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Gastonia CBD Products: Getting Healthier, Naturally

In recent years, cannabidiol (CBD) has experienced an explosion in popularity as a treatment for everything from anxiety to acne. Products promoting incredible healing benefits abound, but many consumers still struggle to fully understand CBD and whether or not these grandiose claims can really be trusted. With that in mind, here are a few more details to help you learn more about CBD, its uses and potential benefits.

What is CBD?

CBD comes from cannabidiol, one of over 60 compounds found in the plant genus known as Cannabis. The two primary sources from which CBD can be derived are hemp plants and marijuana. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the psychoactive compound found in marijuana, CBD produces no sensations of being “high” or “stoned.” Instead, it is the compound which research has directly connected to a wide variety of medicinal and therapeutic benefits. When isolated from THC, CBD serves no recreational purpose and is solely used for the betterment of health.

Scientific Benefits of CBD

Sifting through the many claims of the overwhelming number of CBD products on the market can be daunting. It is true that CBD has several health benefits, but greater amounts of scientific research exist for some than others. Here are some of the most well-documented and thoroughly researched:

· CBD for Seizures

Multiple studies have shown CBD as a treatment for epilepsy to improve seizure control while also improving sleep and overall behavior, particularly in adolescent patients. More recently, however, the first ever placebo-controlled, high-quality study using purified CBD oil clearly demonstrated its superiority in reducing the frequency of seizures in certain disorders.

· CBD for Pain & Inflammation

According to a review by the District of Columbia Department of Health, 28 studies comprised of 2,454 participants found that those treated with cannabis and cannabinoids showed improvement in neuropathic pain, cancer pain, fibromyalgia, and more. Furthermore, 18 randomized controlled trials (RCTs) of 766 patients with chronic, non-cancer pain “showed a significant analgesic effect of cannabinoids.”

· CBD and Cancer Progression

While THC has been shown to help improve some cancer and treatment-related symptoms such as nausea and decreased appetite, CBD is also proving powerful in the treatment of cancer and associated symptoms. Most impressively, animal-based studies have shown that CBD inhibits the progression of cancer cells in certain types of brain, lung, breast, colon and prostate cancer.

Selecting a CBD Product

There is no shortage of CBD products on the market, and a little research can go a long way. It’s important to understand not only the product you are purchasing and its intended use, but the reputation and reliability of the seller and manufacturer as well. Here are some points to consider:

· Look for products manufactured and sold in the U.S.

· Ensure products are clearly labeled with directions for use and ingredients

· Only buy recommended products from a source you trust

· Understand your state laws – In North Carolina, for instance, CBD oil must be either hemp-derived or contain less than .3% THC in order to be sold legally

The potential health benefits of CBD are numerous, with more continuing to be discovered and researched. At SouthEast Chiropractic: The Motion Centers, we recognize that high-quality, hemp-derived CBD products can help boost the results our patients see from chiropractic care and improve their quality of life. This is why we proudly carry topicals and supplements from some of the most reputable brands available at our Gastonia location. Want to learn more? Give us a call or stop by to explore our available products and get answers to your CBD-related questions.

CBD has several health benefits backed by scientific research. Learn more about these products and how they may help you.