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Unmasked anti-abortion protesters in a close-quarters rally outside of A Woman’s Choice of Greensboro this morning, at times blocking the abortion-provider’s access road. Clinic staff and volunteers allege that only 33 out of the approximately 3OO protesters wore masks.

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Ministers’Conference Winston Salem Vicinity holds a press conference
regarding last week’s incident involving a confrontation with the Winston-Salem police and a 15-year-old girl on Hartford Street. The MCWSV has condemned the actions of WSPD calling them aggressive, claiming that they have violated the girl’s civil rights.

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“That don’t stop because the election is over, Or is about to be contested because [District 4 County Commissioner Alan] Branson’s feeling salty right now. Yeah, we’ve got progressives in your district, too!”

Kay Brown of Guilford For Alll speaks at yesterday’s “Protect the Results (Count Every Vote)” Rally held in the Washington Street Plaza of the Melvin Municipal Building yesterday afternoon in Greensboro.

The reference is to Branson for Guilford County Commissioner District 4 demanding a @Guilford County Board of Elections recount after losing to Mary Beth Murphy for Guilford County Commissioner District 4 by allegedly 18 votes.

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“We are not going to let anybody declare victory until the process has played itself out”

Attorney Gavin Reardon, NC board-certified appellate practice specialist, spoke at the Protect the Results (Count Every Vote) Rally organized by Indivisible of Guilford County, which was held Wednesday afternoon in the front plaza of the Melvin Municipal Office Building at 300 West Washington Street in Greensboro.

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Shon Green speaking yesterday of the 1870 Klan murder of Wyatt Outlaw and the Alamance County Confederate monument that Outlaw’s killers erected on the site of his lynching. Approximately fifteen minutes after … Ещё Green spoke, officers of the Graham police and Alamance County Sheriff’s Office discharged CO2 pepper spray at the speakers on this platform and arrested  Green and Rev. Greg Drumwright.

Drumwright was the leader of yesterday’s March to the Polls that Graham and Alamance law enforcement dispersed with chemical weapons, an attack denounced by Governor Roy Cooper and reported by the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and NPR. Ian McDowell’s video of the attack, which shows Green… Ещё

Welcome Everything Hemp Store to Greensboro, NC! 1633 New Garden Rd