is that you can’t see how low the oil level is getting visually—but you can tell based on the taste.

The technology

Select CBD vape pens blend great technology and ingredients to bring you high-quality flavor and serious performance. Part of a superior vape experience always starts with technology—even with a disposable vape pen. This is true with Select CBD vape pens, too.

Select uses a high-grade, American-made kanthal steel to build its vape pens. It also uses pure, unbleached Japanese cotton in its wicks—the part of the vape that draws the liquid containing CBD to to the coil to be heated.

Standard cotton wicks, which are used in many other vape pens, are less than ideal. Cotton is best to produce a neutral taste, but only unbleached, organic cotton ensures the best experience in terms of flavor and experience.

The cartridges that hold the Select CBD vape oil are pre-filled and ready to use out of the box. Each Select CBD vape pen heats its 250 mgs of product using ceramic core technology. This ensures the temperature stays in the zone and helps keep the taste on point.

The vape pen itself is tamper-resistant and airtight, so you don’t have to worry about leaks. Select’s quality control and reputation should also make you feel pretty secure about what you’re vaping.

A team handles quality control inspections, and checks every Select CBD vape cartridge for leaks, cracks, and unfilled tanks. During the inspection process, the cartridges cure for 24 hours. This allows the oil to completely saturate the wick, reducing the chance of a problem before the vape is ever sold.


For every three-second puff, the Select CBD vape pen delivers 1 to 2 mg of CBD. The CBD is derived from 100% organic hemp plant distillate. Along with the CBD, your vape holds essential oils, terpenes, and fractionated coconut oil (MCT).

Select CBD uses essential oils that are either highly refined or cold-pressed. These oils are locally in Oregon.

More compellingly, Select CBD uses MCT oil instead of other thinning agents such as propylene glycol (PG) and Polyethylene glycol (PEG) 400. Those substances produce a class 1 carcinogen, formaldehyde, which you’re not vaping thanks to Select.


Each vape costs $40 and holds 250mg of CBD, or $25 for 125mg. This breaks down to about $160 per 1000mg, which may seem to be on the expensive side.

However, it offers an advantage over tinctures in that it is a fantastic way to microdose and offers quicker relief. If you are a vaping fan, you can’t beat that quick delivery and the feeling you get from relief following those cloudy hits.

Select CBD puts its vape pens through serious quality control and curing before shipping and it shows. Curing saturates the wick with oil, reducing the chance of a burned tasting hit or a mechanical failure. These vapes last well, and no one on our team has seen one fail yet.

Also, when it comes to value, Select CBD vape pens are actually a better buy than they might seem to be, if vaping CBD works for you.

Because the larger Select CBD vape pens contain about 250 mg of CBD, they are somewhat higher than average to start with. They also a great deal, and provide a better experience for the money.

Every puff is about three seconds long, depending on the user and your goals. It’s a decent amount of vapor, especially for a disposable. All of our testers felt at least some effects within 15 minutes of vaping.

Select CBD vape pens offer the kind of convenient, positive feeling that feels close to instantaneous. They are disposable and ready to use out of the box—a really nice solution, even if you’re an experienced vaper who is used to some setup. No filling, charging, or anything else.


Select CBD vape pens come in six flavors:

  • Cinnamon Relax
  • Lavender Relax
  • Lemon Revive
  • Grapefruit Revive
  • Peppermint Focus
  • Spearmint Focus

So, the flavor. Many CBD products taste, how can we put this? Like ass. Really bad. Not these, though! Select CBD vape pens really are delicious. A few of our team testers confessed to using a few times them simply for the taste.

Even if you’re not a mint fan, the Spearmint and Peppermint are very nice. They produce strong flavor, but they don’t freeze off your nose hairs they way some mint flavors can. Overall we liked the coolness of Peppermint a little more.

The Cinnamon is warm but not uncomfortable. Those of us that don’t hate Lavender found that flavor pleasant, and the citrus flavors were really tasty to all of us, with Lemon having a slight edge over Grapefruit on numbers alone.

Overall, we got none of that weird grassy flavor you can get from CBD products. And each flavor came through from each vape.

The only down side was that—like any vape cartridge—toward the end, the flavor suffered a little. Still, this is more a sign of needing a new vape than a design flaw, and we took it as such.


Now, on to effects. As for effects, these Select CBD vape pens were awesome.

A few of our testers are experienced CBD users, so they were a little skeptical. In fact, Marta in particular was pretty sure she would not like these vape pens.

[Marta uses lots of CBD oil, every day. She is reliant on her CBD, so she is serious about effects. However, even Marta liked these CBD effects, which we’ll talk more about below.]

We used the Select CBD blends multiple times. We used them as the packaging seems to suggest—so, for example, before relaxing, chilling at home, or sleeping for the “relax” varieties, before needing to work, going out to be social, or hoping to focus for the “focus” varieties, and as a little pick-me-up for the “revive” varieties. We also did similar tasks without them [except for Marta, but more on this below], and of course with other CBD products we like.

