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Top 5 CBD suppliers and CBD manufacturers in Europe

CBD is fairly new in the world of health and food products and supplements. It is almost a magic substance, capable of alleviating symptoms of countless illnesses, and generally improving well-being, with virtually no side effects. Considering all that, it’s no surprise that it became so popular so quickly.

It’s been only a few years since CBD became widely accessible, and you can already find it available in many different shapes and forms. You can get CBD oil and use it as a food supplement. Or, you can consume ready-made CBD products, such as capsules, gummies, vape juice, etc…

As always, supply quickly caught up with the demand.

In this article, we’ll talk about companies, that recognized the demand, and responded with high-quality products.

Qualities of a good CBD manufacturer

CBD production is a new and fast-growing industry. And in such an environment, companies often sprout out of nowhere and disappear just as fast.

If you’re a CBD salesman, you should put a very high priority on quality. In such a fast-growing industry, finding just some products isn’t difficult. The problem is, that the market can quickly get flooded with below-average wares, that don’t really do what they promise.

Therefore, offering only high-quality products is a great way to stand out from your competition. But great products only come from great manufacturers.

So how to decide, where to get your premium hemp oil from? Or, in other words, what qualities should a good and respectable CBD manufacturer have?

  • Using quality hemp. To this day, the CBD industry has been left fairly unregulated. This means that some CBD manufacturers can get away with using sub-standard ingredients. Using harmful pesticides, and various heavy metals while growing and processing cannabis is an example of low-quality raw material you should avoid. Because of that, CBD salesmen should be extra careful when choosing their CBD supplier or manufacturer. Any respectable manufacturer should be able to prove that the cannabis they use was grown and maintained according to proper standards.
  • Traceability. Good CBD manufacturers should not only exclusively use high-quality hemp, but should also know, where does it come from. Knowing the hemp’s origin and the environment in which it grows is an important step in assuring high quality.
  • Good extraction process. Quality ingredients are just the first step. In order to get high-quality CBD products, having the correct extraction process is just as important. CBD oil can be extracted from hemp in numerous different ways, but not all processes yield the same results. But more on that in the next chapter.
  • Product analysis. A constant end-product analysis is a crucial step in the CBD production process. In the CBD industry, monitoring the product’s content levels for the crucial active ingredients is vital. Otherwise, you risk selling a product, that isn’t in compliance with the labeled values. A 2017 study has shown, that end-products often have lower CBD levels than advertised, which is another indicator of how unregulated the CBD market is. Therefore, having consistent and high-quality products is a good way of getting ahead of the competition.
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA). These three words have become one of the most important phrases in the CBD industry overall. A certificate of analysis is a laboratory report, stating the content levels of different substances in a product. In the CBD industry, a COA will list cannabidiol and other active substances’ content levels. Besides the active ingredients, a COA will also list levels of harmful substances, such as heavy metals, pesticides, and molds, which should all be under the standard threshold. COA is, therefore, a very important document. It ensures that the customer knows exactly what he’s getting, and creates a certain level of transparency.
  • Proper manufacturing facility. When researching different CBD manufacturers, you should make sure they have a proper manufacturing facility. Since this industry is mostly unregulated, the CBD oil could come from pretty much anywhere. And ideally, you wouldn’t want your CBD oil to be made in someone’s back yard.

Extraction process

The extraction of hemp oil is based on the solubility of cannabinoids and other active substances. There are different methods of extracting the substances from cannabis, with each having its own effectiveness. The yield and the quality of the product greatly depends on the process used.

Currently, the most effective and widely accepted extraction method is supercritical CO2 extraction. While it is more expensive than other extraction methods, it yields the best and purest results. In this case, “supercritical” means that the process is constantly maintained at just the right pressure and temperature.

Who in Europe can supply you with top CBD products?

Before we dive in, I thought I’d clarify something:

Manufacturer produces the products, while a supplier is a company, that supplies retail stores with the products. In this article, we’ll only consider companies, that do both.

I also want to mention, that Essentia Pura would also qualify for this list. We also are both a manufacturer and a supplier of CBD oil and other CBD-related products, we’re based in Europe, have a proper manufacturing facility, and strive for the highest quality. But for the sake of transparency, we decided to exclude ourselves from this list. We still invite you to check our website and, if you find us intriguing, contact us. But enough about us, let’s get back to the topic.

According to our research, the leading CBD companies in Europe, that both manufacture and supply CBD products, are:

But what makes these companies stand out among the rest? We’ll cover that in detail in the next chapters.

1. Medical Hemp

Medical hemp is a German business based in Berlin. They’re an innovative company, that specializes in CBD extraction as well as development and production of various hemp-based cannabinoids. They boast over 20 years worth of experience in the hemp industry, and a highly-qualified team with various core expertise.

Their products are always in accordance with the highest quality standards. They guarantee their product comes only from high-quality raw material, compliant with the strictest quality requirements of the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. They only use cannabis from controlled organic cultivation without the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals, that would diminish the quality of their CBD oil.


The main focus of Medical hemp is the sale in bulk quantities. They offer three different kinds of product:

CBD oil. It comes in a “raw”, which means that it has not been decarboxylated and is rich in CBD-A (cannabidiolic acid). It is available as 4% or 10-12% concentrate.

CBD gold. This is their latest product, released to the market. It is unfiltered and comes in a decarboxylated form.

CBD crystal. Also known as Pure crystalline CBD isolate, it comes at a 99% purity level, and is extracted from the highest-quality hemp. Per their client’s requirement, they can also produce the isolate in different purity levels.

2. Deepnature Project

Deepnature project is a company, that puts a great emphasis on sustainability and nature-friendliness. They create pure, natural products, that infuse humans with inner strength, enjoyment, and help them stay active and healthy.

They have three main principles that they adhere to, in order to maintain high quality and innovative approach:

Sustainability. They only use sustainable and organic processes, from the cultivation to the finished hemp products. They process the whole plant – from the stem to the leaves – assuring nothing goes to waste. Everything is thoroughly controlled, certified organic and produced in Austria.

Quality. When developing new products, they closely cooperate with their partners in medicine and nutritional science. That way, they optimize for the highest efficiency of their active ingredients in their CBD oil. In other words, quality and innovation are two very important driving forces for them.

Fairness. Quality ingredients are just the first step on the way to creating quality CBD oil. The people, involved in the production are what turns organic cannabis into a high-quality CBD product. Their employees and partners all follow the principles of the Deepnature project and make sure only the top products make it to the shelves.


As we’ve already mentioned, the Deepnature project offers a selection of organic hemp products. But CBD oil isn’t all they offer – they also offer CBG products. Cannabigerol, or CBG for short, is another beneficial substance found in hemp.

While CBD is a fairly new substance, CBG is even newer. Scientists are conducting numerous researches to learn more about it. So far, the data they’re working with is still meager, but what little knowledge they have shows great potential.

The products they make are meant for end-costumers, meaning they don’t sell semi-finished products, like raw CBD oil. They are sold under a different brand – Medihemp. All of their hemp products are available on their online store, allowing you to choose amongst:

  • Full-spectrum CBD capsule
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Premium extract CBD oil (Pure CBD oil)
  • Full-spectrum CBG extract (available in 5% CBG content only)

Their CBD oils and CBD capsules come with different CBD content levels: 2.5%, 5%, 10% and 18%.

3. Max Hemp

To some, this may be just another company in the CBD industry, but the story of its inception makes it stand out among the others. The story begins in 2009 with the birth of a boy named Max. He was born with an extra chromosome (the Down syndrome), but was developing normally regardless. But then, at 7 months old, his medical state suddenly took a turn for the worse. He was diagnosed with epilepsy and started getting seizures multiple times a day. The doctors tried everything they knew, but any success they had was only temporary.

In the summer of 2014, his health deteriorated even further. The seizures became so bad, that he was put in an ICU. Again, doctors tried everything, but unfortunately without success. It was then that his parents first heard about hemp’s healing properties. At the time, this field wasn’t nearly as developed as it is today, and cannabis was still illegal in most countries. But for the parents, this was the last option to save their sun, so they tried the treatment. Two weeks after the first infusion, Mas’s health began to improve. His seizures virtually disappeared, and he could finally start living a better life.

Max was the first person to be treated with cannabis extract. His recovery was the spark, that led to the legalization of hemp-related products in Poland, and the inception of this company. They offer much more than just products, they’re determined to help others, so that such cases would never need to happen again. They work closely with doctors and have several consultants – one of which is Max’s mother Dorota.


They specialize in products for end-customers, and have a variety of oils available:

  • Full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Full-spectrum CBG oil

All products come in a variety of sizes and active ingredient percentages. For more details, check their online store.

You can also order a concentration and metabolism test, or subscribe to their quarterly magazine Medicinal cannabis in theory and practice – though I believe that’s only available in Polish.

4. Formula Swiss

Formula Swiss is a family-owned company, based in a small town named Zug, and one of the leading CBD manufacturers in Switzerland. They strive for the highest quality and use only organic, Swiss-grown cannabis. They use the supercritical CO2 extraction process, which is the cutting-edge in the CBD industry.

High quality is their first priority, and they do put a lot of effort into achieving it. They constantly monitor their products for harmful substances, such as pesticides, heavy metals molds, etc… They also monitor each line of their CBD oils separately, to ensure proper levels of the active substances. Their optimised processes and attention to detail, in combination with the best raw materials, allow them to produce the highest quality CBD oil.


Formula Swiss produces more than just CBD oil. Their various offer of CBD products includes:

  • CBD oil drops in olive oil
  • CBD oil drops in MCT oil (available in different flavours)
  • CBD oil drops in hemp seed oil
  • CBD oil drops for pets
  • CBD creams and balms
  • CBD vape oils (available in different flavours)

For more details and information, check their website.

5. HemPoland

HemPoland is, as the name suggests, a Polish company, that deals with hemp. Unlike other companies listed here, they not only process the cannabis, but also grow it. They’re the first private company in Poland to receive proper licenses for growing and processing Cannabis sativa. It is the strain of cannabis most commonly used for manufacturing products, such as hemp oils.

Their main focus is on making high-quality CBD products, and the first step of that process is high-quality raw materials. And since they’re capable of completing the whole process, from seed to CBD oil, growing quality cannabis is in their field too. All their cannabis is grown in a sustainable way, without pesticides and other harmful substances. When it comes to the extraction process, they’re just as meticulous as with the growing. They use the high-grade CO2 extraction process, backed with the knowledge of a Ph.D. scientist, that carefully monitors the process.


HemPoland offers a wide variety of products, from raw materials and semi-finished products for wholesale, to finished products, meant for end-customers. Their wholesale offer:

  • Cannabis seeds
  • Non-processed straw
  • Processed seed products

And for the end-customers, they offer CannabiGold, their flagship product. CannabiGold is full-spectrum CBD oil, available in various packings and CBD content levels. The product is also available in form of capsules.

Work with CBD manufacturers, that prioritize quality

Quality is a word, that keeps appearing in this article, and it does for a good reason. Prioritizing quality is a best-practice guideline, that applies for most industries, but this applies even more for the CBD industry. If you take a closer look at the companies we talked about, you’ll find that all follow this guideline.

To summarize: whether you’re a CBD manufacturer, supplier, reseller, or retailer, or even a customer, you should avoid low-quality products. While such products still may work, using them would be a gamble, and one should never gamble when it comes to health and well-being.

What makes a CBD supplier & manufacturer? What qualities should they have & what makes them stand out from the crowd? Find out in this article.

CBD Manufacturing: Inside the Supply Chain + Best CBD Manufacturers in 2020

It seems like everyone is trying to get into the CBD industry these days, but who has the time, expertise, and, most important of all, money to actually start a hemp farm, or build a manufacturing facility, or purchase extraction equipment? These endeavors are hugely expensive, costing millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars, and they require a level and breadth of scientific knowledge that few have.

But if you love CBD, you can still get into the business: this is where vertically-integrated manufacturers come in. They have their own farms, manufacturing facilities, and extraction equipment, and they wholesale sell their products in bulk to private labels for reuse. But, not all manufacturers are created equal. From seed sourcing to farming to extraction, the process of creating quality, distilled CBD is long, arduous, and complex.

In this article we break down everything that goes into it, and review the top manufacturers in the US.

The CBD manufacturing process in 5 steps

Before we dive into the top CBD manufacturers in the US, let’s go over what exactly goes into a finished CBD product. From raw hemp plant to refined, distilled, concentrated CBD oil is a long journey, and not many CBD manufacturers are fully vertically-integrated (meaning, they control everything from the farm to the extraction & distillation process).

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Farming

The final quality of a CBD product will largely come down to the quality of the raw hemp plant and the farming practices used to grow and cultivate the hemp. Manufacturers can get the processing, extraction, and distillation processes all perfect, but if the raw hemp is subpar then the final product will be subpar.

This is especially important because hemp is known to absorb toxins in the soil, so poor farming practices can lead to a compromised product (that’s also why lab-testing for those toxins is so important, more on that later).

Cultivation Practices checklist
  • Sun-grown or indoor:
    • Sun-grown, or outdoor farming typically involves fewer pesticides and herbicides
    • Outdoor farming is more sustainable (uses much less energy)
    • Indoor farming allows for more aesthetic and refined cultivation
    • Indoor farming allows more control over the different variables and potentially a more consistent product
  • Organic
    • Organic farming typically uses fewer pesticides and herbicides
    • Organic farming practices are more sustainable

Step 2: Processing

This simple step is how manufacturers take raw hemp and prepare it for extraction. How the hemp is processed will depend on the end-product, but generally processing involves drying the hemp flower and grinding them into a coarse powder. The more natural and sustainable-focused manufacturers may sun-dry their raw hemp, while others use low-temperature heating methods.

Step 3: Extraction

After processing, manufacturers will transport the dried and ground raw hemp to an extraction facility and remove all unwanted toxins and compounds, while preserving the terpenes, cannabinoid content of the hemp.

There are numerous different extraction methods, and most manufacturers have a proprietary extraction process using advanced filtration technology, but the majority of CBD manufacturers use a process called C02 extraction, which is generally considered the most reliable extraction method (though some argue that ethanol extraction is superior).

Step 4: Distillation

The amount of CBD and other cannabinoids in hemp is inherently variable, based on factors like the farming practices, soil, terroir, and more. The distillation process is how manufacturers ensure a consistent final-end product: using a variety of distillation and chromatography machines, chemists identify and isolate the prized cannabinoids, while removing anything unwanted.

Step 5: Lab-testing

This crucial step is how manufacturers verify the quality and consistency of the final product. Quality labs will test for a wide panel of potential toxins and measure the levels of all cannabinoids and terpenes.

3 Things to Look For in a Manufacturer

Ideally, a manufacturer will be able to walk you through each of the above steps and give you detailed information on how they farm, extract, distill, and test their products. But if you’re looking for the highest-quality, most reliable manufacturers, take it one step further and look for these 3 features:

1. ISO, GMP, and cGMP certifications

These certifications are granted to the cream of the crop manufacturers that are able to meet the highest quality standards. ISO 9001 is a strict, internationally recognized quality management system that is somewhat rare in the CBD industry.

GMP and cGMP certifications are granted by the FDA and are more common than ISO certifications. Among other things, these certifications ensure that the facilities meet strict hygiene, manufacturing, and laboratory controls. GMP and cGMP certified facilities undergo frequent rounds of inspections to ensure these qualities are met.

2. Seed to sale tracking

Many CBD manufacturers maintain a seed to sale tracking system that allows buyers to access meticulous records on cultivation, harvest dates, extraction, processing, and more, so they can track their final product back to its original seed genetics, farm, and production facility. This kind of transparency is critical in the largely unregulated CBD industry.

3. Updated Certificates of Analyses

Most manufacturers will provide Certificates of Analyses for the products they sell, but just having a COA isn’t enough: make sure that their COAs are frequently updated.

5 Best CBD Manufacturers

These are the manufacturers with the most prestigious certifications and facilities. They are all vertically-integrated, and most sell both raw materials and finished products.

1. Kazmira

As we mentioned above, Kazmira is currently the only CBD manufacturer with a coveted ISO 9001 certification, and they also have QA/QC and cGMP certifications. Their 200,000 sq. foot facility in Denver, Colorado produces as much as 1,000kg of CBD per month, and they produce three products:

  • Zero-THC, broad-spectrum CBD
  • CBD isolate
  • Water-soluble CBD

They use a seed to sale tracking system, and their final products are third-party tested for toxins and contaminants.

2. Folium Biosciences

Folium Biosciences is one of the stalwart names in the CBD industry, founded in Colorado in 2014, they operate a 300,000 sq. foot facility registered with the FDA. They’re a fully vertically integrated manufacturer that uses both ethanol and supercritical C02 extraction for their products, and even manufactures their own custom extraction and refinement equipment in Amsterdam.

Folium has the following certifications:

  • Certification of Free Sale
  • Manufactured Food Establishment License by the Colorado Department of Public Health
  • GMP certification
  • GPP certification
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient licensing (so they can claim pharmaceutical grade CBD)
  • EU Pharmaceutical manufacturing license

3. Hemp Depot

Like Folium Biosciences and Kazmira, Hemp Depot is a vertically-integrated manufacturer that sells hemp seeds, clones, and oils. They offer a variety of products through their private brands Cibadol, Pure Pet, and Tru Organics, but they also offer wholesale and white label services. They’re also GMP and cGMP certified, and were one of the first 13 producers given a coveted license by the US Hemp Authority.

Hemp Depot is known for their commitment to sustainable practices as well, and they boast the highest-value yield per acre and the highest-value CBD per plant of any other CBD manufacturer, so if you’re looking for pure value, Hemp Depot is an excellent choice.

4. Global Cannabinoids

Global Cannabinoids owns a network of hemp farms in Oregon, North Carolina and operates the largest FDA and GMP certified CBD facility in the US. Like Hemp Depot, they received one of the first licenses from the US Hemp Authority. They’re known for their unique line of genetics that are specially-bred for higher levels of certain cannabinoids and terpenes:

  • High-CBD, low-THC cultivars
  • High CBG, low-THC cultivars
  • High CBC, low-THC cultivars

Their processing and extraction facilities are top of the line, and they even test plants before and after harvest to ensure they’re using the finest quality hemp plants for their final product. Global Cannabinoids sells both finished products (capsules, oils, etc.) and raw materials (hemp flower, isolates, etc.).

5. Mile High Labs

Mile High Labs grows all of their hemp in either Colorado or Oregon, with an extraction facility in Loveland, Colorado. Along with Kazmira, they have a coveted ISO 9001 certification and GMP certification. They’re also the only CBD producer who is a member of the United Natural Products Alliance, a trade group with strict quality requirements.

They sell both finished products for private labels and raw materials.


The most important thing when choosing a CBD manufacturer for your private label is transparency: you need to get information from them on each part of the process, and ensure that they meet the strictest quality measures possible. There are plenty of solid CBD manufacturers out there, but the five listed above are ones that meet the highest standards.

CBD Manufacturing: Inside the Supply Chain + Best CBD Manufacturers in 2020 It seems like everyone is trying to get into the CBD industry these days, but who has the time, expertise, and, most