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Cooked hemp shelf life

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There is a thought that yeast is the attractant in bread and not the milled wheat.
If thats the case then any bait which ferments is growing yeast by the hour, thus increasing its attractiveness rather than the opposite.

Personally unless left-over bait has a mould on it, I will use it again but Ive never noticed any difference in my catches. still catch nowt but at least its now dry down here.

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Not easy this one and one I’ve often thought about myself from time to time.

Obviously it depends on time of year, but if we’re talking about ‘now’ then if not freezing I would not keep longer than a week and this after making every effort to keep the stuff cold between uses. If going out the following one or two days I will hang my bait bag in the greenhouse (to avoid cats!) OVERNIGHT to keep it cool. However, it cannot remain there during the day as the greenhouse warms up so the next best option is a cool garage and if very warm then in sealed bags in a bucket of cold water which I change from the water butt. Not ideal, but better than wasted hemp.

IMO I believe hemp, which has a pleasant smell when fresh (IMO!) does seem to take on a different odour as it ages, say longer than 7 days, and I have read some fancy this to be of benefit, but it’s not for me. I like fresh.
I suppose older hemp odour could be masked by the use of a flavour but as I like my hemp ‘as it comes’ I don’t know if this might extend the ‘life’.

Old hemp, old wheat, old anything? I suppose all can catch, but then, how old is old?? Certainly doesn’t matter with cheese paste etc.

I have a very understanding wife so on occasion I am able to use our fridge in an emergency but it’s not ideal so apart from the above the freezer is obviously the best, of which I have personal section.
In the old days when fishing like a mad thing I had an old fridge in the garage which I picked up for a song but it takes up space.

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Prepared hemp (soaked and boiled, though you dont need to boil but it helps release the oils) should easily keep 3-5 days, longer if it is kept cool and in the dark, tightly sealed to prevent oxidation. Fermentation increases attraction for sure but you need to be aware that the oil will turn rancid due to oxidation and may be off-putting to the fish, reason why cold-pressed hemp and flaxseed oil is sold in dark glass bottles for example. A dark air-tight container does a lot of the work for you so keeping it in the fridge is only necessary if you want to keep it for a long time. Keeping the container tightly sealed will prevent oxidation, add a good amount of salt after a few days (drain before use) and it may even be good for up to 6 weeks in the fridge.

Many particle baits will “mature” if left to steep, malt, ferment, sprout etc. tigers, beans, seeds, it natures way (germination).. I don’t always boil my hemp – I let them sprout after a good soak and they are still “alive” when fed to fish.

Another good attractor bait is toasted hemp. smells divine Mmmmmmmmm! (will keep for 3 months or more in air-tight containers)

ps hemp are often sold as; NOT FOR SPROUTING! but they do. :wh

How long do you keep using a batch of hemp for once it is cooked, this is without freezing it? At the moment I only keep it for a few days or freeze it but…