All testers could tell the difference between using the Select CBD vapes and not using them, and that was true for every variety and every tester. The details are slightly more complicated, but there was no question that these CBD vapes worked well.

Select says that these CBD vapes take about 15 minutes to work, and this was very conservative. For most of us, we felt effects within just a few minutes, and they lasted for two to four hours. [Marta did not feel effects as long, but was already on a very high dose.]

From the Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, and Spearmint we felt more energy and increased focus. We also felt a little more up, especially during those “down” parts of the day when your strength can fade. All four of these helped our team with productivity generally.

Many team members used these pens for anxiety, inflammation, and various forms of pain. One team member used the Grapefruit variety for allergies. Another team member used the Lemon variety for anxiety. Your mileage may vary!

Our team enjoyed both Cinnamon and Lavender before bed, except for one team member who dislikes lavender under any circumstances and refused to try the lavender vape pen. With that one exception, everyone who used these vape pens felt relaxed, calm, and sleepy.

Marta’s note on CBD vape pens: if you vape CBD, these are a great choice. If you need more CBD, you might also still want a high-dose tincture. You might benefit from both! Vaping CBD just delivers the cannabinoids in a different way. For me, I need a constant high level in my system, so I really need the high-dose tincture. However, I really love having these vapes around, especially when I want something right now!

Pros and Cons

Pros of the Select CBD vape pens:

  • Beautiful design, great user experience
  • High-end vape technology improves flavor, effects
  • Higher CBD concentration than average adds value
  • Delicious flavor
  • Noticeably more effective overall

Cons for the Select CBD pens:

  • Design of vape means you can’t tell oil is low until it tastes strange

The bottom line

Our favorite Select CBD vape pen is Peppermint Focus. Our team felt productive, calm yet energetic, and generally healthy and happy. We also truly loved how it tasted. For a midday pick-me-up, you cannot do much better than this delicious-yet-no-calorie option.

We also loved Cinnamon Relax. This is a great nighttime option, or one for a time when you really need to take a down a few notches.

Select CBD Drops

CBD Oil Tinctures in various potencies, between 250mg and 2000mg. Available in Lemon Ginger, Lavender, Peppermint, and Unflavored. You can get these tinctures as isolate or as a broad spectrum ( The Social CBD Muscle Rub combines pure hemp-derived CBD oil with healing ingredients like Tea Tree Oil, Aloe and Vitamin E to create a cooling, and satisfying topical that provides quick relief on targeted areas of your body. Plus a hint of menthol creates an instant cooling sensation.

To help us feel even better after working out, we tested Select CBD Muscle Rub.

Look and experience

Select CBD Muscle Rub comes in a4.5-ounce tin, inside a small box. There are third-party lab results right on the box.

Ingredients and dosage

This balm is a greasy infusion of CBD along with arnica, aloe, vitamin E, menthol, and tea tree oil. There is 250 mg of CBD in each 4.5-ounce tin of Select CBD Muscle Rub, priced at $35.

That’s not a tremendously high concentration of CBD, but you would never know it! This is an awesome product. Compared to others like it, it is priced well—and it simply works.

Arnica can relieve pain and inflammation, and can treat small injuries like bruises. Aloe and tea tree oil are both known for their anti-inflammatory qualities. Vitamin E is wonderful for skin health.

Menthol stimulates and numbs opioids receptors, helping to relieve pain, and cooling heat caused by inflammation. Yerba mate can help muscles recover after intense exercise. All told, it’s not tough to see why slathering this stuff on you relieves pain!

Even Marta, who has another balm she adores, loves this one too. If you’re lucky enough to have a friend who can apply this, you will almost immediate feel some relief in your muscles. Then, over the course of about 15 minutes, you will feel even looser as muscle tension and soreness dissipates. Bonus: it smells wonderful.

Select CBD Muscle Rub smells pungent but not unpleasant, and the scene goes away rapidly. It isn’t greasy, but creamy, and absorbs into the skin well.


Our testers felt the effects of Select CBD Muscle Rub instantly, and they persisted for about two hours. We loved the effects and wanted to use this product again and again.

One tester suffers from repetitive stress injuries in the neck and shoulder, and this rub was very useful for her. Another team member has arthritis, and the rub helps with that inflammation. Other testers found the Select CBD Muscle Rub feels great both before and after sports, yoga, and hiking. One tester felt the rub helped with eczema and other skin irritations.

Pros and Cons

Pros for the Select CBD Muscle Rub:

  • A good price and great value
  • Great packaging, eliminating the tin
  • Extremely effective
  • Many uses for almost anyone
  • Effective ingredients

Cons for the Select CBD Muscle Rub:

  • Relatively low concentration of CBD

The bottom line

We loved Select CBD Muscle Rub and think almost anyone else would, too.

