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I Used CBD-Infused Beauty Products for a Month, and It Was Actually Freaking Amazing

Let’s just say my beauty routine was, um, elevated.

“So, it gets you high?” This is the first question everyone asks after hearing about my recent love affair with CBD oil (or cannabidoil, which is a chemical compound extracted from marijuana plants that—spoiler alert—is also completely non-psychotropic, meaning sorry, it won’t get you high). But I wasn’t seeking my typical Sunday Scary fix when I replaced half of my beauty routine with CBD infused products for a month; I was after the oil’s other rumored, yet equally excellent, topical benefits: the soothing, calming, and even wrinkle-fighting effects. Yup.

CBD oil is darling of the herbal community and, when ingested (through capsules, tinctures, or foods, like chocolate and gummies), is typically used to help with anxiety and insomnia, or even promote clear-headedness. And yes, it’s legal. Ish. Maybe. (Laws are constantly changing, and it totally depends on the form of CBD you’re getting—as in whether or not it’s totally THC-free—and what state you live in). And while the medical community has yet to really examine THC’s little sister for its medicinal purposes, the beauty world has certainly recognized its potential as an ingredient label hero.

“There’s definitely a lack of research on the subject, but the studies that are out there suggest that CBD is anti-inflammatory and potentially antimicrobial, meaning it could help fight bacteria and pathogens,” says Joyce Imahiyerobo-Ip, MD, director of cosmetic dermatology at South Shore Medical Center in MA, adding that CBD also has antioxidant properties, “which can result in anti-aging benefits.” And if something has the possibility of soothing my skin and calming my jitters at the same time, you best believe I’ll be slathering it all over my face and body, which is exactly what I did. And, surprise, it was actually kind of life-changing.


Ambika Herbals CBD Bath Salts, $30

College cheerleading left me with a slipped spinal disc that still, to this day, sends shooting pain down my legs. So after a particularly achy day, I sprinkled the suggested amount of salts into a hot bath and submerged myself, expecting nothing more than a blah, Epsom-salt effect. But I stood CORRECTED. Within 15 minutes, the tightness in my lower back had melted substantially, and the pain in my calves completely disappeared. Oh, and did I mention the glorious cloud of chamomile and lavender-scented steam filling the air?

After an entire hour, I was Benjamin Button-levels of pruned and completely blissed out, because my intense pain was actually gone. The effects lasted throughout the rest of the night, and even if studies haven’t yet proven that CBD soothes deep-tissue pain, you’ll still find me floating in this weed-like magic every Sunday until the world ends.


CBD For Life Eye Serum, $32

This lightweight serum claims reduce dark circles and puffiness, and, according to Dr. Imahiyerobo-Ip, CBD may even have preventative anti-aging benefits when it comes to the ever-sensitive eye area: “Cannabis is filled with antioxidants, like vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E, all of which will be helpful in preventing damage and premature crepe-iness under your eyes,” she says. So I dabbed on a pea-sized drop of serum in the morning, pre-concealer, and again before bed for about a week, and actually did notice a slightly plumper, smoother eye area—as if I’d just had a really excellent facial and a few years shaved off my face.


From Ever Since Contour Serum, $95

This silky anti-aging serum is infused with green tea extract and chamomile, plus a dose of cannabinoid oil, formulated to smooth itty bitty fine lines and tighten saggy, puffy skin. Seeing as those are already two incredibly large claims to make, especially for a product that doesn’t contain retinoids, I was genuinely surprised to see that my cheeks and jaw did appear slightly tighter after a few weeks of massaging this on every night, which is an improvement that’s more than welcome on a Monday morning. Of course, because it’s impossible to know the potency of CBD oil, it’s tough to say whether or not CBD is the hero ingredient in this serum, but I’m not complaining either way.


Jersey Shore Cosmetics Super Sativa Medicinal Hydrating Balm, $15

My lips are chronically dry, so this was an easy addition to my collection of balms and masks. Each layer I swiped on brought with it a dreamy whiff of rosemary and cannabis that skewed sweet and earthy, rather than skunky. The formula, made extra-hydrating by sunflower seed and lavender oils, can work to soften dry patches pretty much anywhere you rub it on, since “CBD enhances your skin’s lipid bilayer, so it could help prevent dryness and provide a good barrier against moisture loss,” says Dr. Imahiyerobo-Ip. And thanks to CBD’s inherent anti-inflammatory properties, my lips were left soft and smooth with no signs of chapping or flaking, which is a major departure from my normal M.O.


Lord Jones Pain and Wellness Pure CBD Body Lotion, $50

Lord Jones is known for their killer packaging and potent THC gummies (which, speaking from experience, holy wow), but their lotion deserves a cult-following of its own. Touted as an anti-inflammatory sunburn soother, I coated my sore, rosy shoulders with it after an August afternoon sans sunscreen (I forgot, so judge me), and while I wouldn’t say it made my burn dissipate faster—sorry, only time can do that—my skin did feel significantly less tender, to the point where I could slide on tight bra straps without feeling that intense post-burn stinging. Basically, I’m keeping this on hand for literally anytime my skin feels itchy, sore, or irritated, which, thanks to the impending winter, will be often.

