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This is why CBD Oil Turns Pink

Why does CBD Oil Turn Pink? It’s actually a good sign!

CBD Oil turns pink when the Polyphenol Oxidase enzyme in MCT Oil is exposed to light and oxygen. Ironically, the pink color is proof your MCT Oil is of the highest quality, so it is 100% safe to use! To prevent your CBD Oil from turning pink, simply leave it in your refrigerator after taking your daily dose.

Why do different brands of CBD oils vary in color?

If you’re an avid CBD oil user, you may have noticed that certain brands have distinctly different colors – why is that? Simply put, the more concentrated the CBD oil is, the darker the color it will be. Of course, the extraction process itself can have an affect on the CBD oil’s color as well.

Ethanol Extraction makes CBD oil clear because chlorophyll is removed.

If the product you purchased was made using Ethanol Extraction (like we use), that means chlorophyll has been extracted from the product.

Ethanol Extraction makes your CBD Oil clear because this method removes Chlorophyll from the final product. Ethanol Extraction is the best way to make CBD Oil because Chlorophyll reduces the effects of CBD in the human body.

CO2 Extraction makes CBD oil green due to chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll tends to give a green hue to the finished CBD oil product. This means you can tell a lot from the color of your CBD oil. If it has a green hue, this means there is chlorophyll in it and that can mean the CO2 extraction method was used to make it.

In short, CO2 Extraction makes CBD Oil green because Chlorophyll is present in the final product.

Pink CBD Oil is a natural result of MCT Oil reacting to light and oxygen.

CBD is difficult for the body to absorb because it has low bio-availability. To increase absorption, CBD Oils are infused with MCT Oil (aka Coconut Oil) to drastically increase the human body’s ability to absorb CBD into the bloodstream.

When CBD Oil turns pink, the pink hue is a natural result of an enzyme in MCT called “Polyphenol Oxidase” reacting to light and oxygen exposure. This reaction does not alter your CBD Oil, it simply means the MCT Oil used in your CBD product is of the highest question.

Have you ever cut into an apple and left it out rather than eating it right away? Notice how the middle turns a bit brown? That’s because of this same enzyme! Polyphenol oxidase is an enzyme that reacts with oxygen and then works to oxidize polyphenols within the product.

The Science behind the Pink Color.

So, when your CBD oil appears a bit pink, that just means the product has been exposed to more light and oxygen, and polyphenol oxidase enzymes are most reacting to the MCT oil in your CBD oil.

This also means that your CBD oil most likely contains coconut oil. While coconut oil is mostly made up of saturated medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), it also contains polyphenolic antioxidants which react to the enzyme mentioned earlier.

Place your CBD Oil in the fridge to prevent it from turning pink.

If you’re not pleased with the pink color, you can slow down the oxidation process by storing your CBD oil in the fridge. While this isn’t necessary to maintain its shelf life, nor does the pink color mean the oil is bad, you can certainly do this for aesthetic reasons.

The pink color verifies the high quality of your CBD Product.

In fact, CBD oil that turns pink can actually verify the high quality of the MCT oil that’s been used. Just because it’s pink, don’t dump it down the sink! It’s perfectly fine to use and we hope that you continue to enjoy all of CBD oil’s benefits!


CBD Oil turns pink when the Polyphenol Oxidase enzyme in MCT Oil is exposed to light and oxygen. It is 100% safe to use and has not been altered. Storing your CBD Oil in your fridge or in a cool, dark environment can help prevent it from turning pink.


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Turns out pink CBD Oil is a good thing! High-quality MCT Oil turns pink when it is exposed to oxygen, read our article to learn more! ]]>