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Good Hemp Milk vs Other Milk

There’s no doubt about it – plant-based milks are on the rise, with many consumers making the move from dairy due to its negative impact on the environment and health. But even once you’ve entered the dairy-free world there’s still a bunch of information to sift through. Is it oat milk that has the most protein? Which type is the most sustainable? And will my children be able to get enough calcium?
Naturally, here at Good Hemp we think hemp milk has a number of benefits that others don’t. For starters, it’s the only dairy alternative to provide a source of omega-3. It’s the most environmentally friendly option, requiring no pesticides and little water to grow. And it won’t split in hot drinks like you might have noticed others do. We’ve broken down some key points of comparison for you below.

Hemp milk has a number of benefits that others don't. For starters, it’s the only dairy alternative to provide a source of omega-3. Here's a comparison.

Good Hemp launches CBD plant-based milk in a UK category first

24-Oct-2019 – Last updated on 24-Oct-2019 at 13:55 GMT

Good Hemp CBD Barista Seed Milk will be on shelves in November followed by Good Hemp CBD Creamy Seed Milk and Good Hemp CBD Chocolate Hemp Milk later this year.

Overall wellbeing

David Shaw, MD, Good Hemp, said with the UK CBD market already worth over £250m and consumer interest in the benefits of cannabidiol products at an all time high, it decided now was the time to introduce CBD hemp milk.

Hemp milk is a natural paring for CBD, also hemp derived, and together they create a delicious milk which can be consumed by dairy and non-dairy drinkers to enhance their overall wellbeing​,” he said.

He added the CBD Barista Seed Milk is the perfect partner for coffee, with foaming properties. As part of the brand’s commitment to making clean products that make a difference to the planet, the milk contains six ingredients; the five ingredients found in the existing Barista Seed Milk, alongside 60mg of full spectrum CBD, providing approximately 7.5mg per serve.

Hemp is a natural, non-manufactured, carbon negative crop. The seeds are used to make hemp milk, are a creamy plant-based milk high in omega-3 and omega-6, while the hemp leaf extract contains naturally occurring cannabinoids (CBD).

Many people have had success using CBD to help sleep and mood functions, aid concentration, treat anxiety, lower blood pressure, and relieve pain.

With people more concerned than ever with their personal health and the impact of their lifestyle on the planet, it is vital we continue to offer people sustainable, healthy options​,” said Shaw.

Good Hemp is launching the first CBD plant-based milk in the UK.