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I paid close to 70.00 for this mess

I paid close to 70.00 for this mess. Didn’t work at all. Was still in horrible pain.

The best quality CBD drops we have ever…

The best quality CBD drops we have ever found. Thank you CBD Unlimited for taking care of my family.

Great Relief for my Lab’s Hip

The product for my lab is working very well. He suffers a lot from hip dysphasia. I think that his pain is alleviated. I also think that the CBC helps deduce inflammation.

Excellent Customer Service

Paying over the phone was a breeze and the worker was so nice and easy to chat with. I am very impressed with the product I received and will be ordering again.

It is an excellent product

It is an excellent product. I particularly like the sleep capsules. I would like to do the entire transaction online however and not have to speak on the phone.


Excellent service

I had trouble on the website and they called me personally and took care of my order. Wonderful service.

Real thing delivered promptly

Great products-Fast service

I originally bought Maggie’s Balm at a craft fair and needed a new jar. I placed the online order but their website had a glitch and was not taking online payment. I quickly received a phone call from CBD Unlimited explaining the problem and gave my payment information over the phone. I received the product two days later. I cannot do with the balm – it works miracles on back pain.


Website wouldn’t allow me to place the order/chechout without having to talk with someone and didn’t let me know that someone would contact me. Very frustrating.

Excellent product

Excellent product! I’ve tried several different brands and CBD Unlimited is by far the best. I’ve had an excellent experience with customer service, as well.

My son was diagnosed at the age of 8…

My son was diagnosed at the age of 8 with Tourettes Syndrome. He is currently 20 year old. For years he went to 5 different specialists, that tried numerous medications on him. He tried acupuncture, self hypnosis, and varying other routes. To no avail. NOTHING helped. He was diagnosed at one point as the worse case in the state of Georgia. He has a range of tics from vocal, to focal, to tics that looks like severe seizures, teeth grinding to the point of breaking teeth, and many more, which caused him to have to be home schooled. Of course all these things added together caused him to have low self esteem, and depression. But about 8 months ago we tried CBD Unlimted. within 45 minutes the tics STOPPED. He will have very small tics from time to time, but totally maintainable, and they degree that doesnt interfere with normal life. I would 1000% recommend this product to anyone. You never know the value until you try it, and it is worth a try! Thank you CBD Unlimited.

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