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CBD: Enhancing Your Movie Experience

Here are some of the movies that have performed well in every single genre you can imagine and how CBD might be able to help you out. Whether you realized it or not, CBD has been credited with helping some individuals reduce their anxiousness, which can lead to a better and more relaxing experience when watching movies. CBD is a compound found in the plant cannabis, and it isn’t addictive and it cannot get you high. It has become increasingly legal in the past couple of years, so why not think about it the next time you are excited about that movie you’ve been waiting for forever.

There’s CBD oil, gummies, cream, and even more products. They are all found in various places, like on Amazon, in CBD stores, and even e-commerce websites like NAVA Pouch. Be sure to find out which product should work best for you. Here are some movie genres that might help you figure out what to watch on your next movie night, while CBD helps keep you calm the entire time.


Action movies are jam-packed with… action. The main characters experience and survive situations that you never thought were possible and sometimes you can’t believe what you’re watching happen right in front of you. When it comes to finding movies that are full of action, MARVEL tops the list. Black Panther and Avengers End Game were two movies that did exceptionally well and pull the viewer in from start to finish because there is so much going on.

CBD might help ease your nerves in these types of action movies. The anxiety of wanting to know what is happening next or if your favorite character will survive can be a little much. CBD products might help ease anxiety and help you sleep better, meaning you’re more likely to be more relaxed. If you want to bring a product to the movies that is discreet and portable, NAVA pouches may be able to do the trick.


Adventure movies are extremely entertaining. Not only are you following the protagonist through a specific task, but you never see different obstacles coming. Jumanji The Next Level is a perfect example of an adventure movie that you can’t help but love. The characters all have so much unique personality to them, while the plot of the movie isn’t predictable and you can feel a sense of progression as the movie goes on. Adventure movies are sure to make sure you aren’t bored or are at a stand-still in the plot.


Every movie that you’ve ever seen is full of drama, but movies that are labeled as ‘drama’ are a different kind. These movies are typically centered around the relationships between a group of people and you start to develop an attachment to their stories and what they go through over the course of the film.

These movies will always have you extremely involved with a character’s sense of self and can make you feel as if you are right there with them. When this happens, you might find yourself anxious because of a fictional character’s problems and CBD oil may help ease that feeling. Even pouches of CBD can help minimize anxiety and let you enjoy the drama movie you’re watching without feeling it is actually taking a toll on you.


Whether you love or hate history, biography movies can be captivating because what you’re watching is truly what someone else lived through. Some movies can be so out of the ordinary and made up, that you can lose interest, but biographies are different. They are factual and you normally leave knowing more than you did before. Even if the movie isn’t based on a real story 100%, they are at least historically accurate. Bohemian Rhapsody is a movie that is a biography, drama and musical all in one. It might be just the perfect movie the next time you want to relax.


Chances are, if you are watching a fantasy movie, you’re going to see things that have never crossed your mind. These movies are the epitome of creativity and take you out of this world, sometimes literally as a lot of movies might not even take place on Earth.

Take the movie Black Panther for example, which is another superhero movie that takes place on Earth, but everything is not the same as it is for us right now. There are different countries with different names and there are far more elaborate things different people have the ability to do throughout the film. These movies have you leaving the movie theatre excited and curious if you have a secret ability that is different from everyone else.


Crime movies are cool because they are typically a combination of action, drama, and adventure. You get to try to figure out who did what or if someone will get away with what they did, making you very invested in the movie. Murder on Orient Express is a movie that mixes crime and mystery together seamlessly. This movie will have you trying to predict the ending of the movie continuously, while you’re on the edge of your seat because you’re worried about what is going to happen next.

Although crime movies keep you alert, they can make you a little more anxious or worried. When this happens, you might not fully enjoy the movie-watching experience as much, so allow CBD products to change that reality for you. Many online e-commerce sites have incredible options on different products, so you can find exactly what works for you.


Everyone understands what a mystery movie is, so you should already know that they can be some of the most exciting movies you have seen. Trying to figure out who did what and pick up the little hints throughout a film can be fun to do, even if you’re watching the movie alone.

Game Night is a mystery movie, that is also a comedy one, that does a great job of surprising you in every single scene. The movie has a fantastic balance between making you laugh and making you wonder.

Family and Animation

Family movies and animation movies often go hand in hand because most movies that are animation are kid-friendly. However, even if you’re an adult, you’re likely to find yourself enjoying these movies because of the way they do a great job of storytelling or making you have a more positive outlook on the world once you’ve finished it.

Inside Out is a Pixar movie that follows a young girl and how she deals with various situations emotionally, like moving to a new town. Her ‘feelings’ are characters and they are the ones who have to save the day and make sure that the girl, Riley, lives a life full of happiness and growth.

Even though most animations are family movies, there are movies like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse, which is still a kid-friendly movie, but a lot of people who enjoy this film are adults and teenagers. It does a great job of making an animation realistic and serious at the same time.


Romance movies can be heartwarming and take you on an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. These movies might have you yelling at the screen, crying, or just feeling lonely or complete all at the same time.

The Notebook is a classic, whereas Five Feet Apart is a newer movie that truly takes you on a journey almost solely within the walls of a hospital.


If you’re anything like me, you love the feeling of laughing. It’s a great feeling and it always feels good to smile. Well, comedy movies are the perfect place to go to when you’re feeling down or just want to feel a little bit lighter. There’s always rom-coms too, so mixing romance and comedy together might sound even better for you.

If you have Netflix, check out The Wrong Missy, or just go to the comedy section of movies and you’re surely going to be able to find something that makes you laugh. These films will have you feeling better than you were before, unlike horror or mystery movies that have you trying to investigate things in your actual life… even though you know it was ‘just a movie’. Booksmart is another hilarious movie that is a little out of the ordinary but will have you laughing along with everyone else.


Hairspray and The Greatest Showman are two movies that come to mind immediately when thinking of musicals. These types of movies will break out in song whenever they get a chance and you’ll probably leave the theater trying to add a couple of the songs to your phone because they were just that catchy.


These movies aren’t for everyone, but for the people who love them, they absolutely love them. Horror movies will have you wanting to close your eyes and leaned way back in your chair because you can’t even comprehend what you’re seeing. The characters in the movie seem to do exactly what you wouldn’t have done and there’s nothing you can do to stop them.

A Quiet Place is a horror movie that will be sure to give you goosebumps, while Fractured is a thriller on Netflix that has you rooting for the main character but also questioning him the entire time. Just wait for the ending. These movies can almost guarantee to get your anxiety and stress levels up, while CBD can help minimize this. You want to enjoy the movie, but not be so anxious that you miss important parts of the plot.

CBD has been credited with helping some individuals reduce their anxiousness, which can lead to a better and more relaxing experience when watching a movie.

4 Fun Movies To Watch On CBD

There are thousands of kid’s movies, to choose from. Some are enjoyable to watch sober and others are more enjoyable to watch in a comfortable altered state. CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive effects, but for some it calms and relaxes them. Here are 4 children’s movies to watch on CBD.

Men in Black (1997)

Starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones this 1990’s classic is already fantastic on its own. A dash of CBD will bring out some extra giggles during the jokes we love the most and have grown to love as animated gifs online. **cue “damn” gif from MIB**

You might also start to realize that Will Smith has starred in a lot of science-fiction themed storylines in his career. It makes you wonder if he’s trying to drop the hint to his awesome inhuman ability to build a solid rap career without ever dropping the f-bomb on an album…

Moana (2016)

This newer Disney Pixar mash-up is a story of feminine rebellion and staying to true to your passions. For what you love will challenge and shape you into doing crazy, even astounding things you never knew you were capable of. Watching this kid’s movie while using my CBD Koda Cream helped me realize that was exactly what the movie was about. It also allowed me to pay more attention to the Ocean, as it was its own character in the movie and many little things are missed that it does. I appreciated the detail and the larger shy scale personality the Ocean had.

Coraline (2009)

Tim Burton is the kids movie master of creepy, and we love it in my house! While Coraline is already a favorite, watching it on CBD I acknowledged the magical undertone. Especially in some of the scenes that included the Beldam (the oth er Mother.) When I say that, I mean I noticed smaller minuscule changes. Ones that happened after the other mother had to exhort her power to impress Coraline. I also noticed that in his movies there’s a tone to the darker side of things being the brighter more exuberant looking side of things. Leading one to conclude he sees regular life as dreary, dull, and mundane.

The Lion King (1994)

Another 90’s classic. This one is bound to make you cry, especially if you add CBD into the mix. It becomes a heart-breaking story. When you realize that Simba’s age base for the trauma of being manipulated in feeling accountable for the death of his father, is roughly seven or eight years old. Your kids may or may not bring you issues and ask “mama why you crying?!” It’s worth the emotional parts though for watching Simba make his comeback with support and encouragement. It’s a great lesson to learn that you can’t change the past, but you can learn and move forward.


CBD doesn't have any psychoactive effects, but for some it calms and relaxes them. Here are 4 children's movies to watch on CBD. ]]>