Overall, I wouldn’t say that CBD beauty products changed my life, but they definitely made my routine more fun, and way more soothing. To feel legitimate pain-soothing effects without downing Advil or slathering on Bengay was kind of awesome, especially when you realize there are practically zero downsides.

Let's just say my beauty routine was, um, elevated, with these lip balms, serums, moisturizers, and salts.


The Benefits of CBD

Can CBD Remove Bags Under Your Eyes?

February 11, 2019

It may be usual to see bags under your eyes after a night or two of not having enough sleep or none at all. However, lack of sleep is not just the main cause of eye bags. It can also be stress, aging, too much salty foods, lifestyle, allergies, and even by genes. Aside from these, eye bags can also be a sign of other underlying medical condition, but it rarely happens. Regardless of what causes your eye bags, it is essential to know and understand them for proper management. At this point, you are about to learn different techniques that will help you to remove the bags under your eyes and take note, one of these techniques is the use of medical cannabis.

Bags under Eyes – Home Remedies

Eye bags are usual. Most people who lack sleep and are stressed out during the day time are much prone to develop eye bags after a day or two. It may seem simple and easy to deal with, but for some people, it is a factor that lowers their self-esteem and confidence. Scientifically speaking, it could be due to gravity, environment, and genes. In terms of gravity, according to science, the skin, muscles, and fats are the composition of both upper and lower eyelids. As you age, your muscles may be weakened and may not perform well when it comes to holding the skin as tightly as before. It directly relates to gravity which generally talks about how the gravitational weight pulls down everything on earth, and it includes you as a person and your skin, too.

Regarding environmental factors, it includes your daily activities that directly involves your eyes such as rubbing, or not getting enough sleep that causes stress to your eyes. Genes, on the other hand, experts consider it as “the biggest culprit,” it is because most people who have pale or thin skin are much prone to eye bags. Due to the environment today, people along with dermatologists develop different ways to remove eye bags naturally. Some of these natural ways of removing eye bags are:

Egg Whites

Eggs are known for its delightful tastes, but it could also help you in eliminating eye bags after a bad night sleep. Based on studies, the egg whites are the natural source of astringent that allows people to tighten the skin, but for a short-term only. You can basically whisk two or your preferred amount of egg whites and apply it to your face. This process may give you the exact same feeling that you might already experience whenever you put face mask at night.

Cucumber Slices

Veggies are not just healthy for your body, but for your skin, too. Cucumber is known to be a vegetable rich in vitamin C which can help in soothing inflamed or irritated skin. Also, cucumber has caffeic acid (blood vessel restriction) which helps people to de-puff the eyes.

Green Tea

Tea is known to be a helpful way of cleansing the body, but it also works well in keeping your skin in a great condition. Specifically, green teas are rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that make it more possible to treat swollen under eyes.

You may think that these three mentioned home remedies are very common, and yes they are. Most home-made techniques are very accessible and much affordable than going to a clinic and getting some chemicals. However, aside from these mentioned techniques, there are also other herbs that can help you in removing eye bags. One of these herbs is medical cannabis.

Cannabis and Eye Bags

Eye bags are said to be a result of inflammation under the eyes. This reason directly connects medical cannabis and eye bags. Generally, medical cannabis is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is already proven in some skin conditions where cannabis worked well. In a study, cannabis has shown effective in reducing inflammation and fighting other possible complications due to swelling. However, according to 2013 studies, the chemical compounds of cannabis are responsible for these positive results.

Cannabinoids the chemical compounds of cannabis that can be found from the seed to flowers, and the two most studied compounds are CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). However, among these two, CBD has the only compound that showed considerable effects without giving any adverse side effects. For this reason, experts have been focusing on finding out how CBD can work well with eye bags.

According to studies, cannabidiol or CBD is the non-psychoactive compound of cannabis that helps in alleviating symptoms of severe health conditions such as cancer, glaucoma, epilepsy, and more. Cannabidiol also showed effectivity in managing different kinds of skin problems, and it includes eye bags and dark circles. Regarding eye bags, as mentioned, it is due to inflammation within the area, and because CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory effects that might last for a long time,

Not to mention that today, there are already hundreds of CBD-based eye products in forms of creams, topicals, and drops. Based on manufacturers, CBD-based products are effective in:

  • Soothing inflammation
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Tighten puffiness
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Regain firmness
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Moisturized the under eye area

These are only some of the positive effects of CBD in managing eye bags. However, maybe most of you are asking why it is important to remove or eliminate eye bags. Well, basically, eye bags are not just eye bags. It does affect not only your physical appearance but also the emotions. Aside from that, soothing eye bags with the use of these mentioned treatments will help you relieve the symptoms immediately.

Additionally, eye bags can also be a sign of other underlying health conditions. For that reason, there really is a must for people to soothe the eye bags soon after the appearance to prevent worsening. Clearly, CBD can work effectively in managing eye bags. Also, compared to other treatments and home remedies, CBD can last for a long period of time than others.

Despite positive effects, it is still advised for people to consult a doctor first before taking or using any CBD-based products.

Eye bags could make you look stressed and old. Although they've become usual but what if they're bad? CBD has been found to be an effective remedy. ]]>