Select PETS CBD Drops

Social CBD’s pet products include CBD oil drops in four flavors — Chicken, Peanut Butter, Bacon, and unflavored. For the pets who need topical relief, their CBD paw balm is specially formulated to relieve painful and itchy paws. Select Pet CBD is made with the same high-quality CBD formula as their human blend.

Select PETS CBD Drops come in 750mg concentrations of CBD and are priced at $60. This product comes in four flavors: Bacon, Chicken, Peanut Butter, and Unflavored. One lucky golden retriever and one lucky pitbull mix each tested the peanut butter and chicken varieties.

Like their human products, for all but the unflavored version Select CBD adds all-natural spices and herbs to each flavor to produce health benefits and better flavor. While we can’t “speak” for our testers, they did seem to like these drops. Furthermore, both dogs seemed to experience calmer moods, and the golden retriever appeared to get some pain relief out of the deal.

Select CBD: The Brand

Editor’s note: Select CBD has rebranded as Social CBD — so when you click through and visit their site, you’ll see the new branding. However, most people (for now) still know them as Select CBD, so that’s how we’ll refer to them for the time being.

Since they came onto the scene in 2015, Select has been among the biggest CBD brands.

The challenge was to make cannabis usable for someone who couldn’t smoke. Vaping seemed to be the answer, but the glass wicks vaporizers typically sport were too damaging for this particular patient. Select’s organic, Japanese cotton wick is the result of lots of experimentation—and clean way to deliver CBD.

Select CBD’s market-leading CBD products were the result, and since that time, the company has gone on to distinguish itself, having been featured in Allure, Esquire, Forbes, and others.

Select CBD’s products are best-known for pure CBD, potency, and flavor. And while the brand isn’t cheap—quality never is—they do offer 20 percent discounts for life to first responders and veterans.

Unlike many other brands, Select CBD has you covered no matter how you like to take your CBD. They’ve got their signature vape pens—among our favorite offerings, naturally. But they also offer CBD gel caps, tincture drops, muscle rubs, and even drops for pets.

Select CBD Quality Standards

Select CBD uses third-party testing to adhere to high standards for their products. You can see the results of the testing on the website, or by request based on the batch number.

There are various factors that influence the quality of a CBD brand, including how and where the business sources their hemp, which extraction methods they use, whether they use independent, third-party labs to confirm quality, and whether they are certified by state and federal agencies.

Select CBD rebranded itself to become Social CBD in summer of 2019. This was apparently to distinguish CBD use from cannabis use in part. (The Select name is also attached to high THC cannabis extracts.)

Select sources their industrial hemp from licensed farms in a supply chain that is well-documented. Once products are created, every one is tested to high standards. All Select CBD products are batch tested for concentration, microbes, and pesticides by accredited labs.

Select CBD extracts hemp oil using ethanol. This is a clean, safe extraction method, frequently used for full-spectrum products as well.

Select CBD User Experience

The Select CBD brand style is modern, clean and professional. The packaging and website all share that look, and the website seeks to provide that feel in its use which it mostly achieves.

The online shop is pretty easy to navigate, and information about the referral program and discounts are fairly simple to find, as are FAQs. The mobile version is also easy, a must for our team.

With Select CBD you can return products “No Questions Asked” if needed, and the process is generally effective. If you want a refund, you have to return it within 30 days, unopened, and in good condition. You also have to pay to ship it back.

Online Select CBD Reviews

There are plenty of reviews of Select CBD online. You’ll find most of them on Trustpilot, where the average brand score is 4.5 out of 5.0 or “excellent” over more than 3,025 reviews. About 83 percent of reviewers gave Select 5 stars.


The VV team took some time reviewing Select CBD products, and we feel comfortable recommending Select CBD. Based on the quality, price, experience, and effects, these are excellent CBD products.

Select CBD offers a luxury brand experience with a cost-effective, value-added price. In fact, one of the reasons they have earned their reputation over time is that they have learned how to compete in this industry. Products that just give you more is the best way, and that’s what Select CBD offers: safe, carefully-sources, pure, products of the highest quality that make them feel awesome.

Our team’s favorites:

The Select CBD Peppermint Vape Pen. The taste stands on its own, and the effects were great across the board.

The Lemon-Ginger Energy Select CBD Drops. Again, the taste on these knocked it out of the park, and we got lots of amazing effects.

The Select CBD Muscle Rub. This was a sleeper favorite, great for everyone who tried it.

Select CBD Coupon

Want to save 20% on the already great deal you’ll be getting from Social CBD? Just click below to reveal the coupon code and head to to check out all their fantastic products.

Select CBD Coupon

Get 20% off your entire purchase from Social CBD (used to be known as Select CBD).

Select is one of the most popular brands of CBD oil in the world. How do their cannabidiol products compare to the competition? ? ]]>