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CBD In Michigan – 2020 Guide

CBD In Michigan

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Is CBD in Michigan Legal? | MI CBD 2020

Is hemp legal in Michigan? Yes, hemp is legal in Michigan. Is hemp-derived CBD oil legal in Michigan? This question is a little trickier. If you’re looking for a yes or no answer, you won’t find it, because the answer is “yes and no.” While some CBD products are legal in Michigan, others are somewhat in limbo. How does Michigan handle the regulation of these products that fall into the gray area? Loosely.

Truth be told, Michigan hemp laws are still in a state of flux. In order to fully understand your rights when it comes to CBD oil, you need a little background. Let’s get that out of the way first.

What is the definition of CBD oil in Michigan?

We’re going to assume that you know what cannabis is. There are two varieties of cannabis to be considered. There’s marijuana, which is a product made from cannabis plants that are high in THC. And there’s hemp — a collection of cultivars of cannabis that produce only trace levels of THC.

Both CBD and THC (aka cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol ) are members of a family of active compounds known as cannabinoids. Although THC can cause intoxicating effects, CBD is non-intoxicating. While marijuana can be bred to produce high levels of CBD as well as THC, hemp, by law, must produce less than 0.3 percent THC.

Both THC and CBD have been shown to provide an array of medicinal properties. Marijuana strains bred to produce recreational effects and are usually higher in THC than CBD. Medical strains, on the other hand, can have ratios of CBD to THC as high as 20 to 1.

A wide array of CBD products are produced with hemp ranging from smokable buds that are high in CBD all the way up to 99 percent pure CBD.

Now that we have a basic understanding of the definition of hemp, let’s dive into some frequently asked questions related to the legal issues associated with hemp and CBD including growing hemp, producing CBD oil, and selling CBD oil.

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Michigan Hemp CBD Oil FAQ | 2020

Is CBD oil legal in Michigan?

In November 2008, the Michigan Compassionate Care Initiative was passed allowing patients suffering from certain qualifying medical conditions to marijuana and cannabis oil. However, the law did not make the production and sale of marijuana legal. Only patients and caregivers were permitted to grow their own cannabis. The law was upgraded in 2016 laying the groundwork for an actual medical marijuana market in Michigan.

Michigan voters approved a ballot initiative in 2018 that legalized marijuana for all adults. The measure also officially legalized the production of hemp and the sale and possession of CBD oil for all residents. The first recreational dispensaries opened in the state in December of 2019.

In early 2018, Michigan health officials declared that all CBD oil products, whether they are produced from hemp or marijuana fell under the state’s marijuana laws. As a result, these products were technically only produced and sold legally by licensed marijuana growers and dispensaries.

Then in March of 2019, following the lead of the US Food and Drug Administration, health officials declared that it was illegal to add CBD in any form to foods and beverages.

That’s where it stands today. Any CBD products that go on the outside of your body are legal. Any CBD products that go inside your body fall into the gray area until federal laws are worked out.

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Can doctors in Michigan prescribe CBD oil?

Technically, CBD oil is not an FDA approved drug and therefore cannot be prescribed by doctors. And frankly, because CBD oil varies from batch to batch, it never will be approved for prescription use.

There is, however, one drug that contains purified CBD and has been approved by the FDA. Epidiolex can be prescribed to treat children with certain types of intractable epilepsy. Unlike CBD oil, Epidiolex might be covered by health insurance.

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What medical conditions are being treated with CBD oil in Michigan?

The most common reasons given for using hemp CBD oil include relieving pain and anxiety and improving sleep. However, CBD is being used to treat a wide array of medical conditions.

Here are some of the medical conditions being treated with hemp CBD oil in Michigan:

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