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Fast relief when you need it most.

CBD Wellness stands out in quality and consistency. Their CBD tinctures are specially formulated to guarantee no less than 60% CBD and 40% terpenes. Through a proprietary blend of cannabinoids and terpenes that work synergistically, CBD Wellness creates premium CBD-rich medical cannabis products.

Matthew Scott is the founder of CBD Wellness and began this cannabusiness to bring holistic aid to people in need. He was driven to create this brand after the loss of three family members through the failure of traditional, western health care. Matthew’s vision was to provide the best quality and most effective holistic alternatives to prevent others from experiencing what he and many other patients and families had. Today, CBD Wellness accomplishes Matthew’s mission with their line of CBD-rich tinctures and topicals that give patients access to a safe, reliable alternative to pain management.

Cannabinoids and terpenes are two botanical compounds that provide medicinal benefits. CBD Wellness combines the two to create a line of marijuana products that deliver holistic relief. A proper formula is the key to making an effective CBD-rich oil. CBD Wellness has formulated these products to activate quickly for fast relief and absorb into the system at maximum bio-availability.

CBD Wellness employs a CO2-extraction method to create their products – the safest method for extracting botanical concentrates. Through manipulating pressure and temperature, the CBD Wellness lab technicians are able to expertly formulate their tinctures and topicals. This approach results in pure cannabis oil that requires little to no post processing and preserves the helpful, natural compounds that provide relief.

CBD Wellness offers their CBD-Rich 1-oz Tincture in three levels of potency; 200 mg, 500 mg, and 1,000mg. Their tinctures are hemp-derived and completely solvent free, crafted with a blend of full terpenes and cannabinoids for optimal health benefits.

Their menu of topicals present options for people and their pets. CBD Wellness Topical 2-oz CBD-Rick Pain Relieving Salve is made with 100% natural ingredients and delivers swift pain relief to the area applied. For our four-legged friends, CBD Wellness offers their CBD-Rich Skin & Coat Cream. This cream is formulated to replenish your pet’s coat, and each container contains 50 mg of CBD.

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