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Visit Pahrump’s first and only Marijuana Dispensary

How can we help you? That’s the philosophy at the heart of The Grove in Pahrump. We aren’t just the city’s first marijuana dispensary, we are the only licensed dispensary in Nye County. A lot of business owners would see that as an opportunity to operate with impunity. Not us.

As the only marijuana dispensary in Pahrump we haven’t been given an opportunity, we’ve been gifted with a responsibility. Providing our customers throughout the entire county with the medical marijuana products they need to move, to feel better, to live with less pain and the ability to do the recreational activities they enjoy. Our responsibility is to you, the medical patient, the recreational user, the human being. How can we help? It all starts with our process.

How can our budtenders help you today?

Knowledge matters, and our budtenders know our products inside and out. If you’re new to the recreational or medicinal effects of marijuana, we can help. We ask questions, we listen, and most importantly, we care. Your well-being is why we do what we do, and every aspect of our business is designed around it.

How does The Grove cut costs and increase quality?

We grow our own flower: Quality starts with the marijuana plant. Every one of our plants is grown, tended to, cared for, and harvested in its prime. Just like Mom’s Diner down the street has become a customer favorite by beginning every dish with the best ingredients, our flowers are the base ingredient in our extracts and edibles. The buds we sell must meet the strictest quality-control standards for individual sale, and as the building block of our other in-house marijuana products.

We distill our own extracts and concentrates: Purity matters. Our dispensary is located on E. Basin Ave, just down the street from Petrack Park. Becoming one of the city’s best parks requires technology and nature to work in harmony. A park distills the best a natural setting has to offer. Our extraction process distills our flowers into the best THC and CBD concentrates. The process requires time. It takes skill and craftsmanship. The end result is well worth it, and just like Petrack delivers a concentrated dose of natural beauty, our products provide our customers and patients with the concentrated medicinal cannabinoids they need.

We bake our own edibles: Creating something that tastes great and meets our potency standards is like a race at the Pahrump Valley Speedway. Our bakers bake the same recipes over and over again, taking laps through the kitchen as they mix ingredients. They’re always working hard to perfect those recipes. Minor changes can reap incredible rewards, and just like a driver on the Speedway they have to be precise and focused every second they’re on the job. Crafting the best edibles in Pahrump means pushing ourselves everyday, because the ultimate finish line is your satisfaction.

In-house savings you won’t get anywhere else.

Because all of our products are made in-house, we can offer them at a steep discount compared to dispensaries that buy all their products wholesale. No middleman, guaranteed quality—it’s what we would want in a dispensary, so that is what we have built into ours.

If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest news and specials from The Grove, join our text and mailing list. Specials mean even lower pricing on the affordable cannabis products you already love. We are here to serve, so don’t hesitate to call or stop in if you have any questions. Because it’s you, that make our hard work worthwhile.

We are the only licensed dispensary in Nye County. Knowledge matters, and our budtenders know our products inside and out. (775) 556-0100

Cheapest cbd hemp in pahrump

Make The Grove your first stop when you visit Las Vegas. We are conveniently located as you exit the airport. No need to fight the Las Vegas Strip traffic so you can get to your destination that much faster!

We are Leafly’s Best Dispensary – Central Region for 2016 and #3 on the Leafly List for Spring 2017. We are also one of two Las Vegas marijuana dispensaries to make Business Insider’s 2016 Top 25.

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Get what you can’t get anywhere else. Whether you prefer to vape or smoke. Whether you crave bites or bars. Our sativa, indica and hybrid strains are both hard to find and in-demand, and on target for any effect you’re after.

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Whether you are here to elevate your Vegas getaway, or just want to feel better – we are here for you. Don’t know what you want? Just ask. From our master grower to the dispensary budtenders, we are your gurus and guides.

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The Grove is built on a foundation of care and integrity. Our dispensaries are designed for your comfort and ease. Our products are made right here, from the ground up, and devised for the best effect. Our facilities were constructed to be efficient and yet environmentally kind, so that our eco footprint is in step with our ethos. And our people are here to cultivate your happiness. We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of our consumers through revolutionary marijuana products, education and industry advocacy.

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