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Cannabis School Opens In Columbus To Train Medical Marijuana Workers

The Cleveland School of Cannabis has opened an educational facility in Columbus for workers in the medical marijuana industry, the second of its kind in Ohio.

“If they want to add credentials and credibility to their prior knowledge they have in the cannabis realm, they could come attend classes here at Cleveland School of Cannabis,” says admissions officer Nate Bauman.

The classes teach students about growing marijuana, running a dispensary and learning how to use medical marijuana to help patients.

“Our first most popular program is horticulture program,” Bauman says. “And that teaches students if they’re looking to get into the cultivation facilities side of things. If a student has a green thumb, that’s right up their alley.”

Classes for each major take place at 3700 Corporate Drive on Columbus’ Northeast Side. They cost $6,500 per subject or $12,500 for an executive program that offers all three majors. Bauman says his company also offers grants and interest-free payment plans to help students pay for classes.

He would not reveal the number of students enrolled, but says classes are filling up quickly.

Each curriculum includes 156 class hours. Students who complete the courses will receive a state certificate, although it’s not required to work in the medical pot industry.

Instructors come from various backgrounds including law, medical, business and horticulture. Bauman says opportunities also exist to get more hands-on skills.

“We do offer internships through Ohio Buckeye Relief and Ohio Patient’s Choice, we have partnerships with them, and students can apply for an opportunity to help with post-harvest,” he says.

Graduates of the program can qualify for jobs as a grower, gardener, consultant, marketing and sales manager, nursing assistant and lab technician, among others. And the school’s private website, which currently has 700 postings in the medical marijuana industry, can help alumni find a job in or out of Ohio. Bauman says entry-level jobs pay about $15 an hour.

Ohio officials have been slow to open medical dispensaries around the state, since sales began in January. Currently just 19 are open, including one on Grandview Avenue.

Bauman says he can understand some delays.

“I have mixed feelings, but I rather them be slow and steady, then backtrack,” he says.

The Cleveland School of Cannabis has opened an educational facility in Columbus for workers in the medical marijuana industry, the second of its kind in

Cleveland school of cannabis

CSC is the second State approved school for cannabis education in the United States

Brick and Mortar

CSC has two brick and mortar campuses in the state of Ohio to provide our students a consistent hub to access education or assistance.

Financial Aid

CSC provides financial assistance programs that include Scholarships, Student Loans and no % payment plans.

Job Placement

CSC has developed strong industry relationship to assist our Alumni through the process of gaining employment in the industry.



“My name is Alicia Verbic, and my experience while at CSC was great. I built relationships with staff members and classmates that I know will last a long time. CSC provided me with the knowledge I needed to be successful in this industry. What I really appreciated most about CSC, is that even after you graduate from the program your journey does not end there. I am very thankful for the help and guidance from Michelle Blank, the school’s alumni recruiter. She helped me with my resume and also set up several interviews for me. With my hard work, dedication and CSC help, I was able to land the career I truly wanted. I am part of the Sales team at Buckeye Relief. Buckeye Relief is a Level 1 Cultivator in Ohio, and one of the first to harvest and provide product to the patients of Ohio.”


“My experience with the Cleveland School of Cannabis has been everything I could hope for and more. The staff from the top down are passionate, educated and genuine individuals who bring a variety of different backgrounds to a common ground. I found the combination of perspectives from the different aspects of the cannabis industry to be, not only informative, but engaging as each class was taught by someone who truly loves what they do. Michelle Blank and the Alumni Relations team work hard to find a career that is right for you and act swiftly to identify potential career positions with successful companies within the industry. I recently started my position as a Patient Care Specialist and thanks to CSC, I feel confident in my knowledge to succeed and my future in a new career that I love.”


Truly blessed and thankful for the journey that CSC has led me to.
CSC has provided me with excellent fundamentals and knowledge of the cannabis plant to be able to strive and succeed in the cannabis industry. The staff is absolutely amazing. They truly want to help place every student in the cannabis workforce and see us succeed. Yoshiko truly helped me with my resume and gave me amazing interviewing tips that I will use forever. I am extremely grateful for CSC and beyond excited for my future in the cannabis industry. I highly recommend CSC! I wouldn’t be where I am at today without CSC. I recently landed my dream job as a Patient Care Specialist at GTI/Rise.

Justina Casiano

“The Alumni Assistance at CSC is just awesome! Michelle has gone well and beyond helping me find my dream job. My interview was so easy because of her efforts to be there and so helpful. Thank you with all of my heart.”


“Words cannot explain how grateful I am for all of the staff at CSC. I came in with a general understanding of the cannabis industry, and ended up landing 2 industry jobs before I completed my horticulture program. That made me the first person in Ohio to hold 2 active licenses to work in the Ohio MMJ Program. One in a dispensary and a cultivation facility. With that being said, I have to give a special thanks to Michelle Blank, the head of Alumni assistance at the school. She was very attentive and made sure I had multiple opportunities at all times. CSC was the step I needed to getting in the industry.”


“The Cleveland School of Cannabis has given me the tools and knowledge I need to thrive in the cannabis industry with the executive program. The alumni director, Michelle Blank, was wonderful in helping me every step of the way to land my dream job here at Buckeye Relief! Michelle and CSC have been game-changing to Ohio’s cannabis industry and job placement.”

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