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Elderberry Extract

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Reduces Anxiety And Stress

Reduces Discomfort

Help With Seizures

Improves Appetite

Protects the Heart

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Benefits of using Relief CBD Products

— Support Benefits

Support Weight Loss & Lower Blood Sugar Levels

— Athlete Benefits

Joint Aches & Stiffness

Protection of Brain Cells After a Concussion

Enhances Muscle Recovery

Reduces Stress Levels

Promotes Weight Loss

Promotes Cardiovascular Health

— Wellness Benefits

Helps Maintain Proper Gut PH Levels

Supports Immune System

Enhances Organ Function

Joint & Bone Health

Supports Cognitive Function

Helps Maintain Calmness

Raleigh CBD Store Provides the Highest Quality of CBD Products!

What People Are Saying about Relief CBD Products

“I have had 5 surgeries since 2017, both ankle breaks, both rotator cuff repaired. From the ankle surgeries I was non weigh bearing for 14 weeks and suffer from total atrophy in my thighs and hamstrings. It’s put a tremendous strain in my knees, stairs have been impossible up or down. Since taking Relief the pain is gone, I’m beginning to do squats which I couldn’t do before and I don’t wake up with the aches and pains like I used to. Relief is the ONLY thing I’ve changed. I’m a total believer in Relief!”

— Louie Smith (Dallas, TX)

“I have tried other CBD oils for 6 months without any success. October 2018 I was introduced to Relief & I’ve had great results from relief with my joint & back pain from inflammation as I used to see the chiropractor 2 times a month. I haven’t had to go to the chiropractor in over 4 months! I broke my arm 2 years ago with permanent disability which pops & aches regularly but now I’m virtually pain free. My stomach acid is greatly reduced, my migraines, and overall pain management with this product has enabled me to leave the RX’s behind.”

— Gayle Marticio (Tacoma, WA)

“I have only positive things to say about Relief CBD oil. My 2 year old son’s eczema on his hands has drastically improved. I apply a few drops, rub it in, allow it to get into the skin, then I apply his lotion. The flakey dry skin as well as the itch has improved. My son is so much happier and says “No more booboo on my skin.” I also feel comfortable knowing that this oil is completely 100 percent organic. What a blessing.”

— Teanik Blake (Fayetteville, NC)

Muscle & Joint Balms Available!

Infused with 500 MG of CBD our Muscle & Joint Balm is extracted from hemp using CO2 extraction, ensuring no residual solvents remain in the final product. Like all Products carried by the Raleigh CBD Store it is formulated, grown & made in the USA!

Raleigh CBD Store’s CBD Products are non-GMO and sourced from premium hemp that has been cultivated in Colorado. By using the CO2 extraction method it allows us to ensure that each product maintrains nature’s integrity.

Know What’s In What You Take!

The most important part about CBD Products is knowing what you’re taking and what to look out for. With Raleigh CBD Store we guarantee to ALWAYS offer the most premium CBD Products in the market space today. With Raleigh CBD Store we carry the X-Factor Relief products primarily which offer a certificate of analysis (COA) which is where we have sent out all of the products we carry to a 3rd Party Testing Lab to confirm the ingredients, potency and integrity of the company. We always educate our customers to know and understand to look at the label. If the label has more than three products then it’s too much. Raleigh CBD Store Products have No Solvents, No Pesticides, No Aspartame & No Superlose. If we can encourage you to do anything before you take a CBD Product it’s to READ THE LABEL and check for the COA. Trust the Raleigh CBD Store for the High Quality CBD Products available in store & online!


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