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CBD Bath Bomb Recipe for Migraine

A migraine can wreak havoc on the entire body. Calming the entire body, as well as soothing body aches, may reduce migraine pain or even prevent the full force of an oncoming migraine. This article is not about the science of CBD bath bombs and migraine—you can read about that incredible research here or in my new book Hemp for Migraine.

This article is about how to make CBD bath bombs for migraine prevention and relief. It’s also good for anyone who wants to soothe their entire body with the feeling of relaxation and relief.

The best CBD products for migraines

Why make your own CBD bath bombs? CBD bath bombs are expensive and many are fake. If most CBD extracts are fake, the probability of purchasing a fake bath bomb is through the roof. You can purchase 1 gram of CBD isolate for $25 from a reliable company that is third-party tested. This will make anywhere from 4 to 40 CBD bath bombs, depending on how strong you want them.

The following recipe makes 25 mg to 250 mg CBD bath bombs. For relaxation, a 25 mg bath bomb may help. If you have unbearable pain, you might want to try up to a 250 mg CBD bath bomb.

This recipe makes four bath bombs. You need to decide how much CBD you want in each individual bath bomb and then put four times this amount in the total mixture. For example, you can use 500 mg of CBD isolate in the total mixture to make four 125 mg CBD bath bombs. As I wrote here, the dosage needed for CBD is unique to you. Start off with a small dose and work your way up with the guidance of a doctor.

This recipe includes peppermint oil and lavender oil, which have been found in multiple studies to prevent and relieve migraine pain and nausea. Epsom salt contains magnesium, which helps relieve the nerves that trigger migraine and their surrounding muscles. The baking soda also relieves the inflammation that can aggravate migraines, but you’ll need to read all about the science here because we’ve got to start this recipe.

Let’s Get to the Recipe

Ingredients (makes 4 CBD bath bombs):

100 mg to 1000 mg CBD isolate

2 ½ tablespoons coconut oil (melted)

Note: The product links above are highly rated on Amazon and are what I purchased for myself. They are affiliate links and help fund the migraine education on this site. However, you can find almost everything at your local grocery store. You may also be able to find CBD locally, now that hemp is 100% legal. But make sure your CBD is from a reliable company and it is in fact real CBD.


  1. Mix the CBD isolate and warm coconut oil together into a small bowl. Next, add water and essential oils.
  2. In a separate bowl, mix together all remaining dry ingredients.
  3. Very slowly (Important! Go sloooow) mix all liquid ingredients into the bowl of dry ingredients.
  4. Fill each half of the mold and press the two halves together firmly. Let sit for at least one minute. Twist apart, open, and carefully place on a sheet of parchment paper. Let sit for 12 to 24 hours.

Optional color: add coloring pigment (as much as your heart desires) to dry ingredients (step 2) or food dye (5 drops) to all liquids (step 1). The coloring pigment looks great, but remember to add the polysorbate that comes with it so your bathtub doesn’t stain.

Tips: Remember to add the liquid in step 3 at a snail’s pace (slow) and whisk together thoroughly. If it starts to fizz, slow it down. The texture should be the consistency of wet sand that still holds together, like sand for a sand castle. Using too much liquid will make the ball melt toward the ground and too little liquid will make your pretty ball crumble apart.

The hardest part is getting the texture to hold together. Some people prefer to let the bath bombs sit in the mold for 12 to 24 hours, which makes it hold together easier. But you’ll need to buy a large set of bath bomb molds so that you don’t need to reuse your molds.

The best CBD products for migraines

What Kind of CBD do I buy?

CBD isolate is cheap and pure. You can use an expensive full-spectrum hemp extract or cannabis extract, but many of the extra cannabinoids and nutrients will be lost in the bath water. You need higher dosages of CBD in a bath compared to the amount you need for the direct application of a topical cream to your skin. CBD is relieving your entire body and you need a lot to do that. However, there are some advantages to an expensive full-spectrum hemp extract if you want the fanciest of fancy CBD bath bombs.

No Time?

If you have a migraine or don’t want to wait, you can simply mix the CBD isolate into a bowl of warm water and splash it into a full bathtub. Add Epsom salt, baking soda, peppermint oil, and lavender oil to the bath and mix it around. Soak your body for at least 20 minutes.

Additional Tips

You may also want to try a topical cream to target the nerves in the face and neck as well as a sublingual hemp extract for full body relief. This CBD bath bomb is the end result of a lot of migraine research. You should read the science behind why this recipe will help prevent or relieve migraines in this article or in my new book Hemp for Migraine. I hope this recipe helps you or that awesome person you are making CBD bath bombs for.

CBD bath bombs are great gifts for anyone. Just put them in fancy bags and people will love you for it. Probably forever.

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Author: Jeremy Orozco

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CBD Bath Bomb Recipe for Migraine A migraine can wreak havoc on the entire body. Calming the entire body, as well as soothing body aches, may reduce migraine pain or even prevent